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Lol, so true, that's why I don't hug short girls

Juliet Ibrahim Stuns In Red Dress, Nailed Or Failed??

Well she looks daring,  you like?

How You Know He Makes Hard Earned Money. Lol

Lol na WA o

Nigerian Newspaper Sales Has Drop - Vendors Complain

In the 1970s about 500,000 news paper were sold daily in Nigeria, but it is not so in contemporary time as a lot of people no longer patronize news stands and vendors.

A couple of news vendors were interviewed and according to them,  it is because of the easy access to the Internet in the present generation and the price of newspapers that have also escalated,

Mr Tunde a news vendor had this to say

'' these days it is really hard to cater for my family with this business,  I can't even sell up to 10 units of Newspaper in a day,  I don't blame the younger generation for not going into this business and if it continues like this it is just a matter of time before people and companies in this business go bankrupt ''

Korede Bello’s Lecturer Threatens To Resign If He Is Allowed To Write Exams

Fast rising Mavin Records label artist Korede Bello who had his matriculation for his Higher National Diploma (HND), at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), on November 9, 2015, is said to be have academic troubles in school.

A source who on an anonymous ground disclosed to that some of Korede Bello's lecturers have threatened to resign if the singer is allowed to write his exams because he has not met up with 70% of his class attendance for the semester.
 He further added that the one of his lecturers in class on Wednesday, January 6, disclosed that he will resign if Korede Bello is allowed to sit for his exams later this year because he has not been attending lectures due to his busy schedule.

Confirming the report , Naij spoke with Korede Bello's manager Casper but after exchanging pleasantries and been asked about the allegation against the music star, he dropped the call. All further attempts to reach him proved abortive.

Just few weeks to his matriculation, Korede won 'The Song of the Year' award at the 4th Annual Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA) that held last night in Houston, Texas. The event was hosted by Nigerian comedian and actor AY Makun.

TRAGEDY :Pregnant Mum Runs Into Burning Building To Rescue Her Baby, Both Die

This is a really painful exit,  may her soul rest in peace,


 A mother ran into her burning Philadelphia row house to rescue her toddler but died along with the child when smoke prevented their escape.

 The fire broke out around 4 a.m. Friday in the city's Fairhill neighborhood.

According to her Facebook page, the woman, named Elizabeth Perez was aged 29 and was expecting a baby girl in the next few weeks. 
ust hours before her death, she posted a photo of her son, Nathaniel Richardson at the dinner table and wrote: 'My baby boy was hungry and this is what he wanted pancakes.'

Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer says the woman initially escaped the blaze with other relatives but realized her toddler was missing. 

He says she ran inside to save the child, but she was found holding the child near a second-floor bedroom doorway.

There is no love like a mother's love... This is so sad.

Fela Did Not Die Of AIDS, Abacha Murdered Him - - Majek Fashek

The legendary Reggae art. Majek Fashek was recently hosted on TVC's show called 'My View'  and he threw more light on the death of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, he put it thus

'''Fela Did not die of AIDS, he was killed by Abacha, Abacha injected him with the virus and used his death to promote the fear of the virus, he was murdered... ''

In the interview he also disclosed that he was not sent to rehab but rather he was sent to seclusion, 

How Nigerian Customs Intercepted Contraband Worth N7million(photos)

The Officers and Men of Nigeria Customs Service, Sokoto/Kebbi/Zamfara Command intercepted a trailer loaded with 135 bales of second hand clothing's along Illela border station today 7.

Two suspects are arrested in connection with the smuggled goods.The duty paid value of the seizure is estimated at N7 million

Happy Birthday To Ebony Blog Reader/Model 'Ewa Rose'

Happy birthday pretty,  we wish you a bigger year ahead, have a bliss. CHEERS

To know more about Ewa Rose  and to contact her check here

Meet The Tallest Man In Nigeria

Fuse Tv. radio presenter, Vina shared the above photo from the studio with Hafiz aka Agoro. He is considered to be the tallest man in Nigeria.

All The Winners From Glo CAF Awards 2015- Full List + Dazzling Event/Celeb Photos

The nominees for National Team of the Year are Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria U17
Winner: CoteD'Ivoire

Reverend Father Lands In Trouble, As Man Sues Him For N5 Billion Over Prophecy

Second son of 1st Republic Senate President, Late Abyssinia Orizu, Prince Orji Orizu has challenged any Nigerian, native doctor, any child or agent of a native doctor and anybody connected to any native doctor in or outside Nigeria to come out and speak that he has visited, patronized or been seen in the house of any native doctor anywhere in or outside Nigeria.

Prince Nwafor-Orizu gave the challenge while addressing newsmen in his house in Nnewi, following allegations by Rev. Fr. Chidozie Chilaka, aka 'Jesus Network,' of the Catholic Diocese of the East (Orthodox Catholic) during his week long crusade at Nigeria Science and Technical College Nnewi, that Prince Orji Nwafor Orizu was responsible for the misfortunes of his uncle's wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Orizu and those of her children.

The Mbaise-born and Isiala Mbano, Imo State, based evangelist had allegedly called out one Mrs. Orizu, Prince Nwafor-Orizu's uncle's wife, during his crusade in Nnewi and told her that she had been under a spell from Prince Nwafor-Orizu.

The priest allegedly told the woman that all her daughters' broken marriages were caused by the legal luminary, promising that he would nullify curses inflicted on them by the former first Republic Senate President's son.


Funny /HARSH but True!!

I just dey observe. Lol

Your Past Matters!! Lira Galore confirms Split From Rick Ross cause of her past life

When we tell ladies to be careful with the kind of lifestyle that they choose to live cause someday it can come back and haunt them, they won't listen... Well

Rick Ross and Lira Galore have officially called off their engagement.

Rick Ross' and Lira Galore got engaged early in their relationship,but it didn't take long for things to get rocky.
The two were rumored to have broken up in November , but bounced back, posing for a photoshoot in Paper magazine a month later .

Unfortunately it seems that the couple have truly called it quits, as Galore has reported in a new interview with Global Grind .

According to the model, Instagram trolling may have actually played in a role in the relationship's demise.

"I think the initial breakup was a combination of everything from people digging up tweets when I was 17-years-old tweeting about different people, to the picture of Meek,"

she shaid, referring to an old photo of herself and Rozay's labelmate in the club.

"I went to his (Ross') tagged photos one day and it was only that picture of Meek, and it was just that photo. Everybody just kept posting it and I felt like as a man, he just couldn't handle it when it was just nothing. I feel like during that time apart he realized he was tripping, so we got back together."

She went on to explain the reasoning behind their final decision to call off the engagement.

"We just decided to go our separate ways,"

she said. "I'm 22 and this was my first time in love and I put it out there. I'm still in love with him, but some things don't go as you would like them to go."

FIRE:Buhari Given 7 Days Ultimatum To Release Dasuki, Metuh and Kanu by CD

It is getting hot,

Campaign for Democracy (CD) Southeast zone has given President Muhammadu Buhari a seven-day ultimatum to release Chief Olisah Metuh, the publicity secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Sambo Dasuki the former National Security Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan and Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The group gave the president ultimatum within which to release the named individuals from detention or else CD would mobilize more than 70 million Ndigbo, both home and in the diaspora, to carry out a mass protest against their continued detention.Dede A. Uzor, Chairman of the South East Zone for Campaign for Democracy, in a statement, was concerned that Buhari had formed the habit of cracking down on Igbo leaders at the slightest provocation.Kanu who was arrested on October 17, 2015, was granted bail by a court of competent jurisdiction, yet President Buhari refused to grant him freedom.

CD also notedd that the president has also refused to obey the court order which granted Dasuki bail to travel abroad for his medical check-up.

"Buhari should tell us how many All Progressives Congress, APC, members he has arrested for corrupt practices or does it mean that APC members are all clean, including the former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, who allegedly spent over $16 billion on power sector reform without anything to show for it?"

CD also added that the arrest of the publicity secretary of PDP was viewed as a clandestine move to silence the opposition party.President Buhari was reminded by the Campaign for Democracy of the need to obey the sanctity of court orders or rulings, which he swore to uphold, adding it was very dangerous when such leaders like Buhari disobey court orders.

In a related development, President Muhammadu Buhari has been faulted by senior Nigerian lawyers over the position he took on the trials of Radio Biafra director, Nnamdi Kanu and the former National Security Adviser (NSA) Sambo Dasuki.

The president had during the maiden presidential chat, opened up on the gravity of the ills carried out by the pair, especially emphasising that the Biafran leader had committed many anomalies in his time as the director.

Is Something Wrong with Majority of Black People? (must read)

When you look around the world, you will notice that black people wherever they be e.g. USA, Jamaica, Africa, Brazil there is certain traits & mannerisms that seem to follow the black folks.

The most lamentable is lack of excellence in what we do. If you go to a government office or facility in most of Africa you will find a long queue of people waiting to be served, sometimes people wake up 4 hours before opening time to queue.

The service is at a snail's pace, the people working there are not accountable to anyone, if you complain they will refuse to serve you, if you go to the Supervisor he will behave the same way or even worse. Most times if a white, Indian, Asian person shows up in the queue they work better until its only blacks left the abuse begins again.

Looking around every day you see many people queuing the whole day, I always ask myself, "Are these people not meant to be doing something like work, housework, school". If they are how much are we losing in productive times queuing?

It seems the average black folks have a slavery mindset, where they need to be watched all the time to do their work and must be given a white boss for them to be fearful and do their work responsibly. I imagine these people have a mailbox with 2,000 unread emails from customers & their conscience doesn't move one bit.

At the end of the day they join other people into the traffic home telling themselves I am coming from work. Somewhere a child has a father whose job is to put a stamp & sign documents for people. That father stamps & signs 10 documents out 100 for the whole day & says my child your dad is responsible.

One government department has a call centre who never answer calls, one colleague had a chance to work on a project, and he said these call centre agents get to work and start chatting, doing their nails as phones ring endlessly. The supervisor is also there chatting away.

I know blacks are looked down upon much, but when we look at ourselves do we say this is good enough? I was talking to my friend Stephen that if it was possible Africa would outsource most government functions to Europe, Asia or America. Maybe that way things would improve. The spirit of serving our people is non-existent even if an African civil servant is paid $100,000 to answer phones at work they will still go there to sleep & most of these people got a job simply by being a ruling party supporter, no education whatsoever just a head full of selfish pride. What do we need to do about this appalling situation?

Written by

Malawi Pastor, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Acquires 3rd Private Jet In 2years (Photos)

Na WA o,  with all the poverty in Malawi, well

One of the richest pastors in Africa and the Leader & founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church, Prophet Sheperd Bushiri has acquired a third private jet in a space of two years.

The unveiling ceremony of the new jet ZS-VIP was by the biggest Company of Aviation NAC in South Africa on Wednesday, January 6. The handover was presided over by Gulf Stream Manager Larry Flynn. Bushiri received a certificate from Flynn for becoming the youngest buyer of Gulf Stream jet.

The pastor who is popularly referred to as "Major 1" of 'Papa in Christian cycles dedicated the new jet to all the people who follow him and understand vision.

He posted photos of the new jet on his Facebook page. When a follower criticised him for spending money that could have been used to help the poor, Bushiri replied:

"When are you going to sell your phone which you have used to type here and give the money to the poor?"

In a phone interview with Nyasa Times after the ceremony, the very excited Bushiri said:

"I am a man of God. I believe I need to live by example. I teach the word that strenghtens the faith of all. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me', and that is exactly what I am doing now. I am what God says I am and not how other people judge me."

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...