Saturday, January 9, 2016

Funniest Tweets From #LifeinUniben Cc @unibensoil @sharpempire_ceo @sir_oluwanonso @d_chairman1

So today,  Uniben graduates and undergraduates took it to Twitter to share some of their experiences an

Lmao!! Frustrated Dstv User Vents For Removal Of Telemundo and Zee world from his plan(See convo)

Well I can't really understand his frustration, who else digs him?

Photo: Rev Father Mbaka on a Private Jet with Security Agents around Him

He is now a celebrity Minister,

See Minister for Transport, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi on the same private jet in the second pics above

OMG!! Drunk Driver Rams Into Transformer in Lagos (Photo)

Please Fellas don't drink and drive,  your life and properties is put at risk every time you do that.

Cool: See Why Former Anambra Governor, Jim Nwobodo Dumped PDP For APC

Talks have being going on this since last night about this party switch,

Jim Nwobodo, a former governor of the old Anambra State who admitted receiving N100million from former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, on Friday dumped the Peoples Democratic Party for the ruling All Progressive Congress.

He defected to the APC in Enugu alongside a former senator, Fidelis Okoro, representing Enugu North, and another chieftain of PDP, Richard Ozobu.

They were received into the APC at the party's meeting convened by Foreign Affairs Minister, Jeffrey Onyeama.

The meeting was attended by the state party chairman, Ben Nwoye, other members of the state executive and APC's national vice chairman, South-East, Emma Eneukwu.

Mr. Nwobodo, also a former PDP senator representing Enugu East between 1999 and 2007, and a former sports minister, is currently under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for receiving N100 million from Mr. Dasuki, who allegedly diverted $2.1billion meant for arms purchase, to politicians.

The former governor has since denied that the money was for his personal use, claiming that it was meant for the PDP leaders in the South East zone to mobilize support for the re-election of former President Goodluck Jonathan..

This is just a lesson that you should not put your life or relationship on the line for politicians because they are all selfish.

NEW MUSIC : Olamide - I Love Lagos ##Dope

Olamide is gifted to make nice tunes, you all should cop this tune,

Official Audio For "I Love Lagos" by Ybnl Boss ,Olamide.


No Love!! Dija Bashed For Covering Her Neck To #GLOCAFAWARDS2015

You guys don't wanna let this Babe rest, ah,  so after she was Trolled for her

Just Think About It!!

How will the poor and hungry be able to read or listen to your gospel when their body is not in good condition??

Incase you don't know a very honest act of help can also convert an unbeliever to be believe in God,

Always think about the welfare of the people you are reaching out to,  some churches just collect your money and use them in creating heavens on earth and accumulating vanity, 

Just think about it!!

IQ TEST: Can you solve this?

Lol,  very easy took me 3 minutes


For those outside the know,  There is a Deadly disease that has recently taken the life of At least 40 Nigerians in the last 50 days and it is called LASSA FEVER

LASSA FEVER is an acute and often fatal viral disease, with fever, occurring chiefly in West Africa. It is usually acquired from infected rats.

So below am some facts you should know about this disease,

• Lassa fever is an acute viral haemorrhagic illness of 1-4 weeks duration that occurs in West Africa.

• The Lassa virus is transmitted to humans via contact with food or household items contaminated with rodent urine or faeces.

• Person-to-person infections and laboratory transmission can also occur, particularly in hospitals lacking adequate infection prevent and Control measures.

• Lassa fever is known to be endemic in Benin (where it was diagnosed for the first time in November 2014), Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and parts of Nigeria, but probably exists in other West African countries as well.

• The overall case-fatality rate is 1%. Observed case-fatality rate among patients hospitalized with severe cases of Lassa fever is 15%.

• Early supportive care with rehydration and symptomatic treatment improves survival.

This Disease is very deadly to the extent it has killed so many Nigerians and it Death Toll in Nigeria has Increased to 40 I hope you know what that means.

Every disease kills but ignorance kills faster.. After my research I found out that World Health Organization has already aid us by  revealing to us Lassa Fever Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment.. You can click below to read it..

Thanks for reading...

Kindly Share to Others..

7 Reasons Why Couples Close Their Eyes When They Kiss

Why do people close their eyes when they kiss?

Who invented this custom? When you don't keep your eyes closed you're violating a sacred principle. It's like eating cereal with your hands when nobody's around. Nobody sees you, but you still feel weird and like you're violating the natural order.

If you need a reason to keep your eyes closed while kissing, here are seven top reasons, according to a poll.

Reasons why people kiss with their eyes closed:

1. You wouldn't want to see what you look like while kissing, so neither would your partner;

2. Your brain can't make your tongue swirl around if your eyes are moving at the same time. It's the same principle as trying to pat your head while using your other hand to go in circles over your belly;

3. It's weird enough to kiss with your eyes open, but even weirder to make moaning sounds;

4. It's bad for your eyeballs to look that close at anything;

5. For females, it ruins everything if you're fantasizing about Brad Pitt when you're
actually staring at something closer to Lalasticlal.a;

6. For males, if you're kissing in the middle of intercourse, with your eyes closed it's easier to imagine Soccer;

7. With your eyes open, your lover's nose looks bigger than Aso Rock.

Add yours please

Written by Nunogomez

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BUSTED!! Man Catches Guy That Duped Him Off N700k 2years Ago In Surulere Today (photos)

Bad day for the fraudster,  some people will never forget what they lose wrongly,

Here's what happened according to a NNN source. 2 years ago, a man duped another guy of N700,000 in Ojuelegba, Surulere and disappeared. ..

The guy who was duped was even arrested and locked up for 10 days after the money went missing because nobody believed he'd been duped. Fast forward to two years later, this week..

The guy was coming out of a bank in Aguda, Surulere when he spotted the guy that scammed him. He immediately raised an alarm and held on to the guys trousers. 

He managed to drag the alleged scammer to his house where his friends slapped him around and then called the police, who came and took him away. 

Source :nairanaija

3 year old Girl with ‘Old Lady Make-Up Job’ Sweeps the Internet

This three-year-old girl became an unlikely internet star - after her auntie's make-up job made her look like an old lady.

The youngster, known only as Roey, asked her aunt Samantha Parsons to apply make-up to her own face after watching her put on mascara.

When Samantha opted to make her young niece look a lot older than she probably intended, the hilarious picture quickly swept social media.

The picture, shows Roey with thick dark eyebrows, a seemingly wrinkly forehead and 'sunken 
cheeks. It has received 36k likes and was retweeted 27k times. It has also inspired others to post 'copycat' pictures, which have been retweeted up to 18k times.

Check Out this Poster of a Woman Looking for her 'Dog'

Young man messed with the wrong woman and she put him out as a dog! Ewo!

She was so mad while making this poster that she committed a big grammatical error. Can you spot it?

Busty Cossy Orjiakor Confirms She's Getting Married to her Dream Man in Las Vegas

Busty diva, Cossy Orjiakor, in a chat with Saturday Beats has confirmed that she is truly going to tie the knot this year with her sweetheart.

She added that her decision to get married this year as announced on her social media page is not because she is pregnant.

Even though she was thoroughly probed to reveal who the lucky man is, the singer refused to divulge any information about her man. She said that anyone who is eager to know who the man is should wait till her wedding day.

She said:

"I am not getting married because I am pregnant. I am walking down the aisle with the man of my dreams because both of us are in love with each other. It is a feeling of pure love. I am hoping to get married abroad most especially in Las Vegas but I don't know about my man. I chose Las Vegas because I like the city and its scenery.

"I am still going to be in Nigeria after marriage. Rather than leave the country, I would encourage my man to start up a business here in Nigeria. I am not the type of lady that would leave my fatherland."

The busty lady said that she doubts if her style would change after she gets married because her man loves her the way she is.

"I don't know if my style would change but the person I am with likes me the way I am. He is not complaining. I am not going to divulge much information about my man till the D-day but he is not in the Nigerian entertainment industry," she said.

Photos of Notorious Drug Kingpin El Chapo being Sent back to SAME Jail He Escaped From

Notorious drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman Loera has been recaptured six months after his elaborate escape from a Mexican maximum security prison.

Here are photos of him being sent back to the same prison he escaped from six months ago.

Despite tunneling out of the maximum security facility in July, Mexican marines were set to drop off the cartel leader at the Altiplano jail overnight.

El Chapo, who was wearing a navy blue shirt and blue Adidas sweatpants, was seen being marched from a military vehicle by three soldiers - showing their faces in full sight - to the Mexican attorney

general's hangar at an airbase in New Mexico.

Mexican marines, with their faces covered, then bundled him into a helicopter and set off towards the prison near Toluca.

There are reports that El Chapo was recaptured because he was trying to do a movie. He reportedly got too carried away, had his lawyers reach out to actors/directors to do a movie about his life, not

knowing he was being watched for a month.

Mexican officials say they caught the drug kingpin after a shootout with Mexican marines in the kingpin's home state in Los Mochis, Mexico.

Five cartel gangsters were reportedly killed in the gun battle and 6 others arrested. One marine

sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

The shootout went down at a home, where authorities seized a vast arsenal of weapons including rocket launchers, machine guns and armored vehicles. El Chapo had earlier escaped from a nearby house which came under fire from marines as the net closed on the cartel leader, Mexican officials revealed.

Mexican police say the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Marshals aided in El Chapo's recapture. It is not yet clear whether El Chapo will be extradited to the US, but he was seen being bundled on to a plane by security officials on Friday afternoon.

Hope he doesn't escape again,

Happy Belated 71st Marriage anniversary to George, Barbara Bush

Yes, this was meant to come 2days ago but I can't trash this,  I just want those that are looking into marriage to have hope that marriage still works,  regardless of what you see on TV or hear,  some people are still happily married in the same world,

The Bushes were married in Rye, New York back in 1945.

HOUSTON -- Former President George H. W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush  celebrated an amazing 71 years of marriage.

They married in Rye, N.Y. on January 6, 1945.

George Bush was 16 years old when he met Barbara Pierce at a dance.

They were engaged right before Bush was shipped overseas as a naval pilot during World War II.

They eventually moved to Texas and raised six children, including presidential candidate Jeb Bush and former President George W. Bush.

The Bushes still call Houston homeand can frequently be seen at local sporting events.

Culled from MSNBC

BLESSINGS: Rapper Meek Mill Buys Brand New BMW X6 For His Mum

I always tell people, you should always put your family especially your family in a better place when you finally make it big,  Meek Mill may have taken lot of Lose in 2015  but this is a win for him

The rapper took it to Instagram to share the testimony with a video and photo of him copping the whip. #Winning

Paul Okoye Reveals The Thing He Misses Most Since He Became A Celebrity (Photo)

Being a celebrity is not easy, it means you might not be able to do a lot of things you used to do before hitting stardom and those things might just be the simple things we get to do everyday that these celebrities don't get to.

'Rudeboy Records Paul Okoye who is one of Nigeria's top rated singers, winning several awards with his twin brother,

Peter. Paul shared this photo of himself and the caption is quite emotion stirring, it read: A simple normal day in a bus……I miss those days…. Miss reality …now if is not airport bus were else -

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...