Sunday, January 17, 2016

INSTA-FINGERS!! 50Cent and Meek Mill go at each other on IG

Seem like since 50cent career failed, all he does  ow is troll his biggest enemies on Instagram,  well the beef has been on but what really ignited it hours ago is cause of the shots that Meek Mill fired at 50Cent in one of the 4 tracks he released off his much anticipated Dc4 mixtape titled 'Gave em Hope'

50Cent however took it to Instagram and has posted a lot of funny memes to mock Meek Mill - -  he is the reason why Meek Mill page is filled with shit emojis

Check @50Cent and @Meekmill on Instagram to see subsequent install shots

HMM, Would You Eat This A#Ss Cake?

This is a cake made in the shape of Nicki Minaj's ass,

If offered to you in a party,  would you eat it?

Lol,  well I may, you?

Somebody Get me a Belt!!

Don't know what this world is turning into, they are obviously not siblings,  Why do people find this cool??  Damn

New Music : Eva Alordiah Ft. Phyno & Reminisce – Kanayo (Full Version )

Eva Alordiah has officially premiered her highly-anticipated single, "Kanayo" which features Phyno and Reminisce.

In December 2015, Eva teased us with the snippet and viral video of "Kanayo" to get us anticipating the single, she however decided to make "Kanayo" produced by 'Tintin' her first single of 2016.

"Kanayo" is the second Single off #1960TheAlbum, feel the groove as Phyno andReminisce did massive justice to "Kanayo" alongside Eva. ENJOY!


Music Premiere : Kylie Believer Vs Funkcleff - Don't (Ft. Blaqbonez)

You know a song cover is good when  it is on the same level or even better than the original one,

We bring you two great covers of Bryson Tiller's "Don't". Delivered by Kyle Believer Funkcleff who got Blaqbonez dropping a verse on each versions.

They tagged their covers "Bryson Tiller Weekend" and both went in real good. Hereby, putting out a masterpiece each.

Listen to both versions and share your thoughts on who you feel did better. Enjoy!

1. DOWNLOAD: Kyle Believer – Don't Feat. Blaqbonez


2. DOWNLOAD: Funkcleff – Don't Feat. Blaqbonez

Epic Madness! See How Drunk Girl Poses With Boyfriend At A Beer Parlour In Enugu

An unidentified lady in Enugu, South Eastern part of Nigeria has done the unthinkable under the influence of alcohol after which she publicly stripped herself and took pictures with her lover.

Her lover was also spotted suc king her b reasts publicly with on-lookers enjoying the sight of her body. 

The identity of the lady remains hidden but rumours have it that she might be a prostitute as the assumed lover showed no concern for her private photos, 

See more photos:

Photo 1


Photo 3

What Is Wrong With This Photo?

Na wa o,  smh

Photos Of Soldier Dressed Like A Masquerade To Fight Terrorists

These are the most underrated heroes,

Soldiers really pass through hell to defend a country.They do all sorts of things just to win war.

According to the person who shared the photos on Instagram (he claims to be a soldier),the soldier had to dress in an unusual way during a battle with terrorists.

He wrote; "Live for nothing or die for something….this is who we are…..this is what we do…."

BUSTED!! Ice Prince's Light skinned Girlfriend Has Been Cheating On Him (see photos evidence)

There is a drama going On Instagram right now. It is alleged that Iceprince's girlfriend Maima Nkewa has been cheating on him with one Akinbode from Abuja and that He paid for her chest piercings and that he sponsored her recently to London and Paris with himself in tow.

Why Is DSTV Censoring Words Like Jesus & GOD In Movies? Any Reason?

This is becoming serious,

Why does DSTV censor the words Jesus CHRIST, GOD and many other Religious related words?

I hear Jesus almost everytime on africamagic! 

But as of recent! They are beginning to censor too many words! Its so annoying! I wonder why they would censor 'Hell, Jesus, God etc..

Anybody noticed that?

Why do you think they are censoring this words?

Hol Up!! Is This The Tallest Black Man??

He reader sent this to us,  and am amazed

10 IMPORTANT things Your Mother or Pastor Will Nit Tell You Before Marriage

It is the wish of many ladies to get married and while some ladies are fully prepared for the institution,many are tot

SHOCKING!! Village Suffers 'Biblical' Non Stop Rain for 81 DAYS

This is the first I am hearing of something like this in this era

Fed-up residents in a Welsh village are holding their breath for a day of dry weather after 81 days of consistent rainfall.

People living in Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire, have experienced rainfall every day since October 26.

As well as dampening the spirits of locals, it has also caused problems for farmers - who have had to keep their livestock indoors.

However, Eglwyswrw's predicament has seen it gain international headlines as well as close in on the previous record.

Farmer and local councillor John Davies, 52, described the rain as being as of biblical proportions.
He said:

> "I think everybody in the village is starting to get fed up with it now.
> "The forecast for tomorrow is finally dry weather, but to be honest that's been predicted before and hasn't materialised. 

> I think people would much prefer some decent weather than for the village to end up in the record books. It is grinding people down both physically and psychologically. 

> Our sheep are pretty hardy animals but even they are looking depressed. Their fleeces are not getting the chance to dry out because of the endless rain. And I've also had to keep my cattle indoors since October.''

NO LOVE!! Rapper Future's Fans Go Savage on Ciara's Instagram Page (Photos)

There is no love on social media,  Meek Mill suffered same when Drake dropped a mixtape with Future, and now...

Future is about to drop his new "Purple Reign" mixtape today. See what his petty fans did to his babymama Ciara's Instagram page.

Future's fans are hammering Purple Umbrella emojis, hundreds of them on Ciara's IG comments.

The photo of Baby Future was not even spared.

END TIME!! World's First Public 'Masturbation Booth' for Men Opens in New York

Many globally unacceptable immoralities are now seeing the light of day and slowly gaining general acceptance,  one of the most popular phrase that'd goes to accommodate this development is the '' Don't judge because you are not God ''

The world's first public 'masturbation booth' has reportedly opened in New York, according to reports.

A company that designs a line of male sex toys known as 'guybrators' is apparently behind the unlikely-sounding idea, suggesting that stressed out men need a place to be able to masturbate during the day.

According to hellou, the masturbation booth know as 'Guyfi booth' comes complete with a chair, a laptop – for inspiration – and a curtain for privacy.

The wesbite claims the first booth just opened in Manhattan although this cannot be verified and it is unknown whether the existence of such a booth would breach any public decency laws.

Speaking to hellou, the brains behind the invention Adam Lewis said:

"There's no denying that working a nine to five job can be stressful on both your mind and body, especially in a non-stop city like Manhattan. We are all about looking for new solutions to improve everyday life and we feel we've done just that with the new GuyFi booth. 

We hope the city's men enjoy using the space we've created in whatever way they want. It's completely free of charge. 

It's really important for guys to look after themselves so that they can stay healthy and focus properly on the task in hand. We're told time and time again how beneficial it is to have a break away from your desk. "

Ladies See The 5 Types Of Ladies That Big Boys/Ballers Love Wedding


Enjoy this juicy article! 

Many people often assume that Ballers only have one preference. People assume that Baller men only want one type of woman, and therefore only date one type. We often forget the many exceptions to those assumptions because we consume ourselves with the minority of Ballers who date this way. I was inspired by, who did a piece on the 7 types of women professional athlete's date. Here's my list of 5 types of women Ballers date.

1. The Fantasy Girl - That can be anyone from a Vixen to a curvacious BBW. Like all men, Ballers have fetishes and fantasies. Some love light skin, some love dark skin, some love full figured women, some want white women. These are the women that they've likely been attracted to long before the money. Sometimes it took getting money to get these women, sometimes they've had these women all their lives. Either way, she fulfills a fantasy for him and that's why he chooses her. 

2. The High School/College Sweetheart - Many Ballers fall into this category. They've known their significant other since childhood. They've struggled together, she encourages him, probably helped him with his homework so he could become the star he is today. He's forever indebted to her and he loves her for how she's stuck around through thick and thin. There are far more of these occurrences than not, people just tend to ignore it. 

3. The Foreign Girl - Sometimes when a Baller reaches a certain status, he feels that foreign is better than a domestic. He imports his car, his clothes and inevitably his women. These types are statistically a lot fewer and further between because Foreign women, true foreign women, don't want you if the paper isn't long enough. This means, you must truly be an A-List Baller to get the Foreign super model that you desire. These women come with a price tag and expectations as high as their heels. I'm not mad! 

4. The Actress/Musician/Model - Every Baller yearns for the day when he can finally date his Nia Long, Halle Berry, Rihanna and more. Celebrity women tend to mostly date within celebrity circles, as opposed to so many celebrity men who do not. I should write a post on why I think that is, look out for that one coming soon. In the mean time, as a man, know that if you truly want to date MOST celebrity women, you have to be a Baller yourself. This is why we see so many "power couples" now. 

5. The Au Naturale - This is your Ayesha Curry types. The Susie Homemaker. The sweet, girl next door that every Baller should probably consider to avoid dealing with gold diggers and cheaters. These are the women whose only concern is taking care of home, being a mom and  rubbing her Baller's shoulders when he comes home from a long day's work. These women don't have a specific "look" to them. They tend to be the every day woman. Very little, if any, surgical enhancements, probably wear natural hair, and fit right in with any one of us.

Plus 1 bonus. Lol 

6. The Professional - Ballers love a professional woman. Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists & Entrepreneurs are often a hot commodity amongst Ballers. They love a woman who has their own and don't mind spoiling her even more. If you do your research, you will find that Ballers end up marrying so many women who actually were doing just fine without them. These women find a healthy balance between being beautiful and being smart and business savvy. 

Keep in mind certain gold digger or bottom of the barrel type women are not listed. I wanted to make it clear that we are specifying the type of women Ballers DATE, not the type they sleep with. There is a very huge different. 

AWWW!! Handsome Nigerian Groom Cries at His Wedding (Photos)

This is a very rare phenomena,

John recently wedded his beautiful wife, Adeola and the amazing moment he held her and broke into tears while they had their first dance was captured by Klalaphotography. Why do you think he's in tears?


Singer Asa Rocks Gele for the First Time, Nailed or Failed??

The  singer  Asa just shared this photo on her Instagram page with caption:

Did she

Craze Clown Joins Phyno and Skuki, Now Nairabet Ambassador

This is good news,  tells you how far talent can take you places, 

Comedian Emmanuel Iwueke, popularly known as Craze Clown, has joined pop stars, Phyno and Skuki as well as SuperSport pundit, Segun Agbede as NairaBET brand ambassador.

The announcement was made at their Lekki head office a few days ago and was followed by celebrations to mark the occasion.

NairaBET is the pioneer sports betting outfit in Nigeria and is licensed and regulated by the Lagos State Lotteries Board.



On the his new appointment Craze Clown said:
"I am very excited and glad to be joining Phyno and Skuki on this journey, there is so much I could do with and on this platform." While responding, NairaBET CEO, Otunba Akin Alabi said he was inspired to follow through with his decision after rubbing minds with Craze Clown. He said: "Craze is a brilliant actor and I think with this partnership, a lot could be done that would be beneficial to both parties."

Oshiomhole: You fear holes when your name ends with hole- Reno Omokri

Article by Reno Omokri...

> I read Governor Adams Oshiomhole's comments to the effect that he heard from the Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Chief John Oyegun, that former President Goodluck Jonathan had told him (Chief Oyegun) that after the election, he would put Governor Oshiomhole in a hole, but today the ex president is the one in a hole.

This statement, while seemingly an attack on the person of former President Goodluck Jonathan, says more about the character of the Edo State Governor than it does about the former President.

A good leader does not act on hearsay and gossip especially when he has channels to verify such information.

One would have thought that Governor Oshiomhole would have learnt his lesson after the embarrassment from the gossip he shared, to the effect that unnamed US State Department officials told him that a minister under Jonathan stole a billion US dollars every month (which was confirmed to be a lie by an investigative report by a national daily).

Apparently no lessons were learnt from that misadventure.

Even ex-President Jonathan's arch opponents cannot deny the fact that no Nigerian was ever put in a hole or arrested for his comments or criticism during his time in office. Such is out of character for the former leader.
In fact, at the very moment Oshiomhole was making his fallacious claims, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was being honored in Atlanta by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for his role in advancing peace and human rights as well as good governance. President Jonathan is to be similarly honored in Europe in the coming weeks.
On July 17, 2012, Governor Oshiomhole himself said "President Jonathan has demonstrated statesmanship. I think there is hope for Nigeria".

Suffice to say that I understand where Governor Oshiomhole is coming from.

Obviously, when your name ends with the word HOLE, you will be afraid of holes, but Goodluck is the portion of Jonathan!

Let me end by saying that Governor Adams Oshiomhole is a gifted labour leader and has made progress as Edo state Governor. He had previously been known for prudent speech. I therefore scratch my head in wonder at what recent event may be making him as giddy as a teenager. Your guess is as good as mine.

However, it is no guess, but fact, to state that Governor Adams Oshiomhole cannot put Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in a hole that God has not put him.

Reno Omokri

Lady Sent Her Mum This Photo of Herself & Got This Hilarious Response

Some mum can be Nasty, lol

As shared online by Siddity.

WHAT? See How a Nigerian Policeman Abused a Lady in public

This country Shaa,

Can you imagine?!



RELATIONSHIP GOALS: Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj Loved Up at the Sixers game(Photos)

The hip hop couple were spotted tonight at Wells Fargo Center watching the @Sixers vs @trailblazers game.

  the 76ers won by 26.

They good luck.

It Is Not Over, Canadian Politician Hands Meek Mill a L (Photo)

This old man just won't leave this young dude alone. Lol

Food For Thought

This is real,

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...