Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Edo State: 500 Women Defect From APC And SDP To PDP

About 500 women from the Social Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress in Udaba community, Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State have defected to the Peoples Democratic Party,The nation report.

The women said they were joining the party that would take Edo to a higher level.State Chairman of the PDP, Chief Dan Orbih, who receive the defectors said a PDP government in Edo would prioritize women empowerment and welfare.

Chief Orbih encouraged them to become apostles of change in the state by mobilizing support for the PDP.Orbih said the PDP would neutralize Governor Oshiomhole's plan to replace himself with another stranger as the governor.

He said Oshiomhole was a stranger in the state who would be leaving hardship and huge debt burden on the state.Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu said the Afemai people would not lose anything after Oshiomhole hands over in November.

A former commissioner for Lands and Survey under Oshiomhole, Donald Boi Osikena, disclosed that he resigned because his responsibilities as commissioner were usurped by the governor.

Osikena, who defected to the PDP last year, said,

"My ministry was being run from the government house. Approvals for lands and certificate of occupancy were being issued from government house without informing me. I reasoned that I didn't want to go to jail early in life, so I left."

'' She Is Not a Hoe'' Ice Prince Is Defending Is Alleged Cheating Bae (Screenshots)

WOW! Now i have mad respect and love for iceprince … come date me …

Ice Prince deserves to be Chief of Defence Staff with the way he just defended his battled girlfriend Maima.

The singer took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to roll out more than 20 tweets to defend his girl that has been accused of cheating.

All accusation proves there is something wrong somewhere but Ice is not fazed. The rapper called out the married man that is painting his girl black and he claims Maima is not guilty of cheating, stating boldly that she is not a hoe.

What Is Wrong With This Photo??

Mehn This must be from the early 90s. Lol

Did He Make Sense?

Na wa i

45yr Old Mariah Carey rocks LV Bikini While In The Beach With Kid & Lover

This lady still manages to spend time with her family amidst all the numerous controversies around her

The 45 year old singer displayed her body in a Loius Vuitton bikini as she hit the beach with her kids in ST.Barts.

5 Things Every Student Must Bear In Mind Before Graduation (A Must Read)

As a student, it is possible you are thinking that getting a good grade is all that matters (because that's what you have been made to believe). So you work hard, put in the needed effort just to see that you achieve that. Well, that's good but what you may not know is that getting a formal education is different from getting a life.

I know you are planning to get a good job and have a successful life. The thing is that, for you to achieve that, you have to face the real world. It will test you. This kind of test is different from the one you take in school. As you may not have learnt much about the real world. I want to point out here 5 things every student must bear in mind before your graduation.

1. A Good Degree Does Not Guarantee A Good Job, Your Brain And Skills Do

To get a degree certificate is good but gone are the days when jobs will be waiting for you the moment you leave school as a graduate. What matters in the job market today is what you can offer; what you can do.

There are thousands of unemployed people with same level of degree that you have. What do you think that will differentiate you and give you the needed edge, if not your skills and your ability to think and solve issues? You never can tell, that skill you consider menial can earn you more than your degree and certificate could possibly earned you. I have a pretty long list of people who aren't employed or earning a dime with their certificates but are fully employed and earning big with one skill or the other they picked up along the line.

Look out for practical skills in your field of discipline and learn all you can. It does not even have to be just in your area of discipline. Believe me, in the real world you need the hard skills (e.g Proficiency in a foreign language, Computer programming etc) as well as the soft skills (e.g Communication, Time Management, Team work etc) to succeed.

2. Your "A"s in School Will Not Necessarily Translate To Success In The Real World

Robert Kiyosaki (one of the world's richest entrepreneurs) once told a story about what happened during his senior year in high school. He and one of his close friends named Mike were lined up in front of a small group of students made up primarily of the leaders (bright students) of their class. Their guidance counselor turned to him and Mike and said, "The two of you will never amount to anything," primarily because they were doing terribly poor academically.

Few years after graduation Robert and Mike went for their High School Reunion and Guess what? the so called class leaders were still struggling and had not become successful in the years after high school. Where as Robert and his friend, Mike are already successful big time entrepreneurs.

Success in life is a product of the application of success principles. And unfortunately they don't teach you that in school. You need to self-educate yourself on that. Go beyond pursuing good grades and take time to develop yourself. Never run from what you need to learn. Learn and apply the principles of success (they are universal) in all you do and you will succeed.

3. Who You Know Is As Important As What You know

What you know may be enough to get you through school. However, in the real world, who you know is as important as what you know. Now, don't get it twisted. I am not trying to say that without connections, you will not be successful and live the good life you dream of. I am only saying that with the right connections the process would be easier and shorter. Therefore you need to build and maintain the right connections and learn to leverage on them when need be. So have it in mind that your skills and knowledge are important but then so are the people you know. Bottom line: The two are important to your success.

4. One Of The Most Important Things You Need To Manage Well Is Money

In the real world Money is an important tool. It's going to feed you, puts clothes on your back, and puts a roof over your head. You may not really know the value of money probably because you have always received it from friends and family without really working for it.

Yeah, you have that privilege now but you won't in the nearest future. If you do not learn how to manage it now you may likely end up broke and in debt when you face the real world and trust me, it won't be funny at all.

When it comes to managing money I have three rules for you: Save it! Invest it! Multiply it!

5. True Success Does Not Happen In A Flash

True Success is not by accident. It involves process. It is an accumulation of certain habits and principles practiced within a stretch of time. The road to true success is often bumpy. It takes time. Little wonder many usually try to use a "shortcut" by getting involved in shady lifestyles. That will only be counter-productive
in the long run. The only way I know to hasten success is to have a PHD. I guess you are wondering what that means? Well, it simply means Passion, Hunger and Drive. And don't equally forget to put God at the center of it all.

Thanks for reading this.. See you all at the Top!!! 

Toolz and Tunde Demuren release Stunning pre-wedding photos

Congrats to them,  they came a long way and have stayed off scandals

Busty OAP Toolz and her fiance have released their pre-wedding photos. They shared the photos with the hash tag #ThePrincessAndTheCaptain

Breaking !! PDP Spokesman Olisa Metuh Arrived Court In Handcuffs (See Photos)

Above is the embattled Peoples Democratic Party's Spokesperson, Olisa Metuh as he arrives court in Handcuffs today.

Graphic Photos Of Eiye Notorious Gang Leader Killed By Cultist In Ilorin

Palpable tension has enveloped Ilorin, the Kwara state capital over the murder of a notorious cultist, Bayo Ajia around noon on Monday.

Ajia was one of the ring leaders of the Eiye Confraternity, a notorious cult group that has grown in recent times.

An eye-witness, Alhaji Yekini Ishola, who operates a commercial motor vehicle popularly known as Okada around the area told Sahara Reportersnews that the incidence happened at about 12:34pm on Monday at the Car washing place of Mr. Ajia under the popular Stadium Bridge along Taiwo Road, Ilorin.

Taiwo road, as popularly called, is Ilorin's commercial nerve centre. Ajia was said to have been killed in cold blood helplessly by an alleged rival cult group whose identity is yet to be determined as at press time.

He was said to have been shot at severally by his assailants. When it seemed that, that would not bring him down, he was said to have been brutally hatched with machetes.

Ilorin has witnessed a resurgence of cult-related violence in the last four years.

The cult groups and their affiliates receded during the tenure of former Governor and now Senate President Bukola Saraki due to stringent laws criminalizing the secret groups and an enhanced policing.

With Ajia's killing, the relative peace being enjoyed in Ilorin is now effectively shattered as Ajia's cult members and others would swing into full force in avenging the killing of one of their big guns.

How 15 Former Governors, Others Stole N1.34 Trillion In Seven Years – Lai Mohammed

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has alleged that some former governors, ministers, businessmen, public servants and bankers stole over N1.34 trillion between 2006 and 2013 in the country.

He made the allegation while speaking at a news conference in Abuja today Jan. 18th.

"Out of the stolen funds, 15 former Governors allegedly stole 146.84 billion naira; 4 former Ministers allegedly stole 7 billion naira; 12 former Public Servants, both at federal and state levels, allegedly stole over 14 billion Naira; 8 people in the Banking Industry allegedly stole 524 billion naira; while 11 businessmen allegedly stole 653 billion naira.

Using World Bank Rates and Costs, one third of the stolen funds could have provided 635.18 kilometres of road; built 36 ultra modern hospitals, that is one ultra modern hospital per state; built 183 schools; educated 3,974 children from primary to tertiary level at 25.24 million per child; and built 20,062 units of 2-bedroom houses.

This is the money that a few people, just 55 in number, allegedly stole within a period of just eight years. And instead of a national outrage, all we hear are these nonsensical statements that the Government is fighting only the opposition, or that the government is engaging in vendetta," he said.

UPDATE!! Rich Guy Iceprince's Girlfriend Cheated on Him with Shares Revealing Photos

A few days ago, Maima and her lovestruck boyfriend/hubby Iceprince had taken to their social media pages to gush about the love they for each other.

Maima with Akin in new pictures he just shared and deleted. Photo credit - Naijagistlive

Fast forward to minutes later, gist and pictures broke that revealed Maima had been keeping warm in another man's arms - Abuja big boy named Akin. The story went viral and Iceprince himself took to his Twitter to defend his girlfriend saying:

Lol these men will do anyyyything to break up me and my girl tho. Smh. Even the married ones?!? Sigh just go to church bro. Love God. Can't keep a hot girl away from 
being checked out. 

It's toooo much fun to watch em try Forreal Forreal lol… Forgive me guyz! Catching #Feelings for ya tho."

Well, guess what. The Abuja big boy who Maima allegedly cheated on Iceprince with has by himself posted revealing photos of himself with Maima enjoying a recent vacation in Paris. And the photos have Iceprince nowhere in sight.

Akin posted the pics on his Instagram and after he was sure a media blog had picked it up, he deleted the pics from his IG. Clear indication he's trying to pass a message to Iceprince that he isn't trying to break him up with his girl, they have actually been together. Wow! Wonder what Iceprince's next reply is going to bed

This 'Reserved' Nigerian Student Posted Her Nudes On Instagram To Celebrate Her Birthday

Well it is no lie that every average girl have snapped a nude photo of herself at least once, but this is very mind-boggling for someone that people saw as a reserved babe.

A Benue State University student has been bashed online after posting explicit pictures on her Instagram page to celebrate her birthday.

She posted one showing her private part which had to censored

TOO BAD!! Warri, Kaduna Refineries Shut Production After Attacks On Pipelines

I wonder how this country will move forward with all these internal violence and destruction,

Nigeria's state oil company has shut down crude oil flows to two of its four refineries after weekend attacks on pipelines, a company spokesman said on Monday, frustrating government hopes to start weaning the country from expensive imports.

The refineries in the northern city of Kaduna and Warri, in the southern Niger Delta, were affected, said Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) spokesman, Ohi Alegbe.

"We have shut down flows for now, the military are on top of the matter," he said, without offering details of the attacks.

The 125,000 barrel per day (bpd) Warri refinery and the 110,000 bpd Kaduna refinery had resumed output in December after several months of maintenance. The Kaduna refinery receives its feedstock oil via the Warri refinery.

Nigeria also has a third refining complex with two plants in the southern oil hub of Port Harcourt, although only the newer of the two plants is currently functioning.

No group claimed responsibility for the weekend attacks, which follow last week's arrest warrant for former militant leader turned businessman, Government Ekpemupolo, known as Tompolo, as part of a crackdown on corruption.

A statement issued by the military's operation Pulo Shield in the oil-rich Niger Delta region vowed to hold "community leaders responsible for any act of sabotage."

"This warning is coming as a result of recent, multiple attacks on oil facilities and platforms by suspected militants in the Niger Delta region," the statement issued on Sunday said, without offering further details.

The attacks follow years of relative calm in the country's oil-producing region after an 2009 amnesty halted frequent attacks on oil installations and kidnappings of expatriate workers

POOR CHILD!! 10 Year Old Girl Forced to Marry 28 Year Old Man in Kano (Photos)

Twitter has been buzzing non-stop ever since photos of this little girl above, aged 10 allegedly getting married to a 28 year old man in Kano surfaced online. The wedding is said to have taken place this past Sunday.

Gay Man Who Prefers Anal Sex To His Wife's Womanhood Needs Your Advice

May God deliver us from this lifestyle, Amen

Blog Reader Needs a Healthy Sperm Donor. Remuneration is Attractive

Hello Enekem, My request is a peculiar one. After 7 years of marriage with no issues, My husband was finally diagnosed with  atherosclerosis and it means he cannot get me pregnant. We are based in Sweden and we would like to scout for a sperm donor from Nigeria as artificial insemination is the only remedy for us at this point.

The donor has to be dark skinned, STD free, AA genotype, Above 5ft 9inch, Above 20 but not over 32. He should be Igbo and should not have any hereditary issues like asthma, diabetes, bunion, allergies etc. The interested person should please send an E-mail with pictures and stats to enekem.Com

N:B- The semen analysis, physical examination of donor and extraction will be done in Nigeria and the identity of both donor and receiver would remain anonymous. No sex is required. the donor would receive USD10,000 immediately the procedure is complete.

Footballer Diafra Sakho accidentally crashes £200k lamborghini car (Photos)

West Ham's star striker Diafra Sakho last night crashed his Lamborghini car into the wall of a West Ham fan's house in London. 

As you would imagine with social media, pictures of Sakho's expensive crash became a topic of discussion among football fans on Twitter Especially as the wall Sakho drove into was part of a house lived in by a popular West Ham supporter.

Sophie Engstrom, a die hard West Ham fan shared pictures of the incident on the social media site, saying that Sakho had driven into her house and car, a three-door hatch Mini Cooper which is valued at £13,995.

Engstrom tweeted pictures of the incident and said on Twitter: 'Great night when Sakho drives into your house & car.'

Not long after the accident , Diafra Sakho updated his followers on Twitter to confirm all was okay.

Photo: Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi with two of his wives..can you see the bombs?

Cute I must say,  our traditional leaders are not becoming showbiz celebs

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...