Wednesday, January 27, 2016

OMG!! See The Deleted Tweets Kanye West Used to Murder Wiz Khalifa

Seems like these two are still yet to squash the low key beef they have held for a couple of years now

Well today's beef started hours ago when wiz Khalifa tweeted that Kanye West new  album was stolen from someone from his camp,  this made Kanye West go ballistic on Twitter then later deleted the tweets

See The First Photos From C. Ronaldo And Angel Alessandra photoshoot

So the footballer took it to his twitter to announce that he just finished a shoot with one of the most popular model in the world

Though details are yet to be fully unveiled it happens that the two super stars are out to promote new underwear,  more details soon

Ace Comedian Bovi’s Mother Margaret Ugboma Dies at 58

Report reaching us now is that one of the biggest name in Naija comedy Bovi is presently mourning the death of his mother, Mrs Margaret Ogbonna that passed on yesterday January 26,though the cause of her death is still unknown,

We just want to send our condolences to him and his loved ones..

SMH, What is wrong with this tweet??

God help my generation, No shame

Amazing : Meet The Man With The Most Number Of Fingers And Toes In The World(Photos)

This is really amazing, I grew up around a boy that has 6 fingers on one hand but this one is beyond me,

Devendra Suthar, an Indian man who holds the record for the most number of fingers and toes in the world.

But Davendra is worried? Why? Not because he has a multitude of fingers. No, he is worried that he might lose one of the extra fingers he considers as God's 'blessing' because of his risky job as a carpenter.

Strange, huh?

The 43-year-old, from Himmatnagar in Gujarat, western India, has a total of 28 fingers and toes, the most digits of anyone in the world - a feat recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records.

He suffers from Polydactylism, meaning he has seven fingers on each hand and seven toes in each feet - albeit two toes are joined.

Now, he has to focus on not accidentally slicing one of them off at work.

UK Mirror reports that people from far away come along with their children to see the 'man with seven fingers' and Devendra says he enjoys all the attention.

He said how people treat him as a 'celebrity' and that the staring and pointing makes him feel 'special'.

The tradesman also said how he enjoys entertaining children by performing odd tricks with the extra digits.

Devendra said: "Because of my extra fingers people here treat me as a celebrity.

"They come to see me and the attention makes me feel special. 

I wonder where he gets his shoes from..

PARA!! See What a Girl Got For replying a Good morning message about 3 hours later (Lmao)

Some people really don't have joy men, you ain't even laiskeen part got me. Lol

Blog Reader Feels Molested by Male Doctor Who Squeezed Her Breasts


Hello Enekem
I dont know if I should tell my husband about this or just swallow it so as to avoid causing problems or a confrontation. I went to ****** hospital close at Alausa to check for chest lumps.

A very young doctor came strolling in to the office where I was asked to wait. He looked so young that I was even tempted to ask him if he was really a doctor or was a student on houseman-ship but I decided to keep cool as he was wearing their white gown as was actually assigned to me by the admin at the general waiting area. 
The hospital was actually recommended by my sister in-law who had her mammogram there. It was my first time and I was very uncomfortable when he asked me to remove my top and bra and then he started touching my breasts. I decided to close my eyes and wait for him to finish the examination.

The touching soon turned to caressing and at a point he seen to concentrate on my nipple and to be honest, I have a very sensitive nipple and the always harden and jut out when touched (even breast feeding my babies felt that way)

This went on and on until I was almost shivering. I was embarrassed beyond words and wanted to ask if lumps form in the nipple area but i felt so violated to speak. I opened my eyes to tell him to stop only to discover that he was looking at me smiling sheepishly! All the while he's been fondling my breasts!

I felt so awful. I felt used and molested. He didn't say a word, I removed his hands and dressed up while he continued smiling and then started saying some medical trash that didnt make no sense to me cos I wasnt listening anymore.  When I finished dressing up, he even asked me to come back in 7 days time for another round of checks as I left his office.

This happened on Monday and up till now I have this heavy feeling of being violated by a kid. I still cannot calm down, as if I was defiled. I have been moody and unable to tell my husband. Please what should I do?

PURE WICKEDNESS! ! Ritualists pluck out little boy's eyes in Zaria(Graphic Photo)

Some people still do this?

This is too much  to bear, how come some pple are this heartless? *Shedtears*.............................

A man on facebook posted this picture  alongside a caption in Hausa ..According to what I gathered from what he wrote, the boys eyes were plucked out in Zaria,and he said a prayer begging God to protect those we know and those we don't know .He also said the seekers of earthly possessions who have taken his sight should be deprived of peace and stability in this world and God should bring tragedies their way ....and heal the boy.. Musa Saqafa wrote in Hausa/Arabic



SHOCKING!! See What Was Wrong With '' Buy Life ' Celebrity Campaign

I am all for fighting AIDS and helping third world countries. I am even for the use of shocking material to make people aware of important issues…but there is something utterly wrong with this celebrity-centered campaign: it pure deshumanization.  Buy Life aims to raise money to fight AIDS in Africa and India, which is a noble cause.The marketing campaign however seems to be an extension of the "culture of death" that permeates today's mass media.

There something intrinsically wrong with the concept of "buying life".

Is human life a commodity that can be dealt in a monetary transaction? Well this is the "face value" of the shirts and the message our brain subliminally registers. To make this even weirder, the barcode on the t-shirts are REAL. They can be scanned with a smart phone to effectively "buy life". You therefore become a walking-talking purchasable product.

A charity is the ultimate way to introduce such things without getting any backlash. I mean, how can you be against curing AIDS? You can't. Is charity being used to bring forth dehumanizing concepts into the mainstream? I sincerely hope not, but, seeing the budget involved in this, there might be a higher agenda there.

One thing is for sure: you'll never see me walking around with a damn barcode on me!

Culled from Vigilantcitizen

ALBUM DOWNLOAD : J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League – J.U.S.T.I.C.E. For All(Ft. Drake, Rick Ross, Future, Chris Brown, T.I,..

This one of the hardest collection of dope jamz ever, couldn't help but share this album

'' Shit Is Just Wack Men'' - Davido Gives Up On Social Media (Screenshots)

Nigerian musical superstar Davido used social media when he had some serious personal ish, like during the Imade/Momodu child abduction drama, and when an Atlanta lounge refused him entry into their club. HIs fans took up arms for him and trolled Sophie Momodu until she shut down her account. They also made sure the Atlanta Club felt the heat of their anger. How dare they refuse their idol entry??

Davido boasted about his fans' loyalty on his page, but now, it seems he is getting fed up with the same social media where a majority of his fan base hold sway.

He posted this comment on twitter yesterday, maybe because of all the flak he has been receiving because of the delay in Sony BMG confirming him as an artist on their stable.

JEEZ!! Traffic Warden Yanks out Motorist’s Teeth over N50(graphic Photos)

There was pandemonium at the Omole bus stop on Oba Ogunnusi Road in the Ojodu area of Lagos State on Tuesday after a traffic warden, Sunday Charles, engaged in fisticuffs with a motorist, identified only as Kingsley.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Kingsley, who was stopped by a team of traffic wardens at the junction, was allegedly beaten up by Charles for refusing to part with N50.

The motorist lost three front teeth during the brawl.

Their correspondents gathered that Kingsley and some people in the bus manhandled Charles and threatened to drag him to the Ojodu Police Division for the assault on the driver, before some 
pedestrians advised them against reporting the incident.

At about 11.30am, Charles, who was with three female officers and four officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, had stopped Kingsley's vehicle at the junction.

The traffic warden allegedly demanded N50 from the motorist before he could let him go.

It was learnt that trouble, however, started when Kingsley claimed that he had earlier given N50 to the warden, adding that he would not give him another until evening.

Charles, who allegedly insisted on collecting the money, was said to have dragged Kingsley down from the vehicle and punched him in the face, during which the motorist's three teeth fell off.

It was gathered that Kingsley held the warden and demanded medical treatment. A large crowd was said to have gathered at the scene and tried in vain to separate the warden and the motorist who held each other's clothes.

Speaking with PUNCH Metro, Kingsley said he refused to allow Charles to go because he had injured him.

He said:

 "I am a commercial driver. The warden stopped me about 8am and I gave him N50. So, I was surprised when he asked me again.

"I was going towards Agidingbi Road when he stopped me. He demanded another N50. I refused, saying he should wait till evening. He dragged me from the bus and started punching him on my face.

"My mouth started bleeding. I realised three of my front teeth had fallen off. So, I grabbed his uniform. People bundled him inside my vehicle and said I should take him to the police station.

"His colleagues and LASTMA officials stood away during the altercation because he did not listen to them. I suspect the warden was drunk because of the way he dragged me from my vehicle."

A pedestrian, who was a witness, Abiodun Dada, told Punch that other traffic wardens and LASTMA officials, who were embarrassed by Charles' action, later calmed down enraged motorists not to protest against the incident.

He said:

"It was the warden who first hit the motorist. He punched him on the mouth and yanked out some of his teeth. It was the blood gushing from the driver's mouth that attracted pedestrians. We later discovered it was an argument over payment of N50.

"If not for the wardens and the LASTMA officials who begged angry motorists, the gathering could have turned violent."

Another pedestrian, whose shirt was bloodstained as he tried to rescue Kingsley from Charles, said,

"As people dragged the warden inside the vehicle, his trousers were torn, and buttons of his shirt also fell off. We wanted to report him at the Ojodu Police Station, and to demand that he should take Kingsley for treatment at a hospital.

"But when we saw that his uniform had torn, we advised Kingley to let him go and leave the matter to God. We suspected that the police could turn the matter against him for tearing the uniform of their officer and neglect his missing teeth."

Charles was freed by the motorist at about 12.30pm.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, said it was the motorist and his condoctor who assaulted the traffic warden, adding that Charles' uniform was torn during the attack on him.

She said:

 "The traffic warden was beaten by a commercial bus driver and his conductor who are still at large. His service uniform was torn to pieces. He was rescued by a team of policemen deployed in the scene. The case will be dealt with decisively."

'' He has Shown No Interest in Our Baby!''Wizkid's 2nd Babymama reveals more in new interview

This is more tea for you guys,

We all already know Nigerian singer, Wizkid just became a father for the second time! His second babymama, Binta Diamond Diallo has just granted her first interview and she's slamming Wizkid in it, saying he has refused to see their son and she wants that to change now!

Yesterday, theShaderoom spoke to Binta Diamond Diallo, who is the mother of Wizkid's new child who was born last Friday. She says she named her son, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, Jr. after the singer in part so that he doesn't try it with her like he did with the mother of his first child!

Back in August 2011, Wizkid fathered a child with undergraduate student, Oluwanishola Ogudugu. He vehemently denied the claims and even in an interview with Punch insisted that he was not a 
father. He told host, Nonye Ben-Nwankkwo,

"It was rumoured that I had a love child. Even if I had a child, I don't think it is something I should be ashamed of. Instead, I would come out plainly and declare that I am a father. Everybody makes mistakes. But it was just a false rumour. I don't have a child anywhere." 

However, months later in 2013, he posted a picture of himself with his son, Boluwatife Balogun, with the caption: "hey, the child's mine guys, I'm done hiding him [from] you all."

Fast forward to the following year, Wizkid began dating Binta which would continue off and on for 2 years. She told theShaderoom that when she learned that she was pregnant in 2015, the rapper said that he was going to embrace being a dad this time around and that he'd certainly care for the child.

However, he kept the child a secret from fans again!

Not only has he not seen his son yet, but he hasn't shown much interest in being a father and Binta wants that to change! Binta says that she just wants him to step up and be a man about his responsibilities.

NO JOY!! ! See What a Lady Told Her Bf for Late reply (See Photo)

Some ladies really don't have joy,

Her boyfriend didn't text her and young lady went ballistic!

What Are Your Thoughts From These IDP Wedding Photos From Yesterday

This is not looking like our everyday wedding with happy couples,

These are photos of a wedding between two IDPs -Goni Abacha and Falmata Saleh which took place at Fufore IDP Camp, Yola, Adamawa state on Tuesday (yesterday).

What is supposed to be a joyful occasion is not reflected in the faces and countenance of the new couple. Or am i the one not seeing well??

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...