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Ladies Read Your Bible. Lol

Nigerians have turned everything into a joke these days. Smh

How Robbers Collected Primary school Teacher's ATM And Emptied Her Account

This is a really heartless robbery,

This is serious...

 Evi Iwaha, a primary school teacher told The Nation how some robbers attacked her, collected her ATM card and emptied her bank account 2 days ago. 

Read her scary experience below:

"It happened a few minutes to 6.00am; I'd boarded a bus supposedly to Oshodi from Obanikoro. No sooner had the bus moved than they sprang into action. The first thing they did was grab my phone; 'What do you do? Where are you coming from?'one of them asked.

 I was hopeful that they'd take pity on me, having told them I was just a primary school teacher.

    Why bother to ask if it meant nothing to them? After rummaging through my wallet, they found two ATM cards and some cash. The question that followed hit me with a bang. 'What's your pin number?' Instinctively, I hesitated for a while, but a resounding slap on my face soon got me spilling it out. These guys were actually going to do the unimaginable. They were going to clear my account.

 To think that I was about experiencing stories that had seemed far away. I looked up in time to see another member of the gang, sitting in the front seat. They called him officer. I don't know if he was some military officer or if the name was just a code name. Even though I was still a little dazed from the slap, I couldn't but notice the gun that hung loosely in the man's hand, as he spoke to his colleague.

    He quickly handed the ATM cards to another member who played the role of a bus conductor. The driver slowed down at my inquisitor's command, and the bus conductor jumped off the bus on his way to emptying my accounts. I silently wished I had payed the money into my friend's account, he had asked me to do so to avoid spending it, since I'm saving towards paying my rent.

    Meanwhile, while we awaited the arrival of the messenger, the bus kept going round and round. In the process, the two women I met on the bus were told to disembark, and two others, a guy and his girlfriend were picked up at the next stop. They were lucky, as they didn't have any ATM card on them.

    They were ripped of their phones and the only one thousand Naira note the guy had on him. They had also searched the lady who came on at the same time as I did. Obviously they didn't get much from her. I was their sacrificial lamb. Soon my phone beeped – an indication that the money had been withdrawn.

    Then they drove back to the spot where they had dropped off the bus conductor, picked him up and drove off. By all means, it was a smooth operation, and we were home-bound now. I silently prayed that they dropped me off at a safe place.

    All along, I didn't know where we were because I had been sitting on the floor of the bus. Suddenly, the bus pulled to a stop and we were all told to alight. I discovered that they had dropped us at the toll-gate.

    My inquisitor who had promised to give me transport money to take me home had either forgotten or couldn't care less. They zoomed off as soon as we were all out of the bus. I stood there thinking of how to get to my place in Gbagada, until one good Nigerian who happened to be passing by came to my rescue by giving me N100, my exact fare home."she said.

See What These Yoruba Ladies Wore To A Club In The Name Of Fashion

Na wa o,

And the nonsense never ends.

These ladies were spotted dressed in this absurd manner at a Lagos niteclub



See How Nigerians Reacted To A Picture of Petev Edochie And Genevive Nnaji

Forget the picture and read the hilarious comments. It seems the picture of Veteran Actor Peter Edochie inspires proverbs in every one, Lol

SHOCKER!! I Have A House In UK, US & Nigeria, But Never Collected Money From Dasuki – Obanikoro’s Son

Gbolahan Obanikoro, a son of former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, who sources at EFCC say are currently being investigated alongside his brother, Babajide after a company they once headed, Sylvan Mcnamara Limited was said to have allegedly received N4.75bn from the Central Bank of Nigeria Imprest Account of the National Security Adviser under Sambo Dasuki between June 6, 2014 and December, 12, 2015, has denied ever being a director at the said company but accepted working there.

According to Gbolahan the alleged money was transferred in 2014 while he stopped working there in 2013. He however described the report has been silly because all the money he used to acquire properties in three different countries including Nigeria came through the blessings of God and pure hard work. When asked to respond to a report by Sahara Reporters that he bought a house in 2014 as soon as the funds were transferred to Sylvan McNamara, Gbolahan told a Punch correspondent that;

"And this house, according to Sahara Reporters, also is a hideout. It's just silly. I bought a house in the United Kingdom in 2008. I built my house in Nigeria in 2010 and I opted to buy a house in the United States in 2014 during which period my wife had our third child. My focus for almost a decade has always been on business and the private sector and not politics. Continue…

"I have been working hard and I have been fortunate to run a successful business. So it is definitely not out of place for me, and it is most certainly not a crime to buy a house. I'm truly grateful to Almighty Allah for all he has bestowed on me and my family."

The businessman also denied being a director in the said company at the said company.

Gbolahan said, "I am not and was never a director of this company and neither am I a signatory to its account or any other account related to the entity. My involvement with this company ended as far back as 2013 before all these things happened and before my father was even appointed as a minister.

"So, any dealings that transpired after that did not involve me. The bank is available to confirm who the signatories to the account are, and the Corporate Affairs Commission is also available to confirm who the directors of the company are. I am positive the authorities, if they are investigating this matter, will discover this."

Pastor Commits Suicide After Church Members Accuse Of Diverting Church Money

A man of God who was accused by his church of diverting funds has committed suicide instead of living with the shame.
Not being able to live with the shame of being accused of diverting his church funds by the members, a Pastor identified simply as Bassey, has committed suicide by slashing his throat.

Punch reports that the 49-year-old man of God, took the ultimate decision at his residence at Abari Street in the Mulero, Dopemu area of Lagos State.

Read More: "Tired Of Life?: 32-yr-old man slits throat, genitals in attempted suicide in Kano"

It was gathered that Pastor Bassey left a suicide note for his wife and son, Emmanuel, stating clearly why he had to take the decision and intimated that his family has no hand in his suicide.

Preliminary investigations by the police has revealed that the pastor seemed to be  frustrated after he was accused by the church of diverting the undisclosed sum.

Read More: "Sad End: Nigerian prophet allegedly commits suicide in Kirikiri Prison"

A police source said:

"The knife used by the pastor to kill himself has been recovered. He also wrote that he killed himself. We learnt that he was accused by his church of diverting money.

He was probably frustrated because his neighbours described him as a God-fearing and honest person. We are still trying to find out the actual amount involved."

A neighbour of the deceased pastor, Seun Oladimeji, said the pastor had been awake in the night, walking around the passage.

"I don't know whether he (pastor) did it because of the money issue, but he and his wife were very friendly. He woke up around 3am that day. I learnt his wife and son, Emmanuel, later begged him to go back to bed. At about 5am, the woman screamed for help. We all gathered in their room and saw blood gushing out of the pastor's neck.

Unknown to the woman, he hid a knife which he used to slash his throat. Before he died, he wrote on a piece of paper 'I, myself, not my wife'. I can say it anywhere that it was not his wife who killed him. The son was just crying; he was not himself. Both of them were arrested."

Another resident, Olatunde Olasunbo, said the pastor moved to the area with his family two years ago.

"I did not know his church, but he was God-fearing and very nice. He was always with his bible. Even if he diverted the church funds, suicide is not the solution. He and his wife related like siblings. They moved to this area two years ago."

The State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident, stating that the case had been transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba, for further investigation.

When Did You Stop Bed Wetting? – Get In Here

When did you stop bed wetting? – Please don't lie.

I stopped when I was in secondary school; (JSS), it was very shameful then but now, I just laugh anytime I remember and I do wonder if I can ever punish my kids for that, I don't think so.

At a Point, my mum will even tell me to Urinate inside Fire used by those who Fry and sell Akara at Night in our Area. In Yoruba, Their belief is that when you do this before you go to bed, you won't be able to bet wet.

The funny thing about this Bed wetting issue is that, it comes like a Dream, You can just dream that you're playing Football with your Friend and they you feel like urinating and then you head to the Toilet or Gutter to ease yourself.. While Urinating in your Dream, something will just wake you up and when you're up, just check the Bed…  My brother e don wet 👿

Only those wey  piss for bed wella like me go understand this my story.

What about you, When did you Stop Bed wetting? + Share the Experience with Us.

Lmao!! Who is this guy??

Mehn this got me rolling. Lol

LESBO ALERT!! "She Makes Me Wet!"-Meet The Actress Who Genevieve Nnaji Makes 'Wet'

Nollywood actress Ruth Eze, has confessed that she has a huge crush for Genevive Nnaji.

Reacting to reports that Nollywood is filled with homosexuals, the University of Benin graduate and Imo State-born role interpreter said that she would never be pushed to be a part of such immoralities.

But when probed further, Eze confessed that her burning, lustful passion for sultry actress, Genevieve, could make her have a re-think.

 She said: "Only Genevieve Nnaji can make me throw caution to the wind and become a lesbian, but fortunately she is not. I am obsessed with Genevieve. She makes me wet! If she tells me to become her partner today, I'll apologise to God and jump at the offer.

"Anyway, I'm not a lesbian but I am not against them. If they believe they can stand the consequences (of their actions), then they can do whatever they like with their bodies. I have good boobs that both men and women admire and can't seem to take their eyes off me. My fellow ladies always harass me, to get intimate with them, but I haven't tried such." 

Femi-Fani Kayode And Girlfriend Precious Chikwendu Welcome Baby Boy

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode and his beauty queen girlfriend, Precious Chikwendu, have welcomed to their first child together.

The proud father took to social media to announce the birth of his first son

Guys come and Answer This Question (vulgar Language inside)

Guys oya talk. Lol

Why Is Linda Ikeji's Banana Island Mansion Up For Sale?? See Photos

It Seems like there is something Fishy about the much Publicised mansion of Linda Ikeji in Banana Island, has listed the more than N500m property for sale,  see what we gathered from Naijagistlive below

 See the matching home pictures below to confirm.(source 
Matching chandelier & gold-ish brown beam.

Matching black tub, white centre bath tub & window frames.
Matching staircase & rails.
Matching pool & shrubs.
Linda Ikeji who has been boasting & posting 2000 pictures of every square inch of her home & listing all her billionaire neighbours surnames was recently accused of not owning her home. In fact it was rumoured & reported that it was a pay out to launder money into property for a certain politician since he had to declare his assets & bank accounts under Buhari’s wrath & could not put this property under his name. Guess if she hadn’t posted all those pictures revealing her home details, it would not be public knowledge that her home is listed for sale.
We await further details to report.

Metuh’s Torn Statement Linked Jonathan to N400m – EFCC

Details have emerged about what the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh, allegedly wrote in the torn statement which he made under caution while in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on January 5.

Five operatives of the commission witnessed the incident which was said to have happened on January 5, 2016, the day the PDP spokesperson was arrested. Their statements and the "incidence record book" which gives details of the occurrence were part of the documents filed along with the charges of destruction of evidence preferred against him by the EFCC before a Federal Capital

Territory High Court in Abuja.

The court papers were obtained by Punch on Sunday.

Metuh allegedly tore his statement on January 5, 2016 while being investigated for an alleged fraudulent receipt of N400m from the Office of the National Security Adviser and money laundering allegation involving a separate sum of $2m.

The entry number 049 in the incident duty log which was recorded at 4.30pm by an EFCC detective, Junaid Sa'id, on January 5, 2016, reads,

"Destruction OF Written Statement: I have booked the incident of tearing into pieces of statement by Mr. Olisa Metuh, who was given his statement to endorse after volunteering his statement and he decided to tear into pieces the third page of his four-page statement.

"The torn statement has however been registered with the Exhibit Keeper. Entry made by Det. Junaid Sa'id."

The document gives the timeline and details of how Metuh's arrest was effected at about 10.55am in his residence at Prince and Princess Estate in Gudu, Abuja, on January 5, up till when he allegedly tore part of the statement at about.4.25pm on the same day.

It also indicates that Metuh had stated in the part of the torn statement that the account in which the N400m was paid was requested for by former President Goodluck Jonathan, for payments to be made to settle some debts owed by the PDP.

It reads in part,

"12.30 hours: Mr. Metuh Olisa began to volunteer his statement under words of caution.

"15.30 hours: Mr. Metuh Olisa concluded his statement which was of four pages. I passed the statements to the team leader, CSP Ibrahim Musa, to read over and endorse accordingly but in the process of reading and after endorsing pages one and two, he swiftly tore into pieces page three of his statement which read that former President Jonathan had asked him to make available, account details owed by his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, and the debts owed him personally and some media houses.

"He further stated that he gave the account details of Destra Investments Ltd. to the President and thereafter he received the payment of N400m into his company's accounts which he used for specific assignments given to him by the President of which he was not willing to disclose for what purpose. 

I thereafter refused to give him page four of his statement for endorsement because I did not want him to tear it as well. This incidence (sic) happened in the presence of the following officers: Mr. Ibrahim Musa, Mr. Wetkas Michael, Mr. Bello Umar, Ms. Ibrahim, who were all carrying out their various assignments.

"16.30 hours: The torn page of the statement which is in pieces was registered with the exhibit keeper and the incident recorded in the incidence record book of the commission."

See Another Controversial Birthday Dress, Fashion Nailed or Failed?? Photos

Last 2 weeks we shared a birthday pics where people said the celebrant flaunted her fallen Olympus and now....

Photos like this are no longer strange, but they never lose their shock factor. While some are of the opinion that the lady has a flat chest and should have covered it in the first place, others feel she is just expressing her inner 'sexiness'.

So I am throwing it to the house: Is this beautiful fashion or beautiful nonsense?

See the full photos after the cut



“I'm Into Dating, I Just Tried My Luck By Blackmailing MKO's Wife”-Online Fraudster Confesses

Caleb Nzube, 26, allegedly hacked the Twitter handle of Mrs Tinu Abiola, the wife of late Chief MKO Abiola, downloaded her picture and using photoshop, designed a web page showing the woman carrying a human skull. He then posted it on his website, with a story that she was caught while carrying out a ritual with the skull.

He threatened to make the news go viral if Tinu didn't give him $5000. A traumatized Mrs Abiola, petitioned the IG of police, Solomon Arase, and Caleb was arrested at Obosi, Anambra State.

It was gathered that Mrs Abiola was not the suspect's only victim, as a serving Senator and two others were also being harassed by him on the social media. 

In a confessional interview with Vanguard, Caleb admitted that  he is an internet fraudster as he specialised in online dating before venturing into blackmailing thinking it was more lucrative.

Disclosing he spent hours on the social media searching for prominent Nigerians, Nzube said his targets are mainly rich politicians, popular businessmen and socialite.

He said he goes after these set of people because he thinks they are usually sensitive to what is said about them in the public

"I started following Mrs Timu Alade Abiola on Twitter and I got her pictures. I felt she was a good catch and I decided to blackmail her. I used Photoshop to make it look like she was carrying a human skull.

I designed a web page with a little gossip story on it that she was caught for ritual. I sent her the link and when she saw it I demanded she pays me $5000 or I will show it to the whole world.

One of her friends came in and begged that I shouldn't do it and that they were ready to pay me $ 2000. I rejected the money, insisting that I must collect $5000. .
Later they discovered I was Igbo and they gave my number to an Igbo girl who started talking to me and I accepted their offer, what got me angry was that while we were still talking, they sent a fishing link that destroyed my website which I have been maintaining for more than 4 years.

That website had paid me little money I have used in sustaining myself. I told the Igbo girl about it and that if I don't get the money before the end of the week I will show the web page to the whole world.

She asked for my account, I gave it to her but before I knew what was happening, the police came and arrested me. I don't understand why she has to bring in the police; I told the girl that what I needed was for her to tell her madam to just pay me for my website they destroyed.

In fact I regret all this, if I had known it will be this messy I would have not ventured into this. What I do is only dating. I just wanted to try my luck on this one", he lamented.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...