Thursday, February 11, 2016

See Photos : 3 PHCN workers electrocuted in Lagos

3 PHCN employees were electrocuted at Kogberegbe Street, Isolo, Lagos. One of them had earlier climbed up to the pole to work before he got electrocuted. Two other employees were later called on  to  remove his body but misfortune strikes again, as they too got electrocuted too.

Must Read!! A 15-year old girl claims to be impregnated by Jesus Christ

A 15-year old teenage girl from Ohio claims to be  "divinely impregnated" by the Lord Jesus Christ during an encounter with an angel. Latifah Smith-Nabengana says she was visited by an "Angel of God" in July 2015, who told her that she is the chosen one to bear Jesus' first child .

"He told me that he was a Nephilim, like those described in the Bible," explained the young girl.
"He told me that he had a message from Jesus, He said that I was going to be pregnant, and that I would give birth to a son, Jesus' son."
Nephilims were mentioned in the Genesis 6:4 : they were known to be Giants among men because they were the sons of Angels and mortal woman. But the Nephilims have been almost unheard of over the last few thousand years, so the teenager's claim has amazed  everyone in her family when she announced it to them. Being very religious themselves, they accepted her claim and showed extreme support for the 15-year old.
The medical doctor who has been following her pregnancy, Dr. William Franklin Murphy, says he is aware of his patient's story, but is unable to either confirm  her claims.
"For all I know, her pregnancy seems normal," claims the gynecologist. "Her claims of "Virgin pregnancy" are technically true, but that doesn't mean there was a divine intervention. I can tell you that it's a boy, but there no way for me to determine if it is Jesus' son until he is born. If she asks for a DNA test at that time, then we can tell you who the father is."
The teenager's claim has started lot of controversies among the religious cycle that have knowledge of this mysterious and invalidated story.

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Do you know that Horses are capable of reading human emotions??

Really interesting article am sharing with you guys.. Read and enlighten yourself courtesy of the Guardian.
They can distinguish between happiness and anger

Humans have long formed bonds with horses, but a recent study may show the species is even more emotionally connected to us than we thought.

The study, performed by psychologists at the University of Sussex, found horses have the ability to distinguish between positive and negative human emotions. Researchers showed horses life-size images of humans either smiling or baring their teeth in anger. As they wrote in their findings in the journal Biology letters the horses were able to distinguish between the two, reacting to the angry photos by turning their heads to look at them with the left eye. As the Guardian explain , viewing something through the left eye allows it to be interpreted in the right hemisphere of the brain, where threatening stimuli are processed.

"What's really interesting about this research is that it shows horses have the ability to read emotions across the species barrier," said a doctoral student at the university. "We have known for a long time that horses are a socially sophisticated species but this is the first time we have seen that they can distinguish between positive and negative human facial expressions."

Sussex researchers had shown that horses have distinct facial expressions of their own that are not dissimilar to human expressions, including smiling and widening the eyes in fear.

Messi outbids Ronaldo in an auction sale to buy the most expensive car ($36m)

Just Saw this online, all ye Messi lovers, your Boi is hitting it big again.

Spanish newspaper Sport reported on Monday that Lionel Messi might have outbid Cristiano Ronaldo at a recent auction for the world's most expensive car. The Proto Organization auctioned off the 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti in Paris for around €32 million ($36 million). Proto declined to identify the winning bidder but hints the car is the latest object in the soccer superstars' (Ronaldo and Messi) duel. 

Sport said. "Proto Organisation also say Cristiano Ronaldo was interested in the car (which was driven by Sterling Moss in the Cuban Grand Prix in 1958), but Messi won the bidding."

UAE appoints 22-year-old Lady as minister of youth affairs

The United Arab Emirates has appointed a 22-year-old to oversee the affairs of youths in the Emirates.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum formally disclosed his new ministerial Cabinet in a series of Twitter posts, and, Oxford University master's degree holder Shamma al-Mazrui was named minister of state for youth affairs.

President Buhari finally comes back to Nigeria after 5days vacation

Checkout photos of President Buhari returning to Nigeria

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...