Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ebola survivor nurse, transfer to a London hospital

The Guardian newspaper shares this story Read :

A BRITISH nurse who was twice successfully
treated after contracting Ebola in Sierra Leone
in 2014 was yesterday admitted to a special
isolation ward in London for a third time,
health officials said.
Pauline Cafferkey, who voluntarily went to the
West African country to treat Ebola patients,
was initially admitted to a hospital in Glasgow
and later transferred to the Royal Free Hospital.
She was flown from Glasgow to London in an
isolation bed on a Royal Air Force (RAF)
Hercules military transport plane, AFP
"We can confirm that Pauline Cafferkey is being
transferred to the Royal Free Hospital due to a
late complication from her previous infection by
the Ebola virus," the clinic said in a statement.
"She will now be treated by the hospital's
infectious diseases team under nationally
agreed guidelines."
"The Ebola virus can only be transmitted by
direct contact with the blood or bodily fluids of
an infected person while they are symptomatic
so the risk to the general public remains low,"
it added.
Cafferkey was treated twice at the Royal Free
Hospital, Britain's only isolation ward for the
lethal disease, after suffering an "unusual
complication" of her first infection.
Cafferkey was diagnosed with Ebola in
December 2014 after returning to Glasgow from
Sierra Leone.
She suffered a relapse in October 2015, when
the virus caused her to become critically ill
with meningitis before she made a full
"It is very sad to hear that Cafferkey has once
again been admitted to hospital," said Derek
Gatherer from Lancaster University.
"The meningitis that Cafferkey suffered from at
the end of last year is one of the most serious
complications of all, as it can be life-
"She was unlucky enough to be one of only a
handful of patients in whom it has been seen,"
he added.

Women who have more sexual partners are less likely to have oral cancer

Courtesy of news Naija, Read :

– Researchers say they may develop a better immunity to
oral HPV strain
– This is a common STI which can lead to different types
of cancer
Women who have sex with with lots of partners are less
likely to get cancer of the mouth and throat. Unfortunately,
the same sexual behaviour is dangerous for men — the
more oral sexual partners they have the more chances
they develop throat, neck, head and other cancers .
These cancers are linked to the human papillomavirus
(HPV), which is the most common infection transmitted
through sexual contact. Researchers released this
information at the annual conference of the American
Association for the Advancement of Science in

They also found that middle aged white men are at
particularly high risk compared to other races. Dr
Gypsyamber D'Souza, the associate professor at
Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public
Health, explained the findings:
"Performing oral sex is very common among men and
women but there are stark differences in oral HPV infection
and the rate of cancer. Comparing men and women with the
same number of sex partners, a man is much more likely to
get infected with oral HPV than a woman.
Women that had a lot of previous sexual partners were
actually less likely to get infected with an oral HPV
infection. They may mount a more robust immune response
and be less likely to become infected. It seems that for men
this immune response is likely smaller.
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disease which is not Lassa fever (photos)
Men are not only more likely to become infected, but our
research also shows that once infected they are less likely
to clear these infections than women, further contributing
for the cancer risk."
To put it simply, those women who have a greater number
of vaginal sex partners mount an immune response to
vaginal HPV virus, thus preventing the body from
catching an oral HPV that could trigger various types of

Nysc corper died of Lassa fever in kaduna. Read all about it

shared by a social media user Dr Kell.Read what she wrote below:

A concerned colleague and friend.
The serving corper DR KELECHI OGBOJI until his demise was serving at St Louis Hospital Zonkwa LGA.The young, vibrant and hardworking Ebonyi state university (EBSU) trained medical doctor who did housemanship at FMC Abeokuta was said to have attended to a very sick patient rushed into their facility on account of high grade fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, weakness amid other symptoms. They cautiously resuscitated the patient and referred to Jos as they obviously suspected Lassa fever.
Few days later, the doctor and his nurse both fell ill with high fever and similar symptoms and were admitted in the same hospital on Tue 16/2/16. Dr Kelechi died on Fri 19/2/16 while the nurse died a day before him,18th.
Details of what they were being treated for while on admission still unknown and it appears the appropriate bodies are yet to make urgent probe into this unfortunate incidence.
May their souls rest in peace. Amen

Photos :17year old Ubulu-Uku king visits Delta State governor.

Delta State governor Ifeanyi Okowa met with  17 year old king Obi Chukwuka Noah Akaeze  who was recently Installed as the king of Ubulu-Uku Kingdom in Aniocha South Local government.

Comedian Ay attacks popular blogger Stella Dimkoko over divorce and wife-beating allegations

AY's Initial response:


"Gossip is just a tool to distract people who have nothing better to do from feeling jealous of those few who are still remaining in the institution called 'Celebrity Marriage' . It lies in our will to decide whether to discard them into the waste bin or record them into our brains!. The question is… whose report will you believe? #Hisreportsaysiamfree #Hisreportsaysvictory #Hisreportsaysweareblessed #wecastandbind #prayfortheonesyoulove" he further wrote.

Then Stella Fired:


Today I reported exclusively that Comedian AY Makun's lovely wife Mabel had moved out of their Lekki home and I did not know if it was a permanent move or not....

That story you can take it to the Bank and even though i tried not to disclose the shocking details narrated to me on why it crashed,the Comedian has called me out asking me to help him reveal the details and that he does not want to ''join issues' with reached out to the comedian via a phone call and according to their website"The comedian said he does not want to join issues with Stella Dimokokorkus and that since she has all the details of his marriage breakup, she should tell it all. The comedian who is also an actor and movie producer said it is only unfortunate that Nigeria is a country where you cannot sue for damages."

AY Makun also posted on Instagram "Some blogs are, for the most part, the bringers of bad news… and it's not entirely the bloggers fault, bad news gets higher ratings, travels faster and sells more than good news. The reality is that you will continue to hear negative information from many sources against anything that showcases your blessings and pride. Gossip is just a tool to distract people who have nothing better to do from feeling jealous of those few who are still remaining in the institution called 'Celebrity Marriage' . It lies in our will to decide whether to discard them into the waste bin or record them into our brains!. The question is… whose report will you believe?#Hisreportsaysiamfree #Hisreportsaysvictory #Hisreportsaysweareblessed#wecastandbind #prayfortheonesyoulove"

The only reason I am responding to this Clap back is because it puts my job on the hot seat.
Let me state here Categorically that MY STORY IS TRUE and i take no Joy in reporting such News,just that what must be told must be told.
You laugh at others when their News is out but when it gets to yours it becomes a problem?Excuse me!
I choose to leave the dirty details of what happened for you to tell your fans on your social media handle.If you are embarrassed that the story has been posted,then i understand but your beautiful wife packed out of your house with a big truck and she took everything take-able and your house is currently under lock and key...unless she returns this night.
Instead of dragging or fighting dirty with you,I pray that God restores your Union and gives you the wisdom of Solomon to act right.
Some Blogs will not be bringers of bad news if you do not produce the bad news!
If you are talking about gossip,you produce and distribute it too so why call out your colleagues?Why have you been phone crashing with friends on the way forward?Didn't your ''F'' President friend do all he can to beg WIFEY to stay?
I will not help you launder your dirty story online,Don't let the devil use you to call me out AY,you have Jesus' number,use it!
Whose report to believe? God's report!...The one that will deliver you from your chronicle of blah blah!
#I am out!

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...