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Do not marry someone you have never seen angry - By Bosun Bankole

Falling inlove is a great feeling. Love makes you think of and care for this special someone more than you do yourself. Love changes the definition of a lot of things including the word 'stranger'. Who is a stranger? A stranger is someone you do not know well enough to call a friend or acquaintance.

Knowing someone means you can deduce the person's reaction to different circumstances. If you have never seen your spouse angry, you cannot predict the reaction of your spouse in every circumstance. Hence, your spouse is a stranger until you have seen him/her angry.

Some people believe it is better to keep things safe and not rock the boat of the relationship too vigorously with conflicts. But, I am of the opinion that conflict is one of the best things that could ever happen in your relationship. I believe it is better to rock the boat of the relationship as much as it needs to be shaken, so you do not get subjected to damage control all the days of your marriage life.

Just as it takes two to love, it also takes two to fight. You don't want to be married to someone you cannot hold an argument with or someone who is unwilling to trash out an issue with you. I am not referring to exchanging blows. What I mean is you should not be married to someone whom you are unable to get angry with.

Holding a grudge is unavoidable if you cannot conveniently express your dislike when your spouse has erred even if expressing yourself leads to an argument. A conflict in relationships helps you to know your spouse and how to make your spouse happier. Conflicts help you to develop the skills to love your spouse the way he/she wants to be loved.

One of the benefits of marriage is having two separate views from the parties in the marriage that can be reconciled to arrive at a more profitable conclusion. Ironically, contradictory opinion is the cause of most conflicts. Hence, to maximize conflicts in relationships, both parties must be willing to find a common ground by entertaining change.



A very close 'married' friend of mine came around the other day asking me for help. He is into construction and due to the dwindling financial situation in the country he hasn't sold a house in almost 1 year. So he hands over his iPhone to me to show me some of the his properties asking me to scroll through his gallery. After scrolling through about about 25 pictures of houses I stumbled upon a naked 'kpekus'. I tried to quickly scroll away, but before I could my eyes swallowed another and another and another. There were an assortment of pictures of different 'bits' and 'pieces' of a woman's naked body without showing her face. A bit embarrassed, I handed his phone over to him. Without a hint of shame, he explained to me that that was his separated account manager he has been 'shagging' for a while. According to him, she has a son and she is hot!!!! As I write this, my mind's eye, I still clearly sees the expression of excitement in his eyes as he described every detail of her body (the remaining 20% I missed in the pictures) he even offered to bring her over to Chocolat Royale so I could meet his 'trophy'. 2 days later, I stepped out of a meeting in the office only to see about 16 missed calls of which 13 were from my friend. I returned his call and he complained about me not picking my phone that he was at Chocolat Royale with his 'babe' and he wanted me to meet her. So I rushed out of my office to Royale to meet them. She was sitting with her back towards the door when I walked in and I mentally tried to match the pieces I had seen on my guys phone to that of the lady in front of me and when she turned around to greet me with a smile that faded immediately she set her eyes on me! My friend must have told her he had a surprise for her or not even told her at all trying to surprise her because I guarantee that if this woman knew she was coming to meet 'freeze' she would never have agreed as she is the wife of one of my schoolmates who resides in Yankee............. 

Here I am, staring at my friend's wife sitting next to my other friend, who I know is an absolute freak. I know he must have dissected her body and used it to its maximum potential. My friend also never uses protection because he is quite 'endowed' and finds it uncomfortable. He is married and has a string of girlfriends. His wife may or may not have an affair and his girls are mainly university students he is 'taking care of'. Experience has shown me that most university girls dating rich men, usually have one or two 'school boyfriends' who cater to their school needs i.e. Club parties, academic issues etc. My fear for my pastor friend is that he now comes home from America once or 2ce a year and dips into a grimy pool of illnesses and issues both physical and spiritual, shared by at least 20 and as many as 50 other people, because as the saying goes, "you have slept with everyone your partner has slept with".
I am still in a serious dilemma right now, do I tell my friend or do I hold my tongue and 'save their marriage'? Anyway back to the main issue........
There are many differences between Kim Kardashian and my pastor friend's wife. One is Kanye knows his woman, this includes her abilities, shortfalls etc while my pastor friend 'thinks' he knows his wife. He is probably worshiping in the church of 'assumption' right now, thinking his wife is a good, decent girl.
The second issue is while his 'decent' wife only earns peanuts for her nudes and requires him sending her a monthly allowance from the US, Kim just paid Kanye's $53million debt.
Rewind to about a month ago when I put up a post saying I would want to have a Kimye relationship with bae he called me up, telling me, in his own words, "to stop glorifying a morally bankrupt woman and her sinful relationship". My question now, is his own relationship less sinful & more morally upright? 
Over to Piers Morgan who accused Kim of being 'desperate'. Piers your last real job was in 2004 since then you have been hustling like a 2 dollar hooker. You failed in your 'attempt' to take over from Larry King & you call her desperate?

LMAO: Don Jazzy Shades Linda Ikeji For Going To 40yrs and Still Unmarried

Linda is not the only over ripe unmarried girl but she is always the one getting nailed and joked upon. Lol

EXPOSED!! See The Dirty Secrets of Ooni Of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi’ 2nd Wife,Sonia

From naijagist: 

  • How Ooni Of Ife Changed Her Name From Sonia Obahan To Wuraola Otiti.
  • Ooni Of Ife’s 2nd Wife Is Still Legally Married To A Lebanese Billionaire, Eli Khoury In Dubai, UAE
  • Sonia Obahan Now Wuraola Otiti

Fashion or Madness?? 😑😑😑

Na wa o,  END time

Photos + Video:VjAdams Hooks Up With Sensational Artist Oresegun Olumide in His IKORODU studio

He might Just be the new Jumoke!! ", @IamVJAdams hooks up with The most popular artist on Naija Social Media at the moment, Mr  ORESEGUN OLUMIDE 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 in IKORODU,
Though some artists have tried to convince me that his artworks are a combination of Computer and Hand work,  I am sitting on the fence here. Cause mehn they look out of the world of hand paintings. Lol #Enekemdotcom

See video on my instagram page @enekemgreg

LMAO!! See how this babe chased a guy out of her DM

Smh, no joy

To Those That Will Not Be Happy About Their Post-Pregnancy Body, Read

This is real!!

Jumoke Sparkles in the latest issue of Style Mania Magazine

They have really transformed her into a global class model. Kudos

Shots From A NollyWood Set In Enugu Yesterday, Top Off!!

This NollyWood people shaa wants to force entertainment on us, well I dey wait to review this movie. Lol

As Seen On Instagram. Smh

This was hashtagged #ShittingTingz,  seem like our mentality is now drastically going under the sane level.

Guy With 4 Facebook Accounts Threathens To Leak Ex-Gf Nudes If She doesn't Pay 50k

They exposed his deed on Facebook.  

Same person;  4 different accounts with 4

Senator Abdulmimun Zareko From Jigawa Is Dead (Photo)

Senator Abdulmimun Zareko, who represented Jigawa state in 7th National Assembly is dead.

Zareko died at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital on Monday after protracted illness.

Governor Muhammad Badaru of Jigawa state on Tuesday has expressed shock over the death.

In a statement signed by Alhaji Bello Zaki, the Special Assistant to the Governor on Media, Badaru described the deceased as a gentleman and a fine lawmaker who had contributed on the development of the state.

Badaru said the late Senator would be remembered for his simplicity and humane disposition to issues affecting the masses.

"On behalf of myself and good people of Jigawa, I wish to express my condolence to his family and all members of his party and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)," he added.

38 Students Collapsed During Mayor's Long Independence Speech In Ghana

An unending speech of the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Isaac Ashai Odamtten had a negative effect on pupils and security personnel, who took part in this year's Independence Day parade held in the metropolis.

38 school children from some selected schools who participated in Ghana's 59th independence celebration held at the Tema Sports Stadium collapsed as a result of the long speech by the mayor.

Personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) were the first to collapse after the mayor virtually used the celebration to campaign and promote the agenda of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The pupils collapsed subsequently, compelling First Aid and Red Cross officers to move around the venue to transport the weak ones.the MCE used not less than 43 minutes and 42 seconds to address the children, security personnel and others who were standing in the scorching sun.

Information gathered by DAILY GUDE indicated that the Astroturf at the Sports Stadium produces excessive heat in the day which sometimes compels the managers of the facility to water the pitch during football matches to prevent the exhaustion of the football players.


Music: Ycee – “Harsh” ft. Solidstar (Prod. By Popito) @iam_ycee

Tinny Mafia Killed it once again!!

Here is a brand new tune  from Ycee featuring Achievas Entertainment's Solidstar titled "Harsh" and produced by Popito.




Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...