Saturday, March 12, 2016

Akwa Ibom baby labelled a witch is getting chubbier (Photo)

Baby Hope is the lil adorable boy in white trousers, blue shirt. His new school had their athletics games, so all the students are wearing their sports clothes.

After being labelled as 'witch' and abandoned by his own family, two-year-old boy, Hope from Akwa Ibom was rescued from the streets by Danish social worker Anja Ringgren Loven.

NEW MUSIC: Lil Kesh ft Wale - Cause Trouble (part 2)

This is the part 2 of the newly released hit by Lil Kesh, the part 1 had Ycee on it and this time, MmG rapper Wale is on tje pary 2, 



'' All The CHANGE Agents Have Suddenly Gone Underground '' - Biafra Activist Uju Nwokorobia Lashes Out

All the ''change'' agents have suddenly gone underground. And some probably don't have electricity nor fuel to power their electronic gadgets.

Some are being remorseful for the economic calamity they brought upon themselves, albeit covertly.
They have come to realise that Buhari aura is a mirage. That it does not exist.
They are beginning to realise that the 20th century octogenarian brain--that is currently in control of affairs - has nothing to offer.

Hence the ''wailers'' camp is growing with leap and bound. And the economic frustrations getting out of hand.
Yet, those who warned and foresaw the implications of crowning this dullard still groan under the pains of his rule.
Suffering for the stupidity, carelessness, miscalculation and bigotry of their misguided compatriots.

This is the one reason I have always maintained that DEMOCRACY in the midst of ignoramuses and Almajiris is a passport to doom.

It is a system of government that is best adapted to homogeneous countries where socio-cultural frictions are minimal--that which we will have in NEW BIAFRA--an agglomeration and aggregation of familiar bedfellows.
Nigeria as presentlyconstituted is irredeemable, a tower of Babel, a jungle suited only for the fittest, hence genuine democracy will continue to elude her.
Light and darkness can never co-exist at the same time. The feudal/Islamic North and the South are miles apart, and will forever remain so.

The political mechanism of Nigeria will continue to throw up people like Buhari to the chagrin of others; for the under-development of the country, until we do the needful---that is, structural reorganisation of the entire polity or outright disintegration.

PHOTO OF THE DAY!! Show a lazy person this pics to Inspire him/her

This really touched me

OMG! What the heck is Denrele Edun wearing?

hmm This my Bro just keeps making people wow, back to back. Lol

Photos From Bovi's Mother Burial Today

As you read this, Comedian Bovi Ugboma and family are burying his mother Dr Dame (Mrs) Margaret Ugboma in his hometown, at St. Paul's Cathedral, Oleh Dioceses, Delta state

This How You Know The Water Spirits Need Your Car

This is what happens when evil spirits inside the river need your car as their official Car. Hilarious too!

See photos from Linda Ikeji's N10million 'I'd Rather Be Self Made' Phase 2 meeting

Linda Ikeji this year is giving out N10million to ladies between 18-26 years old that have a business idea and need capital to start them.

They had a meeting today in Lagos which is still going on and here are pics from th

Fashion Hit Or Miss??? She is Toke Makinwa

Hmmm i dont know much females fashion but i think she hit it right

These New Photos Of Video Vixen 'Dessy' Got people Talking (18+)

Dessy Fagbemi is a model/video vixen.  See racy photos after the cut

Ibinabo To Serve 5 years In Prison For Hitting This Doctor To Death (Gist n Photos)

To cut the long story short, Ibinabo was yestersay handed 5 year imprisonment for her dangerous and reckless driving that ended the life of Dr Suraj Giwa on Lekki Ajah Expressway.

After over 3 months in a coma, Suraj Giwa gave up the ghost on the 6th of February 2006. 

The ex-AGN President  burst into tears after the judgement was delivered to her.

The family of late Doctor Giwa were full of smile as the beauty queen was sent to jail.

Eyah!!! this is too much for her.

Ibinabo go and face the music, no wonder you wanted Jonathan to win at all cost!

“Why Is Lekki Gardens MD In Prison & TB Joshua Walking Free?'' OAP Freeze Fires

OAP Freeze is blasting authorities:

5 Ways To Permanently Stop Masturbation (lessons From An Ex-chronic Masturbator)

I stormed on one guy's post asking to be saved from his guilt.. people never took him seriously.. someone went as far as suggesting he cut off his hand (just like wright's mom did on instagram).. NL can make you want to suicide without killing yourself…. lolssss

To everyone, this might be funny and hilarious but it is a thorn in a masturbator's flesh..

I want to share this solutions because i used to be one prominent member of the "masturbators association of nigeria- MAN" myself ( i was about to be voted as the vice president before i resigned).

Trust me, experience is the best teacher.. some would ask you to pray about it, some would even ask you to give your life to Jesus .. bitter truth is, i once saw a painting of the mother of Jesus- Mary, i found it sexy and i got a hard-on from it.. i had to masturbate at the next chance i got..

So.. this is about personal issues.. it is a disgrace because you don't wanna be caught by someone else (your prick go calm down instantly)..

Enough of the stories.. these are what i did to stop it.. it wasn't easy but i am a living proof..

1. Avoid been alone when you feel Hot:

Boys naturally have high libidos except one is impotent, unless, it is bedtime, you dont wanna be caught left alone.

There is this spirit that pushes you to do it and you would have cvmmed long before u get back to your senses.

The best solution to this is looking for a public place with lots of crowd to interact with.
Even the devil cannot give you enough liver needed to masturbate in public places.. go to a football viewing centre, a gaming centre, a bar etc..

2. Desist from watching porn: the last time i masturbated, (30-12-2015).. i was feeling lonely, idle and 'single'.. imagine a 23 year old without a gf!!
So.. i switched to my favourite porn site to watch the only thing that can satisfy my urge and get me so high to think masturbation is the only thing that could get me out of my fantasy.

I masturbated as usual but it was not business as usual then i thought to myself 'o boy, is this how you would keep living till the end of your days?? is this how you will continue into 2016?? at 23, you don't want to get a life??

Mind if i tell you my readers, that my masturbation act got so bad that i could masturbate in an uncompleted building.. i'd just bend down like i want to defecate but emmmm.
so.. it was the last day i watched porn..

3. Drink lots of water and pee everytime:
For guys, peeing has a way of suppressing erections. i need not talk much about this but it is the best and the most proven strategy to help stop it only if you want to.

When you feel that the devil is about to make a workshop out of your hand stand up almost immediately and go pee force out the pee if it won't come.. it is a sure bet that your joyatick is going to take a chill pill (500mg).

4. Get a girlfriend or pay for a one-night stand/quickie (olosho):

This is a long-term solution, i know myself even if i tried to stop masturbating, and i do not find a long term solution to my problem by looking for a "LASWMA" to leave my 'trash' for, my case might end up been like that girl in the bible whose demon was cast out and the demon went to invite seven others.

Masturbation has a way of torturing sex freaks.. fortunately for me, i went to a party the first week of 2016 and that was where i met this fine girl, she is from ondo and they are only second to calabar girls on "baddest nigerian babes list." if such thing exists.

On a final note.. i have only written this to inspire those who are battling with masturbation issues.

I dont know if ladies can utilise my 'tested and trusted' methods but i can use ayilala to swear that this will work for you 100%.

If you are bold enough.. without feeling stigmatised, share how u conquered it.
you would be helping a thousand others who are dying in silence and if you want to start stigmatising, think again because your relative is doing that shiiii right now and to e.t.c. this is plagiarism free and not "oyinbo man" recommended.. their ways are different from ours..

I hope this helps!!

(source Obamedia)

VIDEO: Vector Unveils Young Gifted Rapper at a show in Ikorodu cc @JessayOfficial

This happened at a show in Ikorodu. According to Vector in the clip, the kid walked up to him  backstage and

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...