Monday, March 21, 2016

New Music: Tiwa Savage ft. Wizkid - Bad

This is not a new song per se but it ia just released, The song actually didn't make it off the free released "RED" album by Mavin first lady but is on the deluxe edition which was released on february 2016.

Meanwhile you heard it here first, check it out and share your thoughts.

DOWNLOAD MP3 Tiwa Savage ft. Wizkid – "Bad"

Why Evils?? See How Principal and teachers battered a female student for lateness

This is pure Evils,  ahhh

The mother of the girl writes... 

I am writing to report the physical and emotional abuse to a girl child as a result of punishment meted out to her by her teachers at school. Please see attached pictures.

She was made to strip off her shorts and canned on her bare buttocks and slapped severely by the principal and 5 other teachers because she returned the slap on her face from the head girl who slapped her first. The head girl then reported to the school authorities who in turn physically battered her and then made her cut grass for 4 hours under the sun.

Her name is Ogechi Blessing, she is 14 years old and a SS2 Pupil of Eva Adelaja Girls Secondary School at Bariga in Lagos State. This incident occurred on the 16th of March 2016. The perpetrators of this crime are

a. Mrs. C. O Coker (School Principal) slapped her severally
b. Mr. Bello (Maths Teacher), canned her and slapped her severally
c. Mr. Bakare (Economics Teacher) slapped her severally
d. Mrs. Tejumaye (English Teacher) slapped her severally
e. Mrs Omoge (Civic Education Teacher) slapped her severally
f. Mrs. Balogun (Vice Principal) slapped her severally

The Principal has refused to honor the request from the police officers at Bariga Police Station but instead brought soldiers to intimidate the officers investigating the case.

She has missed out on writing 4 exams since then.
Justice needs to be done for this inhumane act against the girl child.

Governor Ambode Orders All Beggars Out Of Lagos With Immediate Effect

The state's Commissioner of Youth and Social Development, Mrs Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf, while making the disclosure, said:-

"We have been campaigning against street begging on radio since January. The campaign will run for three months following which the state government will take more drastic actions against perpetrators because there is anti-begging law in the state.

What we are also saying is that people should stop giving alms to beggars on the streets because many of them are not beggars in the real sense of it. Many street beggars have been discovered to engage in criminal activities and hard drugs."

Well Said 

SHAMELESS!! See What this mother of two wore to a public place

I dont know what ahe was thinking,  was she trying to entice men?  Is she a single mother?  Regardless of her reason this is a very awful dress, yuck

If you wear and you see me on the street dont holla me mbok,  what a shame!

Photos: Queens College Students Protest In Support Of Teacher Accused Of Sexual Molestation

Queens College students have come out carrying placards to protest against the media for casting aspersions on Olaseni Osifala, the Biology teacher accused of sexually molesting a JSS2 student.

Osifals's story has gone viral, with angry Nigerians demanding he be transferred to an all boys school, suspended, or fired and prosecuted.

The Principal of the college, as well as the PTA committee cleared him of any wrongdoing, despite the several testimonies from different quarters about Mr Olaseni's alleged womanising proclivities

Celebrities Mourn The Demise Of Veteran Singer 'Nomoreloss' ' (Screenshots)

Though i personally never had any encounter with the singer,  i must say that he really did some timeless music talking about songs like '' All the time'' and loads of others,  his humility and generosity have also been emphasized by a lot of people,  may his soul rest in peace.

LMAO, One word for this girl

Well it is all about perception they say,  you know hp,  she say dy

This Photo Of Beyonce and Her Cousin has got people talking

Hmmm,  can u see what they are talking about? Lol

Actress Adunni Ade Subs her colleagues who live fake life and do Juju to be Relevant

It is their work o, 

Actress Adunni Ade rants on Instagram this morning. Calling out her colleagues who do jazz...

 See hen! I'd rather be known for being the most down to earth person I am, rather than living the fake lives most celebs live. YES HONEY! I said so! I ain't bout to pay NOBODY for jack! I have always worked my tail off! This industry hennnn! รˆ get as e bi! Sometimes I get soooo frustrated with the nonsense I hear or see you guys do! Am like what on earth is wrong with you? You feel being biased takes you anywhere? Yea probably few change in your pocket and that's it! STOP THE DARN DISCRIMINATION! STOP THE HATE! STOP THE JEALOUSY! You don't know me and frankly, I could careless if you do or not. You ain't God! Stop tryna be like him! Everything has expiration date, even juju self, one day one day, รˆ go expire. Half of Yall ain't got a hot pot to piss in yet you wan come they form! Tah! Geraroheir #Regrann #Regrann

BADDEST!! Kleptomaniac Pussy Bustes Stealing Men's Underwear (PhotoS)

Na wa o,  is it not deliverance or ass whooping that this pussy cat needs?? Lol am juat thinking like a Nigerian, well...

An actual cat burglar has been unashamedly stealing men's underwear in New Zealand.

In two months, Brigit, a six-year-old Tonkinese cat, has brought back 11 pairs of boxers and more than 50 socks.

The kleptomaniac kitty has caused her owner, Sarah Nathan, so much grief that Nathan has taken to social media to help find the cat's victims.

After having no success in attempting to reach out to neighbours by placing notes in mailboxes, Nathan has taken to Reddit and Facebook to notify owners.

Nathan told the BBC that the trouble began when she started discovering 'odd pieces' of underwear among her washing.

She said: "They didn't belong to anyone in the house and one day Brigit walked into our lounge carrying a sock like a kitten." She added that Brigit's victims were probably a nearby flat 'full of blokes'.

In a previous home, Nathan said the cat wasn't particular with what she stole, but now she's developed a specific taste.

Nathan told Mashable: "She was much less discerning, now she's decided menswear is the thing, and it's a very specific kind of underpants that she likes."

And like any good thief, Brigit prefers to steal matching socks.

"One will be at the front door and one will be at the back door – so she's obviously gone back to get the matching sock," Nathan said.

If this cat was in Nigeria, she would have gotten the fuel and tire treatment. Lol

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How YouTube Views Saved Davido From Getting Arrested For Living Lavish By US Police

American police just can not understand how a young African man can be living in a nice house and have some nice cars without being a fraudster. Davido escaped arrest in the United States after police men went to his home to question him about being a scam artist.

According to Africa Facts Zone, American police went to Davido's home in Atlanta, Georgia to ask him questions about his source of income…their reason for suspecting him is because he lives in a nice house and his flamboyant .lifestyle

Davido let them know that he is a superstar from Nigeria! When they did not believe him, he showed them his YouTube page which has over 100 million views. Only then did they believe him. But unlike Naija police rather than ask, "Anything for the weekend?", they apologized & left.

Davido himself confirmed the report on his Twitter.

BREAKING NEWS : Singer Nomoreloss Is Dead

I just hot a call from a friend that was close to the deceased family and the rumors according to her is True!!

Some minutes back, an IG user @seunoloketuyi posted that singer Nomoreloss is dead.

Some other sources claim he has been sick since January and that he died in an hospital this morning.

We have not yet being able to confirm this, or if it is a publicity stunt or something, but when we do you will updated. I sincerely hope it is not true.

Nomoreloss, whose real name is Olumuyiwa Osinuga has featured as a celebrity judge on various talent platforms in Nigeria, and is best known for hit singles like 'Ololufe' and 'Let Them Say', and featured in Ruggedman's 2002 monster hit 'Ehen'.

Nomoreloss was married to Rhythm OAP, Adeola Osinuga (Phoenix). They have a daughter together.

Why Your IPhone Should Remain Switched Off In An Airplane

Hope a lot of people will learn from this,

Anna Crail says she was watching TV on her iPhone 6 when smoke started to curl up from it as they were in midair on Thursday.

'All of the sudden there was like 8-inch flames coming out of my phone, And I flipped it off onto the ground and it got under someone's seat, and the flames were just getting higher and a bunch of people stood up.'

She told Komo News she had been on a flight from Alaska to Hawaii with 162 other passengers, over the Pacific Ocean when the phone combusted.

It's not clear what caused the phone to catch light, but Aviation expert John Nance told Komo it showed the importance of keeping your phone on Airplane mode to avoid straining the battery by constantly looking for signal.

Apple have been contacted for comment.

I Don’t Know Tiwa Savage Personally – Seyi Shay (Video)

Nigerian songwriter and record producer, Oluwaseyi Joshua, popularly known by her stage name, Seyi Shay, says she does not really know

Guys Have You Seen This Kind Of Corn Before?? WHAT Is It Called? (Photos)

Brothers have you seen??

NEW MUSIC : Ransome - Instagram Crush || @Ransomeekitiboy

This is the official release of the hit song  which we shared a snippet early last week and also we received a lot of positive reviews,

Hadiwise Ent Song Bird "Ransome" a.k.a Skinny lion is out with this Dope love song titled "Instagram Crush" which was produced by Ayomide….

Its a melodious dance track with emotional lyrics, I bet you gonna love it

Download Now

The Dollar Rate Is Affecting Our Business Too - Lagos Prostitutes Share Bitter Experiences

"There is no money in the country. Guys are complaining, but at all at all na him be witch. Wetin will man pickin do? We have to collect the pay like that. I have been here since and the guys wey dey come my way just dey price anyhow. You no see as you dey price too.

Toyin Aimakhu’s Ex-Boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe Reveals shocking details about The Actress

Ebony TV boss, Seun Egbegbe has finally revealed why she kidnapped Toyin Aimakhu from a movie set in Ibadan recently.

Why defending his action, Seun Egbegbe told Daily Post that Toyin was his live-in girlfriend at the time he allegedly abducted her from a production set.

In his words:

"On the fateful day I left TOYIN AIMAKHU at home where we both live and went for a meeting,she left for a location and hours later my phone started ringing and people started saying the "prostitute you put at home is crying on instagram over another man".

I called Toyin immediately and I said what is this I am hearing and that even if you are going to do anything why didn't you tell me your boyfriend so i can know what to them?

I expected TOYIN AIMAKHU to remove it but hours later it was there and I had to rush to the location where I seized her phones but I left my range rover which I had been allowing her to drive to shore up her image as a Nollywood star with her though."

A few hours later I saw about 10 missed calls and I called back it was one Taiwo Adepekan she is an upcoming actress who said that she was coming with Toyin to beg me and I said she should finish her job because what do I want to do with the phone anyway,it was because of the love I have for Toyin that made me take her phones Cos I thought she was making a fool of her self and was also being unfair to our relationship. I would have dropped her phone eventually cos when I took her phone she still had my range rover anyway.

Hours later,I started getting calls again that Toyin has been kidnapped and they alleged that I was the one that kidnapped her and I was shocked beyond words. I then got a call from Taiwo again saying Toyin had gone to report to a woman in Alausa and she was angry with Toyin that why are you doing this, he took just your phone while you still had his range rover so why are you doing this?

I am shocked toyin behaved this way,when we started dating I had 2 cars a range sports and Honda crosstour which was stolen, I gave Toyin the range while I took cabs around town spending an average of 10,000 daily and I gave her the best to make her happy and I don't know why she will repay my love, kindness and all with all this defamation of character and destruction of my name?– he concluded bitterly.

Last month, Toyin Aimakhu broke up with Egbegbe and apologised to fans for moving on too quickly after her marriage crashed. 

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...