Friday, March 25, 2016

Cheap Flights!! Dana Air Unveils Special Fares on The Lagos- Accra - Lagos route

With superior on-time performance and world-class in-flight service, passengers of Dana Air  can also take advantage of other exciting promos that the airline is presently running.  One of such promos is for passengers to fly 5 times on any of the airlines' route (Accra, Lagos,Phc,Abuja, Uyo) display the boarding passes on instagram or twitter, tag @danaair  to win a free ticket.

Also, for Easter; the airline says if you buy an economy ticket to Accra, between 21st and 30th of March, for travel in April, you will get a free ticket which is also transferable to anybody in the spirit of Easter.

Apart from these exciting promos, Dana Air is inviting its business class Guests and Gold card members of its frequent flyer program to take advantage of the exclusivity and partnership with Diamond Bank to relax at the Diamond Lounge MMA2 before their flight. The lounge comes with an array of benefits and a standby ATM to doll out mint notes to the exclusive users of the lounge.

The partnership between Dana Air and Diamond Bank shows two customer-centric and forward looking organizations. For those who fly Dana Air, customer service can't be any better

13yr old girl posts her picture on IG and gets very 'strange' request from an Adult

It is appalling what people use social media for, and we should always exhort the young ones to be very careful how they use it.

This young girl posted this on her IG handle and got a response from a dude.

So 13 year old Aisha is minding her business on IG when the male, who is also 13 years decides to drop his number so that they can make each others acquaintance.

It seems harmless enough, right? Two teens hooking up...

The only problem is when you see the dude claiming to be 13 years, you will hiss and shake your head. 

See his photo under the first pics,

Behold the '13 year old' dude who dropped his number on the IG handle of a very young girl, asking to make her acquaintance... 

What were his intentions? Guys, gals, any ideas?

Our Benin Friends, Is This Caption Valid??

Lol,  na wa o, 

Another Building Collapses; Kills Pregnant Woman & Daughter

A pregnant woman, Kafayat Somoye, and her 5yrs old daughter, were on Thursday killed when a ramshackle building at Onifufu/Aderupaba compound in Oke-Ijeun area of Abeokuta, caved in on them.

A witness said the mother was taking her child, Ganiyat, and her brother, Ganiyu, to school, when a cracked wall of the building located near their home suddenly collapsed and fell on the duo. The wall of the over 70-year-old building killed the two before any help could reach them, witnesses said.

Neighbours said the mother was a petty trader. Police arrived the scene at about 9am and removed the bodies to the hospital, as sympathizers who gathered, wept over the unfortunate incident.

Food For Thought

I like this man already

Kiss Daniel Sparks Negative Attention By Claiming He Graduated From Uni. At 18 In Punch Interview

Singer Kiss Daniel has drawn negative attention to his age when he granted an interview with the Punch recently.

According to the interview, Kiss Daniel, 21, claimed he graduated with a CGPA of 4.32 in 'Water Engineering' from the Federal Univeristy of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, in 2013, putting his age, as at the time of graduation, at 18. This means he gained admission when he was just 13 and probably wrote JAMB at the age of 12, contrary to the minimum age requirement of the examination body.

Twitter user @Zubairthedream raised red flags and set the ball rolling for the controversy when he tweeted 

and shared the newspaper clippings highlighting where Kiss made the admission

So, is Kiss giving us a 'football age', did he write jamb at age 12, or is there something we are missing?

Lagos State Cancel's March 26 Sanitation

Lagos State Government has lifted the order on restriction of movement during the forthcoming Monthly Environmental Sanitation Exercise on Saturday, 26th March, 2016 to allow for free movement of people and vehicles during the Easter celebration.

A statement issued, Thursday, by the Office of the Commissioner for the Ministry of Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare, noted that despite the lifting of the restriction order, Lagosians are still expected to observe the monthly exercise by cleaning their homes and immediate environment.

The Commissioner enjoined Lagosians to make the cleaning of their environment top priority in realization of the fact that the rainy season is fast approaching, saying that

"As we gradually approach the rainy season, Lagosians must shun acts that could contribute to flooding such as dumping waste in unauthorized places like canals and drainage channels."

"We cannot but encourage cleanliness in all aspects of our physical and spiritual life, having just completed the 40 days of the Christian fasting. I therefore wish to enjoin all and sundry to ensure that the festival is celebrated in the cleanliest environment possible."

While wishing all Lagosians a happy Easter celebration, Adejare advised them to celebrate in moderation and be conscious of their environment, stressing that "we need to respect our environment, so as not to incur the wrath of nature."

Exclusive Interview With The Pretty Girl Who's Tears Saved P-Square(Photos)

A couple of weeks ago this pretty lady made a teary video which averted what would have been a very bitter breakup. Her name is Onyi Anekwe,

She made the video after listening to Paul Okoye's breakup song. Unfortunately, some other lady saw her video and pirated it.

Lailasblog tracked her down at the Law Faculty of the National Open University Awka to understand what motivated her teary appeal to the Okoye brothers, Her reaction when she saw a copy cat video and the feedback from P-Square.

See what she said after the cut:
TILB: Hello Onyii, How are you doing

ONYI: I am good now.Thank you

TILB: Tell us about you
ONYI: I am Onyii Anekwe, I am a 3rd year Law Student. I am an actress and a musician

TILB: Was the cry video an artistic expression?
ONYI:. No, It was real. I was really hurt. Listening to Paul's new song broke whats left of my heart. I have never felt that sad my whole life. 

TILB: Your Video worked and the guys brothers have made up. how does that make you feel?
ONYI: Yes, I am happy. My aim was achieved. Although someone else is taking the credit now but i Care less. P-Square is back and that's all that matters. I am happy . as you can see, I aint crying anymore

TILB: Yes. There is another video of another girl crying released at the same time, What really happened?
ONYI: I saw the video and i was amazed. I uploaded my video and the next day I saw another video of a girl who copied my video and hers went viral.

TILB: What was your reaction to the new video.
ONYI: I was happy because I knew that my idea has motivated people to do their own videos and I know that when that happens, One may go viral and then my heroes will see it. Even though it was my brain child. I dont care about who gets the credit or who gets acknowledged. All I care about is the survival of my heroes P_Square

TILB: How long have you been a P-Square fan
ONYI: Ever since the "Senorita" days. The time when they released the "Last night" album. Its been quite long, I was a kid then but my elder brother was a P_Square fan so after I heard last-night, I knew I was addicted already. I grew up dreaming of meeting them one day. I even used to call Paul my husband back then. though i decided I would make him shave his dread locks before I marry him. (LAUGHS) I love those guys

TILB: What motivated you make a cry video
ONYI: I know you have siblings and I have too. I know how it hurts when you finish beefing outside and you come only to face another war. I know how it hurts. Then you can imagine twins. It was really heart breaking and I knew I had to do something. When I listened to the new song. The tears started flowing and i had to get a camera.

TILB: Have you reached out to Peter since he said he wants to meet you
ONYI: Yes I did but I am yet to get a reply, I guess he was looking out for the other girl

TILB: Does that make you sad?
ONYI: Yes and No!!! Yes because I have always dreamt of meeting P_Square and possibly do a song with them because I am a Rapper and then No, because they have made up and I know the role I played. what really matters most is that I will get to see another P_Square album

TILB: What next for you
ONYI: I will get my Law Degree and become a P-Square official lawyer so we can set up the structure Peter always wanted.

TILB: Any final advice for them?
ONYI:  I just want to tell them that there is strength in differences. polarization breeds stagnation. If Peter and Paul are hot-wired identically mentally, then they would be boring. Their psychological different and parallel endowments should be a gift and I know they understand this. I want them to understand and appreciate each others efforts. Their complimentary dynamism is actually the basis of their strength and they should always remember that. There can never be a whole without both of them. They should understand that no matter what, Family should come first. That is very important. Their manager should also carry everybody along and understand that he has a larger work to do. he should find the balance that will see him be a big brother at home and a manager at work. Thank you -


Mum Praised For Sharing This Untouched Post-Pregnancy Photos

An athletic mum ,Stephanie Rothstein  has been hailed for showing off her body changes following the birth of her two children. Stephanie frequently shares photos of her stretch marks and excess skin on her stomach - with her 37,000 Instagram followers. 
She told in her own words: "I can run 5:20 pace for a half marathon, but I still pee my pants, have diastasis recti , stretch marks, and other postpartum issues." 2 pregnancies later and some serious stretch marks made me a little embarrassed of my tummy.But I'm reminded they are simply lines of love and proof of what the human body is capable of." Diastasis recti is condition which occur postpartum where the a gap of roughly 2.7 cm or greater develops between the two sides of the abdominal muscle.

The mum is part of a recent trend which has seen numbers of new mums reveal the reality of how pregnancy and giving birth alters your body. 

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Ouch!! Guy Bought IPhone From Computer Village in Lag and so this Joke (Photos)

Hehe,  mehn this is some heartless act,  the guy paid the price of an original iphone only to get this joke

MUSIC:Sunshine – Oko Olosho

Sunshine the mr Isese croner. Has dropped a new banger Tittled Oko Olosho,

Lets allow good music speak French r itself,

download and enjoy


SHOCKING !! See The Newly Invented '' End Time Sex Toy`'

I wonder why some people will leave the natural thing and patronise these toys,  smh

This end time toy is actually EXTENDABLE, meaning you can adjust it to suit your tastes...hian!

See it below


Photos: Pregnant Housewife Arrested For Using Hot Iron To Attack House Girl’s Hand & Leg At Oke Afa Isolo Lagos

A big madam is currently cooling off in police station in Isolo for allegedly torturing her 13-year-old housemaid.

The suspect identified as Monica Momodu reportedly used a hot iron to make marks of torture on her 13-year-old house girl's hand and leg at Oke Afa area of Isolo Lagos.

Egbado Sarah returned to school the following day only to be questioned by her teacher.

She confessed and the case was reported at  a nearby police station.

After her arrest, 39-year-old Mrs Momodu denied the allegation, she claimed that Sarah sustained injuries when the iron fell on her. According to her, Egbado Sarah suddenly jerked awake from sleep while ironing and in the process, the iron injured her leg and hand.

See the victim's statement below;

"On the day of the incident, my madam said I should use hand fan to fan her. I fanned her for a very long time and became tired. There was no light by then. When power supply was restored, my madam said I should go and iron her children's clothes. I was ironing the clothes when I fell asleep. I fell asleep because I was very tired.

My madam came and used the pressing iron to burn my hand and leg. I was afraid to tell anyone, but my teacher at school noticed the injuries when I went to school. My teacher called the police."

Mrs Monica Momodu has been detained at Aswani Police Station. She will soon be charged to court.

Don’t Disrespect Wizkid By Comparing Him To Me... ” – Reekado Banks

Well comparing two people in the same line of career is not a new phenomena but sometimes it is disrespectful to put a veteran and a newbie on the same light. 

Check Out this Photo of a 50yr Old Father and His 28yr Old Son

Mehn,  work out pays fam,  see how young and energetic the father looks at 50? My Naija men once dey reach 40, pot belly will take over. Lol

If You Do any of these 10 things, you are a creative person

Well am guilty as charged. Lol

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...