Monday, March 28, 2016

Family Ties!! See cute photo of Toni Braxton and her boys

Yang,  these boys dont look gangsta at all

New Book Discloses That Kim Kardashian’s Mother Deliberately Leaked Her Sex tape

Well well well,  i did not see this coming, Ray J somwtime last year claimed that he has made about $45m from the sex tape,  but then this writer is throwing light on some secrets we never heard or thought of..

No matter how much Kim Kardashian wants to show she has changed over the years one thing is for sure ….her sex tape will always be a point of discussion. Ironically, almost a decade after its release a new book is claiming that she and her mom Kris Jenner are actually the masterminds behind the leak … can't say we're surprised can you?

Anyways according to Page Six, a new book entitled "Kardashian Dynasty" is spilling tea and it is alleging that the mommy/daughter duo had signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment back in 2007 to have the sex tape leak.

Ian Halperin, the book's author, states that anonymous "adult film industry" source told him, "A mutual friend of Kim and Paris [Hilton] had advised her that if she wanted to achieve fame, a sex tape would be the way to go . . . Kim had discussed the idea of producing a tape with her family beforehand."

To take it a step further, Halperin decided to do some digging of his own and posed as a person looking to sell a celebrity sex tape to Vivid. He's says a spokesperson for the adult company then told him, "when it comes to . . . selling a sex tape, both parties need to sign off." *Sips Tea*

The tea train didn't end there either, the spokesperson also said that the reason why Kim's tape became public was because

 "A third party brought it to Vivid . . . [We] got in touch with the Kardashian family." She said they usually explain that it is likely a tape would leak anyway, and the celebrity wouldn't get paid, "So why not work for us, and we'll make sure that it will not only get out, but that it will be distributed the way you want." The rep supposedly continued, "You'll get a nice payment for it," adding, "I can tell you right now. Kim Kardashian's movie came out in '07, and she's made millions."

Remember Kim did receive a $5 million settlement from Vivid because of the tape even though it was still released…. talk about a smart move.

The book is apparently set to be released on April 19th but a rep for Kim is denying that they had anything to do with the leak saying,  "All the assertions are false."

Welp Karrine Steffans seems to tweet otherwise!!

Well someone is definitely lying but who do you believe? 

Shaderoom. Com

Real Hate!! Anti- Donald Trump Group Members Make a Tombstone For him(Photos)

The hate is real,

A mysterious tombstone with Donald Trump's name engraved was found in Central Park in New York City yesterday and social media users had a field day! The tomb was placed near a famous restaurant in the park and pictures were shared on Twitter and Instagram. The tombstone had Donald Trump's name and his birth year of 1946 on it. "Made America Hate Again" was inscribed on the bottom of the stone that came out of nowhere.

The Parks Department has already removed the tomb according to reports but there's no word of if someone is looking for the prankster.

Photocredit: Usmagazine 

Spot The Difference In this Pics

😁😁, When your Knuckles game is burnt

This Kenyan Girl explicit/Blasphemous tweet About Jesus and Easter is trending

A woman, Bel Akinyi has become a topic of discussion on Twitter after her tweet inviting Jesus for Easter ‘relaxation’ went viral. The political science student is visibly a serious competition to socialites Vera Sidika, Corazon Kwamboka and others

See All Covered Up Dubai Babes Drinking and Smoking In Public

So these babes like flexing,  whats the best caption for this?

Baddest!! Runs Girl Drugged Client Then Disappeared With His Dollars Filled Briefcase

This lady eye dey choke o,  chau

sex worker simply identified as Ebere in the Umunede area of Delta state, at the weekend, reportedly disappeared with her customer's brief case and driver's licence. 
According to the report, the unidentified businessman frequently patronized the 31-year-old commercial sex worker who operated in one of the brothels in the area and he had bargained for a 'Till Day Break, TDB, with the prostitute.Punch reports.

While they were together, the customer, a highly placed businessman, asked for a drink.
Ebere was said to have induced him to sleep as she allegedly drugged his drink; then she eventually took off when she noticed her customer was fast asleep after paying her in hard currency from the brief case.

The police in Umunede are reportedly on the trail of Ebere.
Meanwhile, an eyewitness identified only as Gloria, said the customer had lodged in with the girl while carrying a big briefcase only to have woken up some hours later, screaming for help after the girl had disappeared into the thin air,
According to police report, the bar manager of the unnamed brothel, Nnamdi Frank, is helping in further investigation after several calls to her GSM lines went unanswered.
One of the police officers who spoke on condition of anonymity, said, "As we gathered, the man paid the girl in dollars. She probably stole the briefcase because she she must have seen money in it when her customer opened it to pay her.
"We are investigating a report of the stolen briefcase containing huge sums of money and a driver's license and we hope to bring the girl to book."

Lool, who did this?


See How Nicki Minaj Spent her Easter with boo Meek Mill

Meek is really not having the best of life,  damn but hia boo sure makes life worth it,

Nicki Minaj who just returned from Dubai- from her world tour -spent Easter Sunday with Meek Mill her boo who is under house arrest.

Ladies This Your Dream Man Was Born a Woman (Photos)

Pain of a globalised generation,

Here are new photos of Shawn Stinson, the 35-year-old personal trainer and health fitness coach who used to be a woman. Shawn shared the new photos on his instagram page. He also shared a throwback photo of himself way back in 2006. He said he has always been " Flat Chested"  his entire life

Shawn had his top surgery in 2008 but started hormone therapy in 2013. See more photos…

BBA Couple Elikem and Pokello Show Off Their 3-month-old Daughter In Dubai (Photos)

Elikem and Pokello took their 3-month-old daughter to the beach on Friday. The couple are currently on a family holiday in Dubai with their newborn daughter, who was born December last year.

Pokello's 12-year-old son, Nathan also joined the family on the holiday.

Polikem tied the knot June last year after three years of dating. The duo first met at the Big Brother Africa Season 8 reality show.

Ladies That Love Brazilian Hair, Read This TOUCHING True Life Experience

Lady on Facebook shared this: 

The picture of a lady above shows her with several snakes around her head. The picture is not a fiction but real. The girl went to buy Brazilian Hair not knowing that 50% of it is made from under world by satanists in order to posses people. She bought and looked attractive in many men's eyes. All men that made with her became members of Satanism. Meanwhile financial hardships and sickness worsened in her life not knowing the hair she plaited had this turned into many snakes that were taking her money and sucking her blood everyday making her to have endless sicknesses and bad dreams. The same problems also followed men that made love to her. It took Prophet TB Joshua to see the snakes in spirit and when he prayed for her that is during deliverance, snakes  appeared physically as u can see them right now below. This is a true story. This means, when we are buying anything including clothes and hair don't rush into using them without praying faithfully. But remember God does not answer a prayer of a sinful  person. So if u are a sinner, first repent and confess yo sins then God will remove all evil attached to a cloth, hair or food you are buying so that snakes are removed. Check on most of mirinda soft drinks, there is a symbol of a snake and if you offer a faithful prayer before taking it, the spirit of the snake in it will be removed by the power of the Name Jesus Christ and it will be a pure drink. I am sorry to say many of us do drink snakes everyday whenever we think it's soft drink. And many of our sisters have their heads covered with snakes because they didn't pray for their extension hair they bought.  Most of Brazilian hair is made from satanic ocean just to bring sicknesses, financial problems, deaths and many other problems in the marriage or family including misunderstandings. So pray always but remember God only answers the prayer of a righteous person. Be holy in the eyes of God.

Now see the lady with snakes in her head. Many of u have similar snakes only that u can't see them with your human eyes but satanists do know and see them with you .  Nothing is impossible with God. I thank you .

These Amazing Wedding Photos Will Reassure You That Love Is blind!!

These can only be true love, 

Love knows no size, shape or height.. Isn't this just amazing? Seriously, ladies, lets be honest, can you marry as this tall lady has married?

Gov. El-Rufai Spotted Showing Off His Humility by Chewing Sugarcane (Hilarious Photo)

This is a very humble governor. Imagine a sitting governor having to chew his own sugarcane when he can hire a senior special assistant on sugarcane matters.


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This Sugar Daddy Dumped His Model Girlfriend For A Younger Lady and She Sued Him

A 42 year old model, Daniela Zahradnikova has slammed her sugar daddy, Henry Buhl with $1.5 million lawsuit after he dumped her for a younger lady.

The two have been living together since 2006 in New York.

Few month ago Henry met another woman and asked Daniela to leave so her new lover can take her place.

However Daniela who would have nothing of it has sued him.

According to the Mahattan Lawsuit, Daniela provided 'wifely' duties for him, including cooking, and plenty sex, in exchange for 'financial support' for the rest of her life.

She also ran the couple's sho 'Space Sixteen in Soho and Southampton, before the business was closed last year.
Her lawsuit says she values the 'financial support' at $1.5 million.

Henry who has grown tire of the relationship and ready to move onto the next told Th Post

"I don't want to have an old girlfriend living here while a new one moves in"

"She is waiting until we eject Daniela" he said

PARA!! soldiers storm Nepa office, flog worker mercilessly for poor Power supply(Photos)

According to Punchng, about 6 soldiers attached to the 35 Artillery Brigade, Alamala Barracks, Abeokuta, Ogun State and led by one Major Musa, stormed the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company ( IBEDC ) substation – Olumo business hub, Rounder – on March 6 and beat up Salau Adekunle, the man on duty, over poor power supply.

They were said to have descended on Adekunle, the substation's distribution officer, with horse whips, because, presently on the average, the barracks and environs get 5 hours supply daily, which falls short of the soldiers' expectation. Narrating his experience, Adekunle said:
"They told me to get up and without explanation, they started beating me. They complained that they did not get supply regularly, but it is not our fault. They said they would be the ones to determine the number of hours they want power. We told them it was not possible, but they didn't want to listen."
Corroborating the story, Adekunle's colleague, said, "Electricity supply is divided into 3 levels – generation, transmission and distribution. This implies that generation affects transmission, which in turn affects distribution.
If there is less sufficient generated power, then there will be less power at our own side to distribute to the community, including the barracks. Before now, there was supply for at least 8 hours and at times, 15 hours. Electricity generation has reduced from 4517MW to 2800MW and now to over 1500MW.

All this is known and understood by the soldiers, but they pretend as if they do not know; that is why they now get 5 hours' supply per day. Initially, the soldiers blamed us. Soon, it graduated to threats. They once arrested us and took us to their barracks and detained us for hours; l was a victim."

Another official said they had been living in fear since the incident happened, adding that threats from the soldiers had intensified. "They said it would not be threats again, but killing.  Major Musa said he would send soldiers we don't know. We spoke out because we cannot wait for them to kill us." 

Lmao, When You preach What didn't Practice (pic)

Well you have to make certain mistakes to know certain things.

This Nigerian Female Soldier Was Beheaded By Boko Haram

May soul rest in peace.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...