Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WOMEN DRAMA!! Two married actresses fight dirty on IG over borrowed clothes

This is some women wahala ish, let me leave you guys to read it just the way a sources sent it to me...
Two popular Yoruba actresses have been washing their dirty linen in public. Screen diva kemi Afolabi and singer/actress/producer, Seyi Ariyo popularly known as She Baby ha

Kim Kardashian post nude picture again; this time with model, Emily Ratajkowski(see)

When is Jesus coming again?

The goddess of nude pictures just posted another nude picture she took with model, Emily Rarajkwoski and captioned it "When we're like...we both have nothing to wear LOL"

See the picture here

Pretty 42 year old woman marries herself in France (Photos)

A 42-year-old American woman named Beautiful Existence has revealed she spent up to $7,000 (£5,000) on a trip to Paris - so she could marry herself.

Beautiful Existence - who changed her name from Desiree Longabaugh - from Seattle, splashed the cash on a romantic ceremony under the Eiffel Tower, flights to France, accommodation for a week, and a birthday celebration while there.

The bride, who works in social media and marketing, wore a casual white dress and trainers, and
recited vows that she had written to herself as an officiant oversaw the ceremony via Skype - as she couldn't find anyone in France to do so in person.

Now the mother-of-two is encouraging others to marry themselves ahead of her first anniversary in June 2016.

'It was hugely emotional,' Ms Existence said. 'Looking at myself on that screen as I Skyped the officiant, saying exactly what I wanted to say to myself was soul-shifting.

'I believe everybody should self-marry before they even marry anyone else. It allows you to drop that pressure of having to have somebody else with you in order to be successful.

'I'd recommend it as much as I'd recommend being a parent, because the level of love you'll feel is something you can't describe until you do it.'

Ms Existence was previously married for ten years and has two sons - Edge, 16 and Epic, six. During that time, friends would confide in her that they thought she had lost her spark.

They told her she 'wasn't herself' when she was married, and questioned what had happened to the independent, optimistic woman they knew. A painful divorce then left her wondering if traditional marriage was for her.

She was further discouraged when she met a new partner and they decided to cohabit but not marry, only to find he wasn't right for her either.  
She discovered self-marriage on social media and spoke to other women who had done it.

'After years of exploring different theories on how to understand myself, self-marriage felt right,' she said. 

'Why couldn't I have a fun, fantastic ceremony the way that I wanted it to be without somebody else's approval?

The current norms around marriage and long-term relationships just don't fit in with and honour who I am as a person. Before I get into any kind of relationship, I needed to commit to myself first.'

Within a month of finding out that self-marriage was an option, Ms Existence decided to have a ceremony herself.

Her heart set on Paris, she set about finding a dress, photographer and inviting friends to the ceremony before jetting out in June last year. She picked her wedding date to coincide with her birthday.

'I wanted it to all be one big adventure,' she explained. 'I figured if I was honouring myself, there was no point in picking a date at random.'

On 10th June 2015, under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower with a bouquet in hand, Ms Existence married herself, reciting vows similar to the ones she had said at her first wedding years previously.

She said the experience was life-changing, and has completely freed her from the pressure of finding a partner.
Currently, self-marriage is not legally recognised. However, Ms Existence believes that this won't always be the case.

'It's not like I'm going to get a marriage certificate. Nobody recognises it right now, unfortunately, but I do think that's something that will be on the horizon,' she said.

'There are a lot of people - women especially - who are not subscribing to the regular definition of marriage anymore.'

Her two sons have been especially supportive.

Question of the day

Na wa i,  see him lips self ahhh

Nigerian Actress Joy Imeh Attacked By Armed Robbers At Home In Lekki Phase 1 Lagos

One of the latest happening babes in Nollywood, Joy Imeh has been robbed.
Last Wednesday, some dare devil broke into the Honda Cross tour she parked in front of her

MUSIC: Drey Sax Ft. PETAyor - Girl #Girl_By_DreySax

The much anticipated song by the Multi-Gifted Drey Sax is finally out,

The saxophonist features Petaryor on this track, produced by RSQ. 

This a song that will keep you turnt at any time of the day, 

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Baddest!! Meet The Recently Napped Port Harcourt Female Robbery Gang (Photos)

Women are steady trying to put this equality thing on another level both positively and negatively,

Three female armed robbery and kidnapping suspects were on Monday smoked out from their hideout in the notorious Rumuolumeni area of Rivers State by the Rivers police command. 

The police disclosed their names as Queen Eze, 27, Osorachi Onyemu, 24 and Queen Godspower, 22.

The armed robbers have been said to be terrorizing Rivers community before their arrest on Monday.

Linda Ikeji's Way!! Vera Sidika is Recruiting Models For Empowerment

Oh well this popular kenyan runs babe is really trying to help others like most made people do,  hmmm

Proud Instagram Runs Girl Puts Man On blast For Booking Fraud

The gist is long, so grab a snack! This runs babe or escort thinks she's  getting booked but unknown to her the Dubai mogul was only mocking her (it goes down in the DM), after indulging her, he leaked their private convo. When she found out, it was all a sham, sh

Look at what Ajegunle Weed did to this Man,

Na wa o😂😂😂

See the 'EVILs' way Ugandan security checked female football fans before a match (photos)

Na wa o,  this looks like lwhal molestation,

In the wake of increasing global insecurity, Uganda is showing us that they take security VERY seriously.

Pictured here are Ugandan security officers subjecting female football fans to rigorous security checks for weapons and other dangerous contraptions, before the match between Uganda and Burkina Faso at Namboole stadium, Kampala. In short, no body part was left unexamined. 

Pres. of Nigerian Aircraft and Pilot Engineers narrowly Escapes Car Explosion (photos)

President of the Nigerian Aircraft and Pilot Engineers, Comrade Issac Balami narrowly escaped death after his BMW X6 V8 exploded in Apo Abuja just one hour before his driver was supposed to pick him up

According to Daily post, Balami had asked his driver to take the vehicle to a car-wash along Apo in Abuja when it exploded. However, no mechanical fault has been traced to the explosion. It has, however been alleged that an explosive was hidden in the vehicle before it was driven to the car wash. It remains unclear who planted the explosive and for whatever reason.

 According to Balami the car was worth N13million but that doesn't matter as he just happy to be alive

How Many Tigers Can you See In This pic?

Am waiting

SMH, This is what sex addiction does to you,

Na wa o,  why should she be using 6+ toy on herself when the average manhood is 4+ to 5+, this is so wrong,  then later they complain that the man doesn't satisfy them,  ladies please stop this

SHOCKING!! Davido Stripped And Fired Bullets Into The Air In Lekki Home (Photos)

Davido shared this viral video on his snapchat,  as you can see one of his police guard handed his gun to him and dang he went a-wire with it,  it is just plays though nothing bloody

Fuel Scarcity Will End In 9 days - Dr. Kachikwu

The Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, appeared before the Senate Committee on Petroleum Resources (Downstream) on Tuesday to give reasons for the acute fuel scarcity across the country and the efforts being made by his ministry to resolve the embarrassing situation.

He regretted the situation and apologised to Nigerians, who he said were really going through difficult moments, and promised that the scarcity would end on or before April 7.

Kachikwu said he would not resign from his position as minister and instead asked those who were threatening to stage a protest in Abuja to save their money because he took the appointment to work for his fatherland.

Kachikwu said, "Let me put the reasons for the scarcity in three categories. First, when we came in August, this country had arrears of unpaid subsidy claims that were in excess of N600bn, which were not paid for over a year.

"Progressively, over a period of eight months, prior to my coming on board, people had been staying away from importation not at a heavy level, but by about 10 to 15 per cent of allocations were not being met.

"There was hope that ultimately, if the subsidy regime continued, they would get paid; so, some people continued to import, but by the time we came in, people had reached a breaking point and most of the companies didn't have the liquidity even to go to the banks and open letters of credit, and that became a major issue."

He said it was obvious that having cleared the N600bn subsidy claims, the country could no longer continue with the subsidy regime owing to dwindling oil revenue and the fact that monumental frauds were being uncovered in the system.

As of January 1 this year, the minister stated that the country was no longer paying subsidy, saving a cumulative amount of over N1tn in a one year period.

Kachikwu noted, "The second major issue was that once the N600bn subsidy money was paid, the ability of the marketers to import the product became a challenge, because they could not raise letters of credit, and up to this point, that still remains a major issue.

"So, even if they wanted to import, they needed letters of credit and adequate foreign exchange cover. Some of them were owing arrears of liabilities as a result of the commitment I had made on petroleum importation."

As part of efforts to ensure a lasting solution to the problem, he stated that the nation was setting up for the first time strategic reserves of about two million tonnes to provide products always.

He said these would be operational as from May and would contain between five and seven cargos of fuel per reserve.

Kachikwu said, "Once we do that, we should be away from the incessant fuel crisis that we have.

We expect that between now and about the 6th to the 7th of April, the fuel queues will disappear, the DSDP will begin and the foreign exchange allocation will see us smoothly through the track.

Man That Kidnapped 7 months old baby napped in Lagos

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a suspected child kidnapper, Happiness Umah, for allegedly stealing a seven-month-old child, Favour, in the Ijora area of the state.

Via Punch Metro

Umah was escaping with the child when he was intercepted by officials of the Rapid Response Squad, who queried him on where he got the child.

He was alleged to have initially lied that he was her father, before saying he picked her from a bush where she was crying.

The police were said to have transferred the matter to the Gender Office, Lagos State Police Command.

A source told our correspondent that investigation revealed that the child was stolen from her mother.

The source said, "Around 11pm on Wednesday, RRS officials who were on routine patrol at Eric Moore, Surulere, intercepted the man with the child.

"When he was queried on how he came about the child, he first said he was her father. Later, he changed his story and said he picked her up from a bush while she was crying.  He said he was taking her to a police station in Bode Thomas when the police intercepted him.

"It was obvious that he was lying because there is a police station a few metres away from where he supposedly picked up the child. He changed his story and said other things, which made the RRS men to send him to the command headquarters."

It was learnt that the police later took him to the Ijora area, where the child's mother, Patricia John, was found.

John was reported to have said her child was stolen while she was away.

A source said, "The woman said she left the child in the room and went out to buy something and by the time she returned, the child was gone.  She said she had searched everywhere for her.

"We are still investigating to know why he stole the baby."

The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, who confirmed the incident, said the mother and her child had been reunited.

She said, "The mother and her child live in the Railway area of Ijora. The man was going with the child when he was arrested by the RRS operatives and questioned. When he could not give a satisfactory response as to where he found the child, he was arrested.

See Viral Photo Of Officers Playing Baba Ijebu During '' Work Time''

Biko this country is military, extra cash is necessary. Lol

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...