Friday, April 1, 2016

All You Should Know About '' Xperience Humanity Award'' and How to Participate cc @XperienceOmaje

The XPERIENCE is an online media firm based in Enugu, our aim is to celebrate, young, advanced, upcoming and establish female entrepreneurs whom are doing well in their endeavours, this online media brings to limelight the struggles both social and business entrepreneurs go through to succeed and at the same time celebrate their strength uniqueness and virtues. 
The "XPERIENCE" which started as a whatsApp group chat two years ago was formally called "NIGERIA MODELS CONNECT" the name was changed due to our bid to expand our readership. The name was changed in February 2015 from thence we have been able to feature over 20 female entrepreneurs from different works of life, who has shared their experiences with us. The "WOMANITY AWARDS" is however designed to recognize these entrepreneurs and those whom have been of great support to the society.

Come 23rd Of April 2016
Women of Valor, Virtue and Value will gather In Enugu state to be Celebrated at the XPERIENCE MEDIA LAUNCH/ WOMANITY AWARDS. For becoming expedient in their endeavors!

Venue: Utopia Suites + Apartments, independent layout ,Enugu Nigeria.

other activities of the day will be
#INTRODUCTION OF SLEDGE FOUNDATION(Save a girl child, save a nation project)

This Event is strictly by Invitation.
Please do well to call 08082224454 for Reservations.

God bless you.

A Naval Officer Slapped Me - Ex. GOV. Bola Tinubu

Many are of the opinion that former Lagos state governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was born right at the middle of a money-printing machine, but that is not true.

Some rumours also have it that his parents were very wealthy, so he practically worked for nothing in his life but that is also not true.

The diminutive Nigerian politician had to work his way up the ladder. He was once a cab driver and even a security guard who worked very hard to reach where he is today.

In a special publication by TheNEWS magazine, Tinubu detailed how he worked has a cab driver and a security guard. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Q: When did it strike you to travel out of the country?

A: I was lucky. Even though I was ambitious about travelling out of the country, particularly as my friends like Folabi Salami and Tokunbo Maxwell had just travelled to Germany, I would say that I was just lucky.
Others, like Nurudeen Olowopopo, of blessed memory, and Sola Popoola headed for the United States and it remained Tunde Badejo, Bolaji Agaba and myself. So, the three of us were determined that we must get out of Nigeria, too.

I went to Ikenne, with my late sister, for a big ceremony. We had gone to pick bottles of Coca-Cola from the cold room and wanted to quickly return to the St. Saviour's Church, where my sister was.

There was a sudden rain of bullets and had we not been rushing to the church to ensure that we didn't miss what was going on there, I would have died. The young man that was standing with me was hit. He slumped and died.

Based on the sad incident and how I had narrowly missed death, my family said to me: 'This boy, you have always said that you wanted to travel out of the country, it is time to do so.'

So, my mother gathered some money, sold her trinkets to make up for the remaining part of my allowances and joined it with proceeds from the sale of the Volkswagen Beetle given to me by my uncle, the late Ganiyu Tinubu, who used to work at Simpson Street, Ebutte-Metta.

He had a Beetle car he bought from a Canadian and had it converted into a convertible, which I used to drive. Nobody taught me how to drive. He asked that I sell it and add the proceeds to the money I needed for my trip. That was what I did.

Bolaji Agaba and I left the same day for the United States, while Badejo left some months later. We got our visas through my family connections. Bolaji's own had almost expired before we left. On our arrival in the US, we thought we would stay in New York.

But Nurudeen Olowopopo said no and we put some money together for Bolaji's ticket and we headed for Washington D.C. I stayed with the late Sola Popoola at Washington before we started finding our way. We were running out of funds then.

He helped us secure a one-room apartment in Alexandria, Virgina. We got an unregistered used car (they left the licence open) commonly called Gypsy, which we ran as a taxi.

We operated at the airport, where we picked passengers, and not anywhere else, like the hotel because it was forbidden for unlicensed cab drivers to do so. We did that for a while to raise some money. We did, and Bolaji went to Tennessee, while I headed for Chicago.

Q: Can you tell us some unpleasant moments that you had then?

A: One experience I will not forget was when I over-charged a naval officer, who was returning to the country. It was not intentional. Apparently, I didn't know the direction; there was no GPRS in those days to locate directions.

So, he gave me the direction to his house in a Virginia suburb. I gave him the price and the man responded with a slap to my face. He said I should know the correct fare to charge to the location he mentioned. He slapped me and gave me the money.

Another experience was when I took a guy whom I didn't know was drunk. When I drove to his house, he pointed a gun at me instead of paying the fare. He took my leather jacket and said: 'Get into your car and get lost.' He did not pay.

Another interesting one was when I was taking the third Accounting class and equally working as a security guard at a construction site. They were very serious with their kind of security.

You just had to do that job. There were about six points with six clocks at the site, which the security man must wind every hour and with a dog in hand. So, there was never a chance of trying to catch a nap.

As I was doing my accounting assignment, I fell asleep. I was dead asleep! The inspector came to the site and found me sleeping, with my head on my books. He simply pulled the register and wrote: 'I have been here.

You were sound asleep. So, see me tomorrow.' When I woke up, I found that Skiddo (the dog's name) was gone, and then the register.

I just went to a corner, cleaned my face and concentrated on my assignment because I knew the job was already gone.
You can't lose two things. I ensured that I read well for my test and passed the next day.

I opted to post their uniform and the cap to them, but suddenly ran into the man and he handed me my cheque and said the job was gone. I told him I knew and we said goodbye to each other! I had to start looking for another job.

Source: PMNews

Atiku Abubakar Vows To punish Children For being April Fool Pranked

It's April 1st and the fools game has been going on for hours. The former vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar has already fallen prey to one of the Pranks set by his kids.

The former presidential candidate took to his official Twitter account to call out his son and daughters for the Prank and promise to pay them back in kind.

YUCK!! This Dbanj fan used towel to clean sweat off his chest and then licked it (video) 😢😢

During the 3rd edition of the Heineken's Gidi Fest, a fan of Dbanj got really excited during his performance that she used a towel to clean sweats off his chest before she went ahead and licked his chest.

A clearly surprised Dbanj had to ask his band to stop the music saying "that doesn't happen all the time The lady then hid her face as the crowd

Ouch!! See How These Kids Reacted To The April Fool Prank Their Dad Played Them

Oh no this badddddddd, just look at their facial expression. Lol

Neyo's wife allegedly had sexual relationship with another woman

Famelous has published a tip they got claiming a lady had a sexual relationship Neyo's wife, Crystal Renay before she met and married Neyo.

According to the woman,

"I gave Crystal Renay the best night of her life, before her pregnancy and getting with neyo she was down as ever. Every night she would be in a different city but when she seen me she told me i was the baddest one in the club and we partied all night long as the night went on we got closer….

Crystal invited me and a close friend to her room, I thought she just wanted to party on but when she started seducing me I could tell she wanted more. She started fingering me and making out , her pussy is pretty and tight."

Last week, some fans blasted his wife for going to party few days after giving birth and Neyo has a word for them in her recent rant

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...