Wednesday, April 13, 2016

CHEST POWER!! Nurse flashed breasts at 92-year-old patient who then gave her £50,000



A 92-year-old patient gave a married nurse more than £50,000 after she flashed her breasts and said he was her boyfriend.
Sharon Whyte-Harrison, 55, preyed on the elderly man after convincing him they were in a relationship.
The nurse introduced the pensioner to people as her boyfriend and 'let him look at her breasts.Daily Record reports..She used his credit cards to withdraw cash, to pay her utility bills and buy gifts for her children, including an iPad.

When questioned about the relationship by her manager at the Palms Medical Centre in Ilford, Essex, the nurse claimed she had met the old man at a local shop.
She admitted using his card to withdraw cash and make personal purchases, including the iPad, but insisted she always paid him back.

Whyte-Harrison, from Barking, denied she ever stole money from the elderly man but his son discovered his father had given her three credit cards.
The patient later admitted he had been a 'bit of a fool' after discovering Whyte-Harrison was married.
He said that she had shown him her utility bills and he offered to pay them for her because she was in dire financial straits.
The pensioner later told investigators he gave the nurse more than £50,000 and that she had not paid him anything back.She was struck off The Nursing and Midwifery Council struck her name off the list.


6 year old girl jumps to her death from skyscraper after watching cartoon characters fly

Please people, let us monitor what our children watch and counsel them on what's real and what isn't.

A six-year-old girl fell to her death from a 43-floor apartment complex in Osaka, Japan minutes after she watched a ainme DVD featuring a family who could fly.

According to Guardian, the girl, who has not been named by Japanese authorities, climbed over a one metre-high fence at the edge of the balcony before plunging to her death.

It is understood the girl climbed out through a window onto the balcony and used a chair to scale the fence at the apartment.The family members saw the girl standing on the top of the fence before she lost her balance and tumbled over the side.

A police official told The Guardian: 

    'We do not suspect any foul play at this time. We received a call on Sunday afternoon from a man who witnessed the girl's fall. It may seem strange that it was not the family who called, but somebody on the ground witnessed the tragedy, and as soon as he saw it, he immediately called authorities.''We don't want to name the anime she was watching because it could lead to people saying "this is what happens when you watch this movie".'

Officials claimed the girl had started school the Friday before her death and was looking forward to the experience. She is survived by a younger brother and sister.

Police receive over 550k applications for 10,000 openings in recruitment excercise

Job no dey bro,

The Police Service Commission (PSC) said over 550, 000 applicants have indicated interest to be recruited into the Nigerian Police Force.

This was disclosed by the Chairman of the PSC, Mr. Mike Okiro in a meeting with the Senate Committee on Police.

However, Mr Okiro, explained that only ten thousand spaces are available.

Also speaking at the meeting, the Inspector General of Police, Mr Solomon Arase said only credible applicants would be recruited into the police force.

OMG!! What is wrong with this adorable Selfie??

Dang,  this is a very pervasive Selfie 😧😧😊

Some Men Like It Big!! These adorable Pre-Wedding Photos got people talking

Well i always tell my ladies not to worry about their size cause they did not create themselves,  the major thing is be healthy and have a good character,  your better half will always find you..

A lot of people have made bad comments about this photos cause the woman is big.... But she is married anyways and a couple of light weight girls are not.. Even though they crave for it. 😊😊

BEWARE!! See the Format Used In scamming Young gullible models these day (share)

The entertainment industry is a very cruel industry especially for females, because there are some dangerous people that are there only to rob girls passionate to have a career in the industry by using their passion against them,  one of the most notorious sphere is the modeling industry, where agents and managers will want to see you naked, collect your money or even sleep with you using empty promises of giving you a role or connection, well.... Dont fall for this particular format,

I got this and think it's important I share it.. 

Beware it is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"We need four(4)models two(2)for Air hostess and two for costumer care for Arik Airline....  Models must posses a minimum of OND and should not be above age 35years of age..  Kindly ping and send pictures to management on whatsapp 09092806066 if you fit into the brief. Models are to meet with the client tomorrow.."

The number in the bc is for a fake agent called EMERALD!!!!!! He would refer you to one Mr Ibrahim Aminu from Arik Airline who would ask you to go to Eko Hospital to obtain a Medical Report to show you're medically fit for the job. And then ask you to call Dr Mrs Linda Chioma and pay N15,000 to a Bank account, Fidelity or register with N7,000. So many have paid hoping to undergo a recruitment process. There is No Dr Mrs Linda Chioma in Eko Hospital and Arik Airline would not put you through this stress to employ you. They are a team of scammers!!!!!

Models please beware and the entire public stop rebroadcasting the scam message. They have been duping people for over a week.

Please Share!!! save someone from the stress and throwing their money away to these fools.

Rich Church members surprise Ghanaian pastor with private jet(Photos)

Well atleast the pastor didnt but it himself this is a gift, unlike moat Nigerian pastors...

Prophet Dr. Kofi Danso, a Canada-based head pastor of Miracle Arena For All Nations, multi-cultural fast-growing church founded in 2011 was blessed by his church members on his birthday. In an interview, he claimed that it was a prayer come true as he had told God before that time to bless him with a jet, hence, he was not surprised.

On how he feels about owning a private jet, the prophet said it feels good to own a jet and it makes his travelling easy and it also helps to reach more souls with the word, stressing that the private jet is not a thing of luxury but rather a necessity. .

He advised other churches to emulate the example of blessing their pastors with private jets if they have the means. His words: "Every church should do this for their pastors if they can. The more we help pastors to reach one continent or the other, we help fulfill the gospel."... hallelujah somebody.... 

Cc: hitzontv 

Husband beats wife black and purple because "her business is successful"

 A social media user shared this on her page: 

"I'm sad!!! This is my hairstylist! She has a very good braiding salon somewhere in yaba...i've referred a lot of my friends to her shop! I had to call her after i saw her post...i was hoping she will say she was involved in an accident but she said her husband did this to her! Why??? Why??? According to her, her shop has been closed down since friday because her husband believes she's getting proud because she has a successful business! I wouldn't post this because i like to get my facts right but i thought about her...i know her, very hardworking woman & no one should do this to anyone regardless! She also said this is not the first time!! Real men don't beat women! I'm thinking Grace & i'm also thinking we will find this man & lock him up!!! Say no to domestic violence! Why would you do this to anyone?" If not for social media, domestic violence cases like this may never see the light of day.

Who Rocked It Better?

Hmmm body wins here right?

Checkout The New Meaning Of Buhari

Hehe.  Is this credible or na?

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...