Monday, April 18, 2016

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I tire o,

No money?? Latest Ferrari And Lamborghini Worth Almost N400M Spotted In Lekki Lagos (photos)

According to Daddy Freeze who spotted the machine, the white Lamborhhini Huracan (above) is the 2016 model and costs
N150m, while the latest Ferrari 488 GTB. 

According to him 

daddyfreeze. "In Nigeria it's not everyone that's having financial woes, it looks like it's only the poor that have gotten poorer!!!!! Same day, same venue, lekki. In the morning I saw the 2016 #LAMBORGHINI #Huracan and now only a few hours later I am seeing right in front of me the #latest #Ferrari 488 GTB. This car is so new it has a 2 year waiting list meaning that there is a long queue to get one! It costs almost $400,000 + another 70% ($280,000)to clear, bringing the total to about $680,000 x 323 for a dollar it's about N218,000,000.

While we are there reading and quoting the bible, these guys are living the life of the biblical Isaac who sowed in a land of famine and reaped a hundredfold. My question to you all now is;

do I join other poor Nigerians and cry and bemoan Nigeria's woes, abuse our leaders, get angry at the presidents frequent trips, cry about the dollar rates or simply stop these guys when next I see them in traffic and ask them HOW DID YOU DO IT?

What Is Wrong With This photo??

Na wa o, These Phants actually mixed work with fun. Lol

SOB!! He Secretly Took Nude Photos of Me And I Didnt Know Until Yesterday

This was sent to Aunty Laila,

Hello Laila,

please help me. I am in deep shit. I was chatting with my ex over the weekend and I found out that he took nude photos of me when we were dating 4 years ago way back in uniben without my knowledge and he kept them even after we both graduated and had moved on though we chat from time to time. We were just gisting and he asked me to send him nude, that he misses me and want to know what my boobs look like now. i was shocked. I was like, Are you alright? how dare you ask for such rubbish and that was when he told me not to worry that my I am safe that he even had some nudes of me all these while but the he didn't expose them even when I hurt him by breaking up with him. That that was how much he loved me. That he knew i would leave him someday so he wanted to have something to remember me by.

To say that I was shocked that he kept the photos all this while would be an understatement. I told him that he was bluffing about still having the photos so I asked him to show me one and he send me an old pix of me awkwardly nude and laughing claiming to have many videos and pix, Honestly, Its been so long and he must have been using his laptop webcam on me all that while and I didnt know. i knew he was crazy and shit I never knew he was that sick and obsessed to have taken and kept these images. i begged and begged him to delete them but he said no and promised that since the last 4 years that he has kept them safe and that he loves me too much to ever hurt me.

That even if he marries tomorrow that he will still keep the photos because according to him, they were not just photos but sweet memories of when he was really happy. Aunty, since yesterday afternoon, i have lost my happiness, I have always been bashing people sending nudes to boyfriends without knowing that my own nude library is somewhere in unknown quantity. i have called him over 100times between yesterday and now begging him to delete the photos but he is telling me that he still loves me and cant delete the photos. he knows I am engaged and will soon settle down so I honestly cannot afford this right now.

Please is there any law against holding someones nudes against their will? Idot know if I can get him arrested and I dont know if it will be safer to tell my fiance before he find out on his own. Its not like he is blackmailing me but the thought of me nude in someones laptop is killing me. 

I have been moody and cant even concentrate at the office.

please can fellow lailans advise me on a way out of this mess

Why So Harsh!!! See What a Fan Told Yemi Alade

Na wa o,  this is not a fair thing to say. Lol

Police Is Your Friend!! Wizkid Strikes a pose with The Commissioner Linda Ikeji reported Him To(Photos)

Well we all know about the Wizkid Vs Linda Ikeji saga,  and the last controversy was when Linda reported Wizkid to the Police for threatening her,

Well when she filed the report, Wizkid was not in Nigeria,  he came back during the weekend and here he is with the commissioner he was reported to... Money is Good

[Music] Ola Dips – Asalamalekun (Reminisce Cover) cc @oladipsofficial

You all gotta love this,

Edge Recors/LRR signee Ola dips out with the cover of Asalamalekun which was released by baba hafusa and a remix with nigeria/american based rapper Wale now king Dips Bounced on it and you know he never disappoints.


SMH, See The Kind Of Sugar Mummy That This Guy is Searching For (Photo)

My people is there anything like God Fearing Sugar Mummy??? 😕😕😕😕

How Ugandan feminist Stripped naked in protest after she was locked out of office (pics + video)

Is this a right means of self-expression?

A Ugandan feminist, critic, researcher and lecturer at Makerere University, Dr. Stella Nyanzi, this morning stormed her office and went naked in protest after she was allegedly thrown out of her office by her superior, Prof. Mahmood Mamdani. In a 17 seconds video clip, the mother of two can be seen as she undresses, putting her bare breasts to the camera and raining curses at President Museveni.

She claimed her boss was forcing her to teach at the university while she was only contracted to do research work and not teaching. She later went on Facebook to post the video and captioned it: 

"I have thrown my clothes outside Prof. Mamdani's office. I am naked as I cry out for my office." She also chained herself before the university gave in to her demands and let her back to the office. She was initially removed from her office after she refused to teach in the MPhil/PhD program.

Dr Stella has in the past, vowed she would go naked and even burn her clitoris if incumbent president Yoweri Musveni emerged president in the February presidential election. Unfortunately he won, but we don't know she made good on her clitoris burning threat. 

Watch video by clicks the link below

Disturbing photos of two children kissing and romancing during church service

What has this world turned into?

According to the online user who shared the video, the two young children were kissing and romancing yesterday behind a church in the Somolu area of Lagos,  yesterday.

It is rather disturbing that an adult filmed this rather than break the children up. See more photos below

Who do we blame for this terrible step the children are taking at so young an age?

Wizkid's Fans Are Dropping Serious Allegations on Linda Ikeji's Page + Claim She Slept with Sesan(Photos)

It is not over,

The Drama Continues:

After Blogger Linda Ikeji published her own side of the story on why he reported Wizkid to the Police, Wizkid's trolls landed on her Instagram page, accused her once more of sleeping with Star boy video director Sesan Ogunro.

They allege that Linda was busy deleting any comment that mentioned Sesan leading to the insinuation that she had something fishy to hide hence the desperation to delete any Sesan related comment..

True Love or Foolishness?? This Girl Committed Suicide Cause Her BF Dumped Her(Graphic Photos)

So people still do this??

A young Nigerian girl has taken her life after her boyfriend dumped her for her best friend.

The deceased body was found at the back of a building few days after her boy friend dumped her.She however declined to say the name of the deceased and her boy friend.

True love or foolishness? 

HILARIOUS!! Fans Bash Jaden Smith For Grabbing Imagination In This Photo

Lol @grabbing a handful of imagination 😂 what will this world be without them trolls? Absolutely boring!  

Jaden Smith grabbing his girlfriend's flat butt at Coachella.

Meet Moyo Lawal's Movie Character Called 'Ramota' aka 'StarGirl'

Dang, this Ramota is endowed though. Lol

Good morning, these handsome boys are missing (Photos)

No fewer than three boys have been declared missing in Ilaje Quarters in the Olodi Apapa area of Lagos State.

According to punch 

The missing boys, who were of school age – four-year-old Nliam Tobechukwu, Olanrewaju Obazuaye, 3, and Sunday David, 4, – were reported missing at separate times at the Tolu Police Division. 

Our correspondent learnt that after the latest incident which occurred on Friday, March 25, 2016, residents suspected that there was a syndicate monitoring their children and stealing them without arousing suspicion.

It was gathered that the boys went missing while playing in front of their houses.

The first victim, Olanrewaju, was discovered missing on Sunday, November 22, 2015, while playing in front of his father's house on John Ladipo Street. 

It was gathered that in December 2015, David went missing on the same street. Also, in February 2016, another unidentified boy was reported to have gone missing on Ayorinde Street.

On March 25, 2016,  Tobechukwu got missing while playing in front of his father's rented apartment on Iheanacho Street.

correspondent learnt that all the missing boys lived in Ilaje Quarters in the Olodi Apapa area

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...