Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SHOCKING!! See Very Disturbing photo of two toddlers caught having 'sex' in Public

What ia the world turning into??

My anger is who is the highly irresponsible adult who had the time to take photos of these children before separating them, instead of instinctively doing what a sane, grown up person ought to do?

That aside, parents please watch what you do in front of your little kids because they are taking notes, trust me. The fact that these children were hiding where they thought was a private place shows that deep down, they sense it is not right but kids will be kids; they will explore and give expression to their curiosity.

See the disturbing photo below 


Female sergeant attempts suicide after wife of married lover posts her sex tape online

This true story, shared by a Ghanaian on Facebook is quite sordid. It tells of an intelligent Ghanaian female sergeant who attempted suicide after her married lover's wife posted her sex video and nude photos online.

 Read below


She is called Yaa Boakyiwaa, a police sergeant for 14yrs now, at the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT of the Ghana Police Service, Sunyani District, BRONG AHAFO REGION.

She graduated from the University of Cape Coast with first class distinction, 2015.

She is currently on transfer to Accra about three weeks ago whilst facing Police Enquiry with interdiction.

Whilst facing police service enquiry and interdiction, she has allegedly defrauded one lady at SHELL fuel filling station's supper market, Sunyani.

The facts of the matter are that,this lady "name withheld" is dating one of the Regional Bosses of the BNI in Ghana.The BNI boss gave Ghc 1,000.00 to his girlfriend at the Shell fuel filling station to rent a single room apartment, meanwhile this lady had another boyfriend. Anytime the BNI boss goes to the lady, he meets the lady's boyfriend.

The BNI boss who is also dating Yaa Boakyiwaa then discussed the matter with his friend and Yaa Boakyiwaa heard it later on.

Yaa Boakyiwaa then went to the SHELL fuel filling station and intimidated the lady and took the Ghc 1,000.00 from her without the consent of the BNI boss.

The BNI boss later got to know of this deviant act by Yaa Boakyiwaa and confronted her and Yaa Boakyiwaa assaulted the BNI boss.The BNI boss then reported the matter to the police Regional Headquarters,Sunyani and Yaa Boakyiwaa is now facing the Ghana Police Service Enquiry for misconduct.

Again, Yaa Boakyiwaa took a live immoral sexy blue video films and photo recordings of herself in Sunyani at her private residence and sent same to another married man who is her boyfriend in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The wife of this gentleman whose names are also withheld through her curiosity saw the nasty photos and videos of Yaa Boakyiwaa on her husband's phone.

The woman then called Yaa Boakyiwaa to stop her from going out with her husband and Yaa Boakyiwaa insulted and assaulted the woman and name her prostitute.

The woman in the UNITED STATES got angry and spread the video shows and photos of Yaa Boakyiwaa through social media.

Yaa Boakyiwaa got to know her blue films and photos are out for free show two weeks ago and took poison but death could not hold her captive and refused or denied her early grave. She is now receiving medical attention at one of the police clinics in ACCRA.

In fact the naked videos and pictures cannot be publicly displayed over here...

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact the police Regional headquarters, Sunyani - BRONG AHAFO REGION.

Thank you.

HILARIOUS!! See All your favorite Throwback Photos Before Fame (Phyno, Tiwa Savage, Kanye West are shocking)

Dang,  Surulere mehn


We all are Work in Progress and patience is the Virtue 

Nobody is Ugly they are Just Broke 


See Photos Of Two Female Bankers Fighting Over Ownership Of Wealthy Customer

Two female banker fight dirty inside banking hall over a rich customer as people watch them in awe.
According to the report, both ladies are bankers with one of the micro finance banks.

One of the ladies went behind the back of her colleague to corner the fat account of a businessman after giving the man her body.

The second lady also gave her body to the man but she lost out as the man still gave his account to just one of them.

One of them went behind the back of her colleague to corner the fat account of a businessman after giving the man her body. The second lady also gave her body to the man but the man still gave his account to just one of them. This is the madness that followed from that mess:

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...