Friday, June 10, 2016

Amber Rose shows off her curves in polkadot dress

Amber looked in her element as she filmed her new chat show called 'The Amber Rose Show' in Hollywood Boulevard with boyfriend, Terrence Ross in tow. The mother of one poured her curves into polkadot dress with a very short hemline which showed off her legs. Another photo after the cut.

NGL TEA!! Meet TASHA THE FEMALE PIMP,She Pimps Young girls to old men

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This story begins with the female pimp that works with Abdul the pimp/rapist. 

Natasha aka "Tasha" @tashaeribo is a female pimp who uses multiple alias names such as Lindsey & Gloria as a cover. Tasha will feed girls fabricated stories to lie to these old men when they meet them. She will tell the men stories & pretend her girls are career women even though most of the girls are strippers & Instagram "models". Old

Bill Gates launches chicken programme to help the poor in Africa

Microsoft founder, Bill Gates who is famous for his philanthropic ventures especially in Africa has launched a novel programme to help Africa's poor and it involves plenty of chicken.

Meet world's shortest couple who are hopelessly in love (photos)

This is the sweetest, most romantic story I have read this year. Look at the lady's beautiful smile...they are well and truly in love.

The world's shortest couple - who both measure less then three feet tall - have proved that size doesn't matter when it comes to love.

Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Hoshino, from Brazil, both have forms of dwarfism and stand at 34.8in and 35.2in respectively.

The pair, who hope to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, said they met on a social media website ten years ago and started chatting on MSN Messenger.

Paulo, 30, who has a rare genetic condition called diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism, said it was love at first sight for him.

'I found her very beautiful from the first moment I saw her,' he said.

But the attraction wasn't mutual. Katyucia, 26, who has achondroplasia dwarfism, which affects bone growth, initially blocked him on the instant messaging site.

She said: 'The first time I started talking to Paulo, he was really annoying. He had cheap-pick up lines.'

Paulo, who works as a legal secretary, said: 'She thought I was trying to flirt but I was just being nice. According to her I was a really boring guy.'

That would have been the end of the matter, if Katyucia hadn't suddenly decided to unblock him 18 months later.

Paulo, 30, who has a rare genetic condition called diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism, said it was love at first sight

Katyucia, who now owns her own beauty salon that has been specially adapted for her size, said: 'One day something happened in my head and I went and unblocked him. By then he was already more relatable.'

Paulo said: 'When she unblocked me, it didn't take me more than a minute to say hello. we started speaking and she said I was more civilised.'

Two months later, Paulo travelled more than 186 milies to Katyucia's home city of Londrina to meet her.

He said he was bowled over by Katyucia's beauty, but she was shy and unimpressed with his dress sense.

Paulo said: 'What most attracted me to her, besides her beauty, was how sweet she was. It was her sweet personality.'

The beautician said: 'He was wearing an orange shirt, jeans and sunglasses - thank God it has improved since then.'

Despite Katyucia's concerns about the long distance between them, five days later the pair started dating and after four years they moved in together.

Katyucia said: 'I had never dated before so Paulo is my first boyfriend, my first everything.'

Now they say they're are like any other couple. Paulo has a specially-adapted car to enable him to drive, while Katyucia's beauty salon has been specially modified for her height.

Paulo has a specially-adapted car to enable him to drive

Paulo, who has ambitions to run for mayor in his home town of Itapeva, said: 'Basically, we are a normal couple but our height is a little smaller.

'The best thing about our relationship is our closeness, our companionship we have for each other.

'She supports me in everything, she's my little warrior.'

Katyucia added: 'We fight like every couple. A couple that doesn't fight isn't a normal couple.

'Our thoughts match, our ideas match, our feelings match and that's really cool.

'His best quality is his simplicity. He is a person like any other. I think as a couple we are both different people, we aren't the same person. We discuss our relationship, sit down and talk and get to a resolution.

'I have a really difficult temper; dealing with me is not easy, but Paulo is so understanding and patient - that's what I find most attractive about him.'

Together the couple enjoy travelling, going out, and eating ice cream and Japanese food.

Katyucia said: 'The things we most like to do are eating and sleeping. Those are the things we do best.'

The couple say their small stature means they struggle to use cash machines, public bathrooms and reaching for their beloved buffets.

Paulo said: 'The only difference that I see are things in public spaces. For example, an ATM was made for people with normal height. It's a simple thing. A person with normal height has access but we, unfortunately, don't have access.'

Katyucia added: 'One of the difficulties I encounter is with the oven, the sink, the washing machine and opening a window and opening doors.'

The smitten couple who have been together for 8 years are open to the possibility of children in the future - although it may be difficult for Katyucia to carry a baby full-term because of her size.

She said: 'We've discussed having kids. My pregnancy would be high risk because the size of my uterus wouldn't support a baby.

'We've decided to let things happen at the right moment. In regards to the future we say: 'never say never'.'

Headmistress Who Fingered a 4Yr Old Pupil Absconds

The 27-year-old school head mistress, Violet Enu, who was arrested and interrogated by the Police in Lagos for fingering the vagina of a female pupil of Light Bearers Private School, located at Iyana-Isashi area of the state has absconded.

Ms Enu, who was granted bail by the police in Lagos after interrogations for allegedly defiling a four-year-old female pupil has taken to her heels.

HOOOT!!Davido's babymama Sophia Momodu releases sexy photos

Dele Momodu's niece,Sophia Momodu  released hot new ph

Photos from the Lagos leg of Henrietta Kosoko's funeral (graphic photos)

The Lagos leg of the funeral of Henrietta Kosoko, 52, kicked off today ( Friday, June 10) at her Bariga residence. She briefly lay-in-state and her fans and family members paid their final respect to the late actress.

The late actress was originally supposed to have been interred at Atan Cemetery, Yaba, Lagos, but Henrietta’s family from Delta state at the last minute cancelled the previous arrangement, insisting that their daughter must not be buried in Lagos since Jide Kosoko, her husband never visited her family home in Delta state to pay her bride price, so effectually, according to cultural practices, the woman is still a part and parcel of her father's house. For this reason, she will buried in Delta state.

See the photos below. Graphic

After 4years Stephanie Coker leaves MTV Base

The popular MTV Base VJ announced her departure from the music channel after 4 years. Says it's time to move on to the next level.

Billionaire Richard Branson dresses as a mermaid (photo)

The Billionaire founder and C.E.O of Virgin Group uploaded a photo of him dressed like a mermaid on Twitter to celebrate World's Ocean Day.

ENDTIME? Hundreds strip off for topless 'Free The Nipple' protest (18+ Photos)

About two hundred men and women stripped off on Brighton Beach,UK in a campaign to make nude breasts acceptable in public.

hot or not? Ebube Nwagbo stunning in short white dress

The actress has been showing of her weight loss lately .She slays every damn time.


i wonder what she was thinking

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...