Saturday, July 2, 2016

EXPOSito!!! Dbanj Allegedly Got Secretly Got Married to an Half-cast Today (photos )

Hmmm seems like Bangalee has dropped his single .lol

According to inside sources, it was a court wedding at Onigbongbo, Lagos and only 20 people were in attendance.

The reception was done at D'banj's family house at Maryland, Lagos and cameras were strictly prohibited at the event which coincided with his father's birthday.

He allegedly got married to a yet-to-be-named half cast

Hold this in your palms more info will drop later

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Can You Say Anything Good About Your Ex?

Well in this time and age it is difficult  to find a 20 year old male or female that has not been in at least one relationship , so this evening I want to hear from you all tell us one thing that you liked or still love about him or her .......

AMAZING!! Couple reconcile after 31 years of divorce (Photo)

I just hope most separated parents can be inspired by this and try to fix their differences

A twitter user who happens to be their son and a pastor in Abuja,  Ogidigbo of Holy Hill Church, shared the photo

This is the worse message your father can send to you (photo )

Ladies what would you do if your father was cleaning your room and saw your sex toy?

SMH!! Tasty Babe Photoshop herself into sexy Grandpa 's Selfie

Mention her please

HILARIOUS! !Female Blog Reader Narrates Her Hilarious Experience With an Okada Man

Na wa o

Yesterday I went home late from an official function and I decided to use an okada.
On arriving home I alighted, paid the guy and left.
As I approached the gate, i saw the okada guy following, i quickly changed my direction but the guy keep on following me,

I moved faster the guy increased his speed then I realized I was in shit.
I ran faster but he kept on following me even riding faster. I got tired and decided to stop, turned around and faced him like a man! So I asked him, "why are you following me" The guy replied softly "give me my helmet"

That was when reality dawned on me

My Tweet Of The Day

This is not deep ... it is simple wisdom

FRESH VIDEO : Dremo (@Dremoapg) - Ojere (Download)

The video of one of my favourite tune right now is OUT

'OJERE' was released last week with so much anticipation and it didn't fall short of expectations from fans & music pundits.

OJERE was shot in Lagos, Nigeria & also featured scenes from the famous Al-Awir desert in the United Arab Emirates. Directed by Q.

Click link below for direct Download

Popular Sexy Grandpa "Irvin Randie" Shares The Secrets to His Ageless Looks (Photo)

A lot of people have been wondering how the new viral sexy papa manages to keep his body young and healthy...well he just shared the secret on his Facebook page..

He Wrote:
Drink plenty of water, don't smoke, have protected sex, drink natural juice mostly, a lot of vegetables healthy food, sleep early wake up early. The same way ur body needs water everyday is the same its needs exercises. U can do it too. A healthy life is all u need.

Meet Female University Prof. Teaches 11-Year-Old-Daughter How To Use A Condom (Photos)

Wonders shall never end

Hope you all remember that Ugandan university lecturer who removed all her clothes along the corridors of a University, after a major disagreement with the institution's don.

Well, she is at it again! This time, the Makerere University lecturer, Dr. Stella Nyanzi, is becoming even more controversial. Known for her controversial activism, she is one of "The People's President" Kizza Besigye's staunch supporters.

Just the other day, she took to social media to rant after allegedly being denied a visa by British immigration officials.

You can read all the details below;

Now, Dr. Nyanzi has once again taken to social media to explain the "vital" lessons she has been giving her 11-year-old daughter. She is now teaching her to efficiently use condoms!! Yes, you heard me right. An 11-year-old girl is being taught how to use a condom by a university lecturer with a Doctorate, who happens to be her mother!

This is what she posted on her Facebook page:

"I had the 'condom talk' with my eleven-year-old daughter. I explained the dangers of unprotected sex, without blinking. Feeling like a Ninja-Warrior, I pulled out a packet of black condoms. She asked about the colour. I told her I preferred condoms that look like the real thing. Luckily, she did not ask for details about the colours of things.

So I talked about the tip of the condom and how it is important to squeeze out the air before rolling it up the waiting specimen. We practiced squeezing gently in order not to tear the tip. She asked about how women with long varnished finger-nails squeeze out the air without tearing the condom. I referred her to her auntie with long varnished finger-nails. God bless their next meeting!

And then I talked about disposing of the condom after using it. I was careful not to leave out any age-appropriate detail of condom-use for my darling daughter. And then I asked if she had any question.

"Yes, Mama Stella," she said enthusiastically. "I have a question."

"What do you want to know?" I asked with a sense of foreboding.

"So, how big does the condom become if I blow it Mama?" She asked.

"Oh, big, I guess," I replied cautiously.

"Please, please, please Mama Stella, can I blow it and see?" she asked.

"Sure. Here," I said as I held out a condom.

"Eeeooww," she made a face at the oily lube on the condom.

"For smooth entry and travel," I explained.

And then my daughter blew and blew and blew the condom. It got much bigger than the balloons we usually blow to decorate our party-rooms. She put it onto her belly-button and it nearly touched the floor. We laughed at the joke. And then, just as the child she is, my daughter began to play catch with the blown condom. She threw it up into the air and reached up to get it. Our condom talk was over!"

So, is this woman normal or she is slowly going bonkers?

SHOCKING!! I Have Sex With Dead Bodies – Mortuary Attendant (Video)

Wonders shall never end in this country

A Cameroonian man, Sharkan Lucas, on Wednesday made shocking revelations on how he took to having sex with dead bodies due to constant rejection from ladies because he works as mortuary attendant.

Lucas, an attendant at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, insisted he was mentally stable.

Speaking on Ghanaian TV station ADOM TV, the mortician claimed that sleeping with the dead women (an act called necrophilia) was part of the training he received when he was hired at the hospital in Ghana.

See video below

TOUGH ONE!! Can you spot the mother in these pictures?

One of the benefits of giving birth early ......

Twitter user BadCay shared a family selfie with her mother and sister and the picture has been shared more than 16,000 times - all because people can't tell the difference between the ageless mother and her daughters.

UPDATE: Any Street Hawker Caught In Lagos Will Pay N90,000’ – Governor Ambode

As reported yesterday

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos state has said that from July 1, 2016, it would commence a total enforcement against street trading and street hawkers, as the law would take its full course.

Ambode made this remark during a live interview session on Television Continental, where he sympathised with the family of a street hawker who was knocked down by an articulated truck while trying to evade arrest from officials of Kick Against Indiscipline along Maryland Bus stop on Wednesday.

"It is not in our DNA to allow someone to just die by road accident or the way it happened in respect of the incident.

"But beyond the fact that we lost one person while crossing the road as a result of evading arrest by KAI officials, I need to tell Lagosians that over 49 buses were actually destroyed and it is costing us like almost N139m to put those buses back on the road.

"The issue is we need to enforce our laws because we already have a law in respect of that and then there is a clause in it which says the buyer and the seller are both liable and that we are going to fine them either N90, 000 or a six month jail term.

"What we are doing on traffic is that we are introducing new strategies to eliminate traffic, but Lagos being a cosmopolitan city, you cannot totally eliminate it but now this is the case, in the next few days, you will see on the street of Lagos signs that will be warning you that buyers and hawkers should be aware that there are consequences," Governor Ambode said.

"Why I Cut Off My Infant Step Son's Genitals - Nigerian Woman (Grahic photo)

Bara'atu Muhammad who cuts off her stepson joystick and Buhari when he was brought to IBB hospital in his blood
The people of Dafe village, a Gbagyi community in Shiroro local government area of Niger State, were terrified when a 17-year-old housewife, Bara'atu Muhammad cut-off the genitals of her 23-day-old stepson, Buhari Muhammad, spurred by jealousy.

Daily Trust was gathered that the boy's father, Muhammadu Dauda married Buhari's mother seven years ago and he is the first child of the union. He married Bara'atu just four months ago. All of them hail from Dafe village.

With qualms, Bara'atu confessed that she took the infant from his mother's room where he was sleeping, to the toilet where she chopped-off his joystick with a kitchen knife.
"I decided to do that in retaliation to insults (I've been receiving) from his mother. She has been insulting me," she explained.

"Anytime I complained to our husband, he will not take action. That was the major reason I used our kitchen knife to cut off his joystick."
The husband, Muhammad Dauda denied that Buhari's mother, Basira was in the habit of insulting Bara'atu, adding that the offending wife never reported Basira to him and that as far as he was concerned they were living in peace.

"I never heard them quarrelling, I never saw them fighting. My house is intact. There was no division. I treated them equally," Dauda insisted, adding that he was shocked when he heard what happened to his son.

He expressed shock that Bara'atu could carry out such a dastardly act: "She never showed any sign of madness. She is mentally okay."
Buhari's 21-year-old mother, Basira also denied Bara'atu's allegations, saying she never insulted her younger mate. "Ever since she was married and came to the house, I took her as my younger sister. That was why I allowed her to be close to my son. I didn't know that she was planning to kill my son," she lamented.

Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi who is taking care of the boy at the IBB Specialist Hospital, Minna, said his joystick has already been damaged and shrunken and that there was no way that it can be transplanted to its normal position.
He said the medic will however, try their best to ensure that Buhari survives and lives a normal life. Meanwhile, the Niger State government has promised to take care of Buhari's medical bills.

The Director of Niger State Child's Right Agency, Maryam Kolo, said that the state government will do everything possible to ensure that Buhari gets the required medical treatment for his quick recovery.

Niger State police spokesman, DSP Bala Elkana, said Bara'atu has been arraigned before a magistrate's court and remanded in Minna prison, pending the conclusion of investigations. He added that no stone would be left unturned in ensuring that justice was done for the infant.

This incident happened a few weeks after a 21-month-old boy Musa was severely mutilated by his stepmother in Kano.

Word To Ladies That Wear "Anklet " Without Knowing The Meaning and Origin

I see most girls wear stuffs cause they want to feel among or saw it somewhere,  that's just a very wrong way to make life decisions,  before you do things you need to source for the origin and meaning of the thing cause you may be putting a curse or giving people a wrong impression about you without even knowing ....

IT'S OFFICIAL!! Desiigner 's 'PANDA' Is certified platinum (photo)

This is one thing about the entertainment industry,  every year someone comes from no where to do something phenomenal,  most of us didn't know Desiigner before Kanye put him on a couple of songs in his Life Of Pablo Project...

Well just yesterday the hit single Panda by the Future replica went platinum  and we are hoping he is not a one hit Wonder

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...