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Girls On Social media These Days

Lol well I get this a lot

This week on POEMs By Salau Geraldine " OIL OF FREEDOM"

Those before us walked this path,
Now only the cartographers can bring us back,
When will we taste again?
the sweet oil of freedom,
The oil of freedom our fathers strove for,
Drenched in sweat and blood,

We have been chained,
Yes,we are in chains!
Not by the iron of a blacksmith,
But by the nib,
Take away this bittersweet oil,
Give us back our black soil,
Give us back our velvet tamarind!

The iroko has lost it's pride,
The lion has ceased to be the crown of the forest,
The chocolate rivers have dried up,
The honey comb has been lost,
The Eagle no longer soars high,
We have been chained!
Not by the anvil and the hammer,
But by the quill!
Oh Africa!
When will we taste again?
The sweet oil of freedom

Photo Credit : Wema Bliss
#poem #classic


New Talents Alert! Akwa Ibom Nigeria Base New Talented Acts ‘Zeegxds’ premeire there first official smashing single Titled HOW WE ROLL under K RECORDs.


A 300 level student of the department of History University of Benin, UNIBEN was yesterday shot dead by unkown

The student identified simply as ONYEKA was reportedly killed at Ekosodin, the largest host community of UNIBEN students known to have claimed many lives of UNIBEN students in same manner, an area that has rendered my female students traumatized for life as a result of rape and many male students beaten to stupor and their valuables dispossessed.

Laptops and handsets worth several millions of naira has been stolen in similar manners.

It is not clear what led to his death but he was said to be a member of the RCF UNIBEN drama group. As some one put it, "he is a church guy but not dedicated". It was also said he had issues with some guys in a party and it led to an exchange of slaps and who knows who and where the other guy belongs.

These are considered mere speculations as only a proper Police inquest can tell and as in most similar cases there are many sides and angles to the story.
Life is short and let's use it well while it last.

TOUCHING!! "PRAYED FOR HIM TO DIE" Nneka wanted her only son dead (MUST READ )

There are a couple of pain that people are going through in this world that we on other side of experience will always find hard to understand,  this true life story is one of such

Iara Oshiomhole Covers Vanguard Allure Magazine

The wife of Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole sat pretty in white wearing lush dark hair, barely there makeup look paired with red lips beaming a soft smile in a stunning all white look for the beautiful cover. see more below

In the cover editorial, the pretty first lady chose a fierce red evening dress paired with black sandals with bling details.

In another she chose a corporate chic look wearing dark navy blue and red mix suit with hair in long lush centrepart and bright red lips.

The Cape Verde beauty described as a first lady with a 'heart of Gold' opened up about her life as wife of a top politician, her plans for her state and responsibilities as well as enormous roles thrust upon her.

The issue is set to hit newsstands this Sunday.

Photo of President Obama and Famiky In Church, Can This Happen In Nigeria?

I doubt  this can happen in Nigeria. ..This is the President of the United States here ...

How T. B. Joshua and Chris Oyakhilome Use Magic on Their Followers – Lagos Bishop Exposes Them

The son of the late renowned magician, Professor Peller and the General Overseer of the Fingers of God Church, Alagbado Lagos state, Bishop Kayode Joseph Abiola Peller, has

called out to the Senior Pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, T. B. Joshua, and Chris Oyakhilome, Christ Embassy founder, accusing them of being magicians.

Bishop Kayode, a former renowned magician, said the duo, his colleagues in the ministry, use their eyes with demonic powers in them to superimpose their thoughts into people.

In a recent interview with FLIP TV, he said, "What I see Temitope Joshua do from my own magic experience is what we call mesmerism. It is also called hypnotism."

He claimed that while T. B. Joshua uses Kabballah magic to hypnotize his congregation and the general public over his miracles, Chris Oyakhilome's association with Joshua makes him a suspect.

Taking on Oyakhilome, Kayode said, "I used to believe Oyakhilome before. That ended the day I saw him and Joshua doing miracles and castigating our pastors, Ayo and Okonkwo.

"When you castigate these great men of God, you are no more for God. They do miracles but don't know what they teach.

"I would say they use magic on their followers since I was a former magician. I see in their actions hypnotism and seduction. I mean the way we used to seduce our congregation; those that come to watch our magic those days

"I see mesmerism, hypnotism and occult display in what they do. How can people jubilate over atmosphere of miracles and before they get to the bus stop, the miracles have gone. Miracles are not limited to atmosphere. God is in charge of everywhere," he added.

According to the Bishop, "They use the eyes with the demonic power in them to superimpose their thoughts into people. It happens, for most of those walking in the streets have very weak spirits. For there is witchcraft ability in every man.

"That is what we call telepathising: I mean, when I see them do their drama of healing while dancing from one side to another. I know its hypnotism.

"These are dangerous occultist words. Telepathising, hypnotism, occultism, kabbalah magic are processes of ruling the minds of weaker men. It could go to the length of seeing the magic maker in the dreams once the weaker person allows the demonic spirit of the conjurer to influence his mind."

Defending his criticism on the duo, the reformer said, "Let nobody think that I am jealous of them because their churches are big. If I want to make mine big I know what to do. I am the son of Peller. I know where things happen.

"I am not a 'mugu', to say the truth. They can't fool me. I want to make heaven. I don't want my work to be a waste; for every work built on faulty foundation, shall not stand the test of time.

"Foundation of deceit, occultism and demonic power cannot stand the test of time when the owner leaves. Jesus will deny them on that day.

"God only can say if Joshua is a real man of God. I don't judge them; only God can do that.

"Having said all these, I have nothing against them. For I feel that nothing can be except God allows," Bishop Kayode quipped.

This Photo Of Julius Agwu and His Pretty good Wife Got People Talking

This Photo was taken earlier today and according to most commenters Julius Is looking worn out and unhealthy while his wife is looking fab. What do you think?

Lmao!! See Hilarious Open Letter To Old Men Chasing After Young Girls

I remember my secondary school days when old men normally  come pick my female classmates and give them trips I couldn't afford back then.....I have forgiven them anyway

(Must Read) If You Do Any Of These Things You are Not a "Big Girl"

The fact that different guys pick you up every Friday night does not make you a big girl. The fact that you wear all latest clothes in the market, does not make you a big girl.

And for the fact that you use the latest phone, big phones, ipad, blackberry, android, Samsung Galaxy and different men pay money into your account does not make you a big girl.

For the fact that you have entered almost all the
biggest hotels in the city with different guys, does not make you a big girl. It does not even make you smart!
You are only eating up your future.

The fact that you dress half naked and you wear clothes that expose your cleavages and definitely makes you look sexy does not make you a big girl. You are just too cheap.


A big girl is a girl with enough brain in her, not the one with more money. The girl that think of consequences before actions. She is not the one who flirt with all men around her.

She is the one who respects her relationship or marriage. She is never heard of, but seen. You know her by what she does; her behavior & character speaks a lot about her. She is every man's queen; decently dressed....always decently good looking.

She is neat both in and out. She takes good care of her body. Believe me, real men loves neat women. A big girl respects the value of womanhood..... She carries herself with more dignity... Stop boasting about the number of men you have slept with my dear..

Remember, cheap articles always have more buyers..... Sleeping with all your male friends doesn't mean you are sexy. Build yourself into the woman people will always respect and admire, Don't follow men who will make a mess of your life.....but be humble, be hard-working, be patient, respect your relationship or marriage, be ambitious but bold, don't make men a priority in life.............

Men will seek after you when you build yourself into the woman men will always want to take home to their mothers

TRAGIC: Fighting couple fall into pit latrine and die instantly

This is really sad

A fight between a couple in Nairobi had a tragic ending after they both fell into a pit latrine in Kangemi and died instantly.

Nairobi City County fire brigade

According to reports, the husband and wife had previously separated after the man accused the woman of cheating on him with a boda boda operator.

Trouble however started when the man met his ex-wife while on his way to work at about 6am early on Sunday, July 3.

The fight between the two is said to have started after the man confronted the woman accusing her of
coming from her new lover's house.

The two then started chasing after each other before falling into the deep pit.

Residents of Kangemi milled at the site of the tragedy until the Nairobi City County fire brigade to retrieved the bodies of the two former lovers.

The bodies were transported to the City Mortuary for preservation.

First self-driving car spotted in Nigeria (photo)

Have you ever seen a car driving without a driver? Well, one was spotted on the streets of Lagos on Saturday, July 2.

Eze Ifeanyi Adebayo shared pics of the car yesterday.

Graphic photos: Female student found dead in Delta State Polytechnic

Ladies be careful with your life or else you will lose it

According to Facebook user John Jizzy, the Delta state polytechnic female student you are about to see her corpse photos below was found dead yesterday morning at the institution Staff Quarter junction.

Delta state polytechnic otefe (Despo) ended their students week celebration just day before yesterday 1/07/2016.

BIZARRE PHOTOS: Man face swaps with corpse, adds dog ears in sickest Snapchat ever

Na wa o,

A twisted Snapchat user pushed the boundaries of decency to their limits after he took a photo of a corpse and face swapped with it.

The funeral-goer snapped a photo of a deceased man in his coffin, before using the app to switch his facial features with the dead man.

The sick snapper also added a comical filter to the man's face, giving him floppy pooch ears and a dog's nose, whilst captioning the photo: "I'm going to hell."

The photos were then uploaded to Twitter by user @0kbps, where he captioned the two photos: "those things you laugh at while feeling horrible about laughing at the entire time."

The wildly-inappropriate snaps were shared on Saturday, and they have already been retweeted over 3,000 times and attracted nearly 2,000 likes.

Do You Agree With This Post - Break up reality?

Hmm I Agree ...

PDP Starts ANTI - APC "Change The Change" Campaign (see billboard)

The People Democratic Party o's Nigeria has started her 2016 presidential campaign already by putting up monumental billboards in designated areas of the country

The Change The Change motto is used as an Anti - APC ammunition to destroy the CHANGE that APC used in taking over the government from PDP

Though most of the drastic decisions made by the APC regime has put a lot of Nigerians in suffering and frustration it is not obvious that it is the stronghold that PDP will be using to pilot their campaign

Have you seen any "Change the Change " billboard in your area? Let us know

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Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...