Saturday, July 9, 2016

Who are going to blame for this?

Lol na wa o,  the shoe is signing anyways

Man falsely labeled as Dallas shooting suspect says he received ‘Thousands’ of death threats

Mark Hughes, the Dallas man who was falsely labeled as the Dallas shooting suspect, told CBS Dallas that he has received "thousands" of death threats since authorities posted his image to Twitter on Thursday, July 7.

"Y'all have my faces on national news, are y'all gonna come out and say that this young man had nothing to do with it?" he asked of police in the interview. "We've been getting death threats. It was persecution on me, unrightly."
The police have since identified 25-year-old Micah Johnson as the lone sniper in the incident.
Johnson was killed by a bomb detonated by authorities around 2:30 a.m. Friday.

The tweet with Hughes' likeness remained online for nearly all of Friday before finally being taken down.
"We received a phone call that my face was there on a suspect and I immediately flagged down a police officer," he told CBS Dallas. He added that it was a shock for him to learn that he was being treated as a suspect because he had been "talking to police, laughing and joking with police officers," earlier in the day.
A subsequent tweet by the Dallas police department read: "The person of interest whose picture has been circulated just turned himself in."

Hughes said he was held for approximately 30 minutes, questioned, and then released.

He later told Dallas TV station KTVT that during the investigation, officers told him they had a video of him shooting and that eyewitnesses had claimed to see him shooting his gun. Hughes called both statements "lies."
"At the end of the day, the system was trying to get me," he said.

Photo: Woman jailed after her extremely loud sex drove neighbours mad

A woman has been jailed after putting her neighbours through "living hell" with her NOISY sex.

Amanda Warfel, 25, according to MirrorUK, was ordered to spend up to 90 days in prison after her lovemaking was so loud it shook furniture in the neighbour's home.

As reported by the Daily Express , Warfel admitted disorderly conduct and harassment following a
sexually based "campaign of disturbance" against a neighbouring family.

Warfel from Pennsylvania, US, was handed the sentence for threats and her late night romping and music in a bedroom connect to room shared by her neighbour's teenage daughters.

She is currently being held in prison on another case and Pennsylvanis State Police are also said to be looking into claims of racist comments too.

The Saylor family who live next door and have four children aged between nine and 18, said they were relieved after the two year campaign.
They said: "It's been pretty terrible. ... She just makes life a living hell. It's got to stop."
"They [the children] don't sleep well at night. There's constantly inappropriate things that go on in (Warfel's) bedroom."
District Judge John Fishel ordered the 25-year-old to pay court costs, saying he was "not going to put them on the taxpayers".

Warfel was warned not to have contact with her neighbours under any circumstance.

The judge also heard that Warfel wished her neighbours were there so she could apologise.

SMH!! Man breaks woman's head in Makurdi 'cos she drives a car and he doesn't (photos)

Some men sabi fall hand o,

This happened in Makurdi yesterday. According to the victim, she was in her car laughing when a Tiv man on a motorcycle got angry and unleashed violence on her threatening to kill her and show her Makurdi is his town.

"Sex on the first date led me to the aisle!'' New Bride Testifies (see photos)

The world is complicated right?

A proud bride took Twitter by surprise days ago when she revealed having sex on her first date with her now husband led her to the aisle.

5 Signs She Honestly Loves You

Women love expressing themselves through signs, actions and body Language but the problem is that not all guys pay attention or know the meaning of certain actions and body language that females present 🎁 to them,   in this article we going to be talking about the love actions and body language that can help you to know if a girl really likes you or not,  you can also call it the GREEN LIGHT

ADVICE!! My 16yr Old Younger Sister Is Pregnant With My Baby, Please What Should I do??

Enekem Good evening,
I am a follower of your blog and after 2weeks of deep thought and depression, I want to seek for your advice and that of your platform followers.

Photos : This okada man carried six children, a full grown man plus himself in Kano

This is a very wreckless thing to do,  please if you love your children and yourself,  don't do this please!!

This okada man was spotted carrying six children, an adult and himself  along Hadejia road, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kano on Friday.

What manner of accident waiting to happen is this? See more pics below.

Jamaican Woman With Disturbing OutFit Claps Back at '' Haters''

So yesterday we posted a gist about the woman above enquiring why any woman with such body contour would decide to dress like that

Well seem like our post got to her and she sent a reply to our official Email address, Excerpt below ''


HI My name fi Rebecca and me see you post me picture on the Internet,  you bomboclat Trinna define what me wear on my body?? You people fima jobless and try to dictate a person life,  I am sexy and mi can wear anything I want so f#ck you and your rudeness, bomboclat ##


GRASS TO GRACE!! “From Okada to Rickety Cars to Jets!” Yemi Alade shares new photos

This is how the story goes for everyone that didn't inherit success and wealth from their patent of family,  you have to start from the bottom till you get up there..

Yemi Alade years ago used to jump okadas, rickety cars. Check her out looking glam onboard a private jet to Togo for a show.

Yemi had her first break in 2009 when she won the Peak Talent Show. The road to success is a long one, and Yemi Alade is proof that hard work, perseverance and consistency pays up. See another pic below.

Love Going Strong!! Drake and Rihanna Spotted Together in Matching Extra Large Tops

Hmm these people seem to be love chained,  well let's just see how this goes cause Rihanna is known for having short lived relationships, 

See Fabulous pre-wedding photos of couple dressed as Ancient Egyptian Pharoah and Princesss

Well this is taking things ancient

People are taking pre-wedding photoshoots to another level! See what this couple did out of their quest for creativity.

You like? Before you make up your mind, see another photo after the cut.

Photo credit - aguasimages

MUSIC PREMIERE!! Zoro - Ogene Rmx Ft. Flavour, Lil Kesh x Ycee

Zoro comes thruogh with a ritzy remix of his Flavorhelped hit single “Ogene”.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...