Sunday, July 10, 2016

Live update: Portugal claims Euro2016 championship title, defeats France 1-0.

And its all over,  Portugal is crowned Champions of the UEFA EURO 2016 title, after defeating France ,  1 goal to nil which they scored in extra time. 
After an intense 90minutes of great battle between both teams with several attempts made,  the extra time created the pathway to Portugal's victory as Portugal's player Eder pulled a powerful shot (in 109min) with a swing of his right foot,  leading to a great goal against the French team.
Congratulations to the Portuguese team as they claim their first win against the French team after 41years and 10 consecutive losses against them,  and also as they claim their first Euro championship title

LIVESCORE !! Eder '' Super-Sub'' Puts Portugal ahead of France

Eder started the season flopping at Swansea and ended it scoring most likely the winner in Euro's final. Unreal

This is for the CR7 fans that said for over a decade he doesn't have dependable teammates.

Won the Euros after he was injured.

With Ronaldo Out, Do you think Portugal can still Win France In This Game? #PortugalFrance

Ronaldo went out early and obviously the Portuguese are not really playing to standard,  do you think they will win this?

Payet's BRUTAL tackle ending Ronaldo's final! Could be out for long!

WHAT!! See Linda Ikeji Sitting On Charlie Boy's Lap

Hehe is baba Charly now baby sitting our Female blog champ??

Charly Boy just shared the photo and captioned it 'Linda and Linda'

WOW!! Guys Meet The Most Bearded Women In The World // Cute or Nay?? (Photos)

See beard that I have been looking for over the years,  damn she is cute dou

Meet Harnaam Kaur, one of the most bearded women in the world

Question Of The Day

Ladies be honest. Lol

See Don Jazzy's Epic Reply After Fan asked Why He Doesn't Dash Out 50k Anymore

Hehe,  If you follow Don Jazzy well on social media you will understand his generous ways,  he randomly gives out cash to his fans and that's one of the attributes that contributed to his online influence,  but ever since the 'Buhari Period /Economy' ' came to stay,  a lot of fans have missed what used to be like a random blessing to them

A fan that couldn't hold back his observation was forced to ask the Don,  and his reply was Epic

Buhari please epp us....

END TIME!! Taking Children To Church Violates Their Human Rights - United Nations

What is the world turning into?  They better not try to introduce this their funny way of life to the people in the African region,  as a matter of fact I stand with the position that,  children should be taking care of until they reach the age of accountability
Well In the news, Reports have it that a recent United Nations document

PUBLIC CRY!! Nollywood actor, Prince James Uche Solicites For N11m kidney transplant funds

Let's help our brother,

National President of Filmmakers Welfare Organisation of Nigeria (FWON), Mr Sunday Awoji has said that ailing Nollywood actor, Prince James Uche needs N11 million to undergo kidney transplant abroad.

He stated this on Friday during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja. He said
"Prince James Uche has been very sick and incapacitated for some years now, and it has become obvious that he cannot provide the required funds to have the necessary medical attention.

"He is currently hospitalised in Lagos due to kidney related ailment, and urgently needed to be taken to Indian for a transplant that will gulp N11 million,"
He added that another Nollywood actor, Romanus Amunta, popularly known as Natty, was also critically down with paralysis in Enugu State. According to Awoji, it is in its effort to intervene that
FWON recently inaugurated its"Save a Soul" intervention campaign geared towards raising funds for the medical care of the ailing actors. . .

"As an NGO within Nollywood that seeks to ensure the wellbeing of filmmakers, especially on health related issues, FWON has decided to intervene. "We decided to cry out to Nigerians of goodwill, and everyone who loves Nollywood to give towards saving these precious souls."

He explained that movie producers, actors, fans, other Nigerians of goodwill had donated towards the intervention funds, but the required amount was yet to be realised.

"So far, we have only got less than a million naira, and we had to quickly send delegates to Lagos and Enugu to take care of their immediate medical needs. "We are still hoping and calling on everyone to contribute towards this rescue mission,'' he pleaded.

According to him, FWON is planning other options possible, including visiting corporate bodies, Area councils and Humanitarian organisations to expediently raise the required funds.

"Only Nollywood cannot do it; we therefore need the help of everyone as quickly as possible to save our brothers.""

Daring Photos Of Laura Ikeji In Yankee With Brother Peks

I love people that know how spend their money with the family,  Laura and Peks Ikeji are presently in The United States , family ties I will say

PHOTO of Buhari in Gucci shoes worth $640 (N223,905) Sparks Controversy

Well a lot of people have not made 200k this year and the president is walking around with is like dope dealer? ,  no people must rant,  photo news below 

Toned Halima Abubakar cries out after fans bombarded her with their d##k photos/Videos

This happens every where especially to females that see themselves as sex symbols or are in the limelight,  they will always attract good and bad attention

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar has cried out after fans bombarded her with photos of their in different shapes, sizes and colors. See what the actress posted on Snapchat.

See Photos Of Our Blog Reader Enoma at the "Black Lives Matter" protest in New York

Dear Enekem
I participated in the "Black Lives Matter" protest in New York City yesterday. Attached are some pics.

INTERVIEW:'' Our Late Father Could Not Differentiate Us'' - Viral Identical Triplet

I always admire when family members live in Harmony especially those that did not grow up in an environment or family that encourages such unity

Peter, James and John Obidiegwu's photographs went viral on the internet when the brothers celebrated theit birthday on the 7/7/2016.

EXPOSED!! Obanikoro allegedly caught on tape loading plane with N1.29b for Fayose

Our politicians seem to be the dirtiest people occupying public offices cause the mind Boggling news won't stop ✋ unfolding 

This news I just culled from TheNation says fresh insights into how a former Minister of Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro allegedly loaded a chartered aircraft with N1, 299, 490b for transfer to Governor Ayodele Fayose through an associate, Abiodun Agbele has been revealed.

The cash was transferred through HS125-800 5N-BMT belonging to Gyro Air Limited.

The first flight was filled with N724.5million cash to the extent that there was no seat for any crew member or the ex-Minister.

16 Year Old Girl Allegedly Commits Suicide After Being Cyber Bullied. (Photo)

Please people,  if this time of great hardship and depress In the world,  saying rude and debasing things to people either seriously or for fun could be extremely damaging

A 16 year old girl, identified as Britney Mazzoncini, has been found dead after she allegedly suffered a torrent of vile online bullying.

It's reported that she took to social media to tell of her torment in the days leading up to her death.
She was rushed to hospital in the early hours
of Thursday from her home in Glasgow but could not be saved.

Daily Record reports that Britney was subjected to online bullying and stopped using Facebook days before she died.
Last Friday, Britney posted a message on Facebook saying:

"Starting to get sick of wee lassies calling me a riddy and this and that.
"As I've said, if you have a problem with me then delete me and if you're being cheeky then you will just be blocked.
"Really cannot be bothered with all the petty arguing. Just grow up man seriously and to all my fake pals commenting slagging me as well F*** YOU."

The following day she posted: "Not gonna be using this Facebook for a few days – if you need me Snapchat me or mail my other account thank you."
In June,

Britney posted: "Words do hurt people and people need to start to realise that before it's too late."

Yesterday, Britney's dad Raymond Mazzoncini, 35, and mum Annette McKenzie, 34, uploaded photographs of their daughter to Facebook in tribute to her.

Police said her death is not being treated as suspicious and a report will be submitted to the fiscal.

SHOCKING : Meet 50 year old Pastor Who Impregnated a 21-year-old Girl (Photos)

These days people that call themselves pastor seem to do the most shocking things

A  pastor has impregnated a 21-year-old girl identified as Fundiswa Lekhula from Ipopeng kasi in Mangaung in South Africa.

The 21-year-old Funsiwa who is currently five weeks pregnant claims the 50-year-old pastor
identified as Attie Kgware tricked her into love. Funsiwa told Daily Sun SA that pastor Attie Kgware, promised to marry her and buy her a new car. She claims he insisted on unprotected s*x.

Speaking with DailySun, Fundiswa said: "He told me his sperm was holy and would bring positive results to my life.
"I was a member of Your Choice Christian Ministries church and in January the pastor started telling me my boyfriend was bewitching me. I got confused and he took advantage of me because I trusted him as a man of God."

She claimed he told her mother he wanted to marry her.
"We started dating and he promised me a new car – before, during and after we had s*x."

She claimed she was studying Industrial Psychology but Attie made her stop.
"He said he would sell his bakkie to settle my university fees. He wanted to leave Bloemfontein and go to Tlokwe, where he wanted me to enrol in a nursing course," Fundiswa said.

"Now I am pregnant and he doesn't want anything to do with me."

Another pastor, Vusi Masiya, who is a car salesman, said Attie told him he wanted to buy a car for Fundiswa.

( For Deep Thinkers only): One Reason Why You Should Not Fear Death.

Death is one topic,  we normally choose to avoid,  based on the circumstances that "Life " is solely what we are accustomed to as humans,   and we tend to think that death is devoid of any form of reality , meaning that when we die it all ends.
Although some of us with the vision of religion,  paint the illusion of an "afterlife effect" accompanied by death,  that is,  the possibility of the existence of a place of sanctity and salvation(Heaven) and a place of damnation (Hell),  and because a major disadvantage of religion is that it lacks any form of unity in beliefs and liturgy, some broken pieces of it,  believe that death is a key to unlocking the concept of "reincarnation".
However,  it is a sure and irrevocable knowledge that eventually everything in nature dies,  in Support of Martin Heidegger's metaphysics that says man as a natural being,  is being unto death.  Many of us fear this truth,  therefore, to avoid it: some delude themselves in believing that acquiring  enough wealth will grant them immortality,  some bask in the dream that when they leave this world (through death) they will transcend to another that is more peaceful and blissful, a sort of paradise (subscribers to the afterlife effect).  To the former category of persons  its a fool's thought,  while to the latter its an uncertain dream, highly agnostic.


This reason,  is solely based on deep reflection and rationale,  but first,  before giving a reason "not to",  lets outline an abstract and general reason why people fear death:

*people fear death,  because it is an unknown reality, (something not experienced before, i e, the fear of the unknown)

*An end to a reality they were used to,  since conception(or birth)

*it is inevitable (can't avoid it)

*it is permanent (eternal slumber)

*it is unpredictable (comes anytime)

Aside other reasons you might want to add,  these 5 are the most general and underlying arguments why people are afraid of death. Now the simple solution in allaying these fears is what i call "Future Understanding". Its a mind therapy,  quite in depth and abstract , but in it simplicity it can be explained as knowing the constructs and contents of the future itself. 
Death is a futuristic plan (for those still living), it is not a past nor a  present plan,  it is a future occurrence. Now, what are the contents and construct of the future?
*it is unpredictable (despite your plans for it)

*it is unknown( making it unpredictable)

*it is permanent (the future is eternal,  even when the  entire world dies)
*It is inevitable (No One can avoid the future)

Now look at this 4 contents or construct of the future,  is it not similar to the reason  why people fear death ? Death is unpredictable as well as the future,  Death is an unknown reality as well as the future,  it is permanent as well as the future , it is inevitable as well as the future,  therefore it seems " Death" and "Future" are concepts similar together in good fate.

Once you can come to terms with how the future operate (Future understanding) , then why should death scare you?  Is it not rational to be scared of the future instead?

Now a lot of us make plans for the future,  we are not scared of it because we think we can sculpt it to what we want,  but it has disappointed us a lot of times because of its unpredictability ( just like death) the future is unknown (again like death) yet we look forward to it ,  especially those with dreams,  now how many of us actually achieve those dreams?A good analogy will be that of a child  aspiring to be a doctor in future, but due to circumstances that child grows up to become a criminal instead. Is that child's dream not crushed? Honestly speaking the future carries a lot of things,  some  pleasurable some dangerous and chaotic and death is one of them.

In conclusion therefore, the therapy of future understanding should teach you that "  i as an individual understanding the operations of the future, should not be scared of death  , but rather the future because it is the tree from which the fruit of death falls from" .

IS HE WORTH IT? Manchester United reach £100m Paul Pogba agreement – report

Well to me he is overpriced but it is not my money,

Manchester United have reportedly struck a pre-agreement with Juventus star Paul Pogba over a transfer.

There have been various reports suggesting the Red Devils are edging closer to landing the £100million-rated midfielder, though there are also claims that contact is yet to be made between the two clubs.

Jose Mourinho is determined to land Pogba and it seems the 23-year-old has told those close to him that he'd like a return to Old Trafford.

Checkout this Nigerian lady's before and after skin bleaching transformation

Seems like the light skin made her more appealing,

This lady named Tega Dominic showed off her skin colour transformation but said she is not there yet..

She wrote
Am not there yet o, am still going, u can screen grab, print it out and put in your wallet 😜, am still that fine calabar gial... #mrsX

DAMN!! You Won't Believe What This Blackman Did To 2 White Policemen

Blacks are damn strong,

Photos: Power couple Beyonce and Jay Z support Serena Williams at Wimbledon

It's the Women's Final at this year's Wimbledon, but the action on the court has been overshadowed by a very special guest on centre court.

Queen B herself, Beyonce and husband Jay Z turned out at the All England Club on Saturday to watch US superstar and close pal Serena Williams go for her seventh title.

Currently in the UK with her Formation world tour, Bey looked happy for Serena to take centre stage this time as she cheered on her friend from the players box where she sat with the star's family to watch her battle with Angelique Kerber for her 22nd Grand Slam title

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...