Thursday, September 29, 2016

Horror! Cristiano Ronaldo’s Private Jet Crashes in Barcelona (Photos)

Current World Footballer of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo's private jet has crash landed at Barcelona's El Prat airport.

According to The Sun UK, the plane crashed after the landing gear broke on impact.

Local media reports have revealed that the Real Madrid star's plane was involved in the terrifying accident on Monday, although he is not thought to have been on board.

The undercarriage and landing gear of the 31-year-old's plane was damaged during the crash

The football star, 31, who bought the plane for some £15million a year ago, is set to get a bumper new contract from Real Madrid.

According to The Sun UK, a source said: "The plane is normally rented by companies and it was in use by one of them.

Cristiano Ronaldo, his family or friends were not on the plane. The incident had no major consequences."

Ronaldo has previously posted several images of himself with the luxury jet on his Instagram page

CAN'T WAIT!! Blockbuster Movie '' SOIL'' Set To Hit Your Screen (see details)

You all should keep your fingers crossed for a thrilling movie that is about to hit the screens soon, 

SOIL Film featuring: Mercy Johnson, Paul Sambo, Sarah Hipson, Chinyere Onah Okorie, Ayke Odiase,Preach Bassey and others as produced by Sunny Ken Awoji and Co- produced by Sarah Hipson, directed by Eddy George will hit the cinema screen soon.


Having spent many years in jail, Fredrick's lover, Samantha, cannot keep her most cherished secret from her son Eric,who is now the presidential flag bearer of his democratic party.

It's time for  him to know who he really is.His father is still alive after all and despite the abandonment his father had suffered which turned him into a killer just to survive is not enough to thwart Eric's political ambition with the will of ending child trafficking,molestation and other vices that affect women and children.

Just like a hen broods her eggs, Samantha has remained her son's refuge and fortress.

The story is full of intrigues,twists and suspense as 3 generations play out in this political action thriller.

NASA have changed your horoscope! This is your new star sign

Lol I have never been a fan of horoscopes so to the fans , there you go 

Meet Funmilayo Lemoh Her Epic Eye Brows Got Her Trending (photos)

Her name is Funmilayo Lemoh you can search 
for her profile on Facebook to see more of her photos,though some concerned people have tried to talk her out of the weirdness of lining her

SHOCKING!!Leaked WhatsApp messages Of Lady That Tried To Snatch Sister's Husband

Zimbabwe is currently in disarray after a Harare woman tried to snatch her sister's husband.

Wonders shall never be end and it is amazing what people can do for relationships these days

According to H-Metro, stunning revelations are that Rose Naomi, 20, stashed some herbs in her privates to lure Lawrence Muvirimi so that he leaves his wife Loreta Kondo Muvirimi, 32.

The affair was publicly exposed after the two cheats' WhatsApp conversation leaked.

Lawrence's sister in law agreed to sleep with him for a cellphone and US$50.

Loreta first discovered Rose's message to Lawrence questioning why he was on line. In suspicion,
Loreta said she then took Lawrence's phone and started chatting with

Woman with 2 husbands causes stir on social media: one is for money, the other for kids

A woman has caused a stir online after news emerged that she has been staying with two husbands under one roof for the past six years.

Mai Svova, who made Kephas Takawira, 40, and Tambudziko Svova,60, live together peacefully sharing one stove and wife, dismissed claims she uses love potions.

According to Mai Svova, her husband (Svova) of 15 years' role is to provide food since he is gainfully

Would you return lost-but-found $15m'? - See hilarious responses from Nigerians

In this Buhari period a lot of Moral values have been put to test nd this is one we should ponder upon 
A popular twitter Influencer, Eric Okafor aka

Awww! Brothers recreate childhood photo 30 years after

This is really cute wow This is   Really nice wanna do this with my family

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...