Thursday, October 6, 2016

5 Simple Rules to a Lasting Relationship

Many people often wonder why their relationship doesn't last or why things go cold after 3 months or more

Well it is really simple there are basic rules that need to be followed to have a long lasting relationship that can last till death,  these rules look pretty simple but if you overlook them trust me your relationship is on her to the rocks


This is really important,  you should not be in a relationship and still live your life like a careless bachelor,  sooner or later,  physically or otherwise your unfaithfulness and promiscuous lifestyle will ruin your relationship,  come to think of it,  if you were not ready to be faithful, why did you commit yourself to one person? Yes the world is listening and watching,  Loyalty sure sustains love.


This should never be overlooked,  people love being where they feel appreciated,  that's  a life rule,  if you love your partner always make them feel special,  some people do this during the early stage of the relationship then the appreciation declines,  that's not good it should stay at its peak for as long as you want the  relationship to last ,  compliment your lover,  Tell her/him how awesome and special he/she is,  trust me we love to hear this from someone we love.


Respect they say brings out the best in who it is being offered,  respect your spouse,  understand him or her,  what do they like and hate, ?  How do they love to be talked to?  Understand their flare for respect and feed it. Know the right things to say and when to say it.  We All love people that respect us.


Social media has made this rule seem baseless,  but trust me,  if a man/woman  really loves you, he will be jealous when he stalks you and find out that you telling random people you love them, calling them romantic pet names and also dropping those sweet smileys under their comments. trust me,  Real love comes with some form of jealousy,  if you don't want your man or woman thinking that you might actually be having an affair with your online or social boos and baes better stop flirting.

Also in real life event,  same law apply don't flirt with people,  respect your relationship and the person you love. It is outright disrespectful for your lover to be by your side and you are calling someone else you boo,  come on that is lowkey too much play though you are just socializing.


By now it is no news that communication is a very key factor in every relationship,  you have to make time and spend time with your lover, whether physical or virtual/digital

no matter how busy you may be or stuffed up your time is, always make sure you make out  time to chat, call, text or even see your lover.

this is one of the rigid rule that sustain relationships (long and short) ,  #communication,  where there is no communication,  there is #Disconnection


😲This woman's gigantic "watermelons" will leave your jaw dropping!

For our guys out there that like them big,  i hope this gets your attention.
Haruhi Miwako hails from Netherlands and also an amateur model has been gifted by mother  nature with a shocking size of bosom which have made her quite  famous,  especially for men that want to keep feeding their eyes. Her gigantic bosom  has been checked and tested whether it is real and it has proven to be 100% real.
The woman is not shy or embarrassed by her body she is proud it and flaunts it with pride on her Instagram to thrill 'thirsty' followers.
She has about 149,000 followers on her Instagram page .

University students protest half- Naked in south Africa over high tuition fee

Some students of University of Witwatersrand in South Africa have stripped naked to protest their high tuition fee.

According to sources , the protesters went exposing their boobs just to make the university authorities have a rethink over the increased tuition fees. The students clashed violently with police over the incident with many wounded.

Wits University students protesting half-naked over increased tuition fees
In a report by Reuters, police fired stun grenades, rubber bullets and teargas at hundreds of students who marched through the university's campus in Johannesburg, performing the "toyi-toyi" protest dance made popular during the struggle against oppressive white rule. About two people were arrested earlier when police moved in to enforce a court order on public gathering at the university.

FUTA student brags about raping girls on Facebook (photo/screenshot )

According to screenshots being shared online, a young student of Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) with the Facebook name 'Tobi Medal' openly bragged about raping girls in a Facebook group. He advised guys to lure girls who have been playing hard to get and rape them.

When challenged, Tobi said he is very serious about his advice and it has worked for him on more than one occasion. After these damning comments went viral, a quick check on his Facebook profile shows he has deactivated his account, but hey, once it's out there, it's out there.

OMG! Mother And Son Bath doctor With Acid over will beneficiary (Photos)

These is a very devilish act, 
Okhoro Police Division in Benin today have arrested a 40 year old lady, her two sons and nanny for the gruesome acid attack on a doctor.

Read according to the Facebook user Jefferson Uwoghiren below...

"Horror In Benin.
A Mistress of Mayhem struck in Benin today, as the Police in Okhoro Police Division arrested a 40 year old lady and her two sons and nanny for the gruesome acid attack on a renowned Benin based 80 year old doctor, Pa Tunde Ojehomon, PhD , over change of beneficiaries in a Will and Property Sales. Details Later."

WOW! Gorgy Female corper gets marriage proposal on her passing out day (Photos)

This is a really sweet way to go

NYSC batch B (stream 1 & 11) had their passing out parade today, but for Kesiena, an Anambra corp member, she never imagined in her wildest dreams that Le boo would be proposing today in full view of everyone at Awka South LGA.

According to eyewitness:
OMG! He proposed. She said yes! What a memorable way to pass out. #nysc #anambracorper #pop #passout Right here Awka-South LG. This is just amazing

Plus her name is Kesiena and I'll be in that place in a minute, that's what the diary like.
Congrats to her!!

πŸ˜‚ we can all relate to this Meme

This is really true,  like the theory goes if a girl post 10 photos online be rest assured that she snapped 100 πŸ’―. Lol

Omg!! Look at the curves on this sexy nollywood actress as she flaunts them in new pictures

Destiny Etiko is a fast rising nollywood actress who is from Enugu state,  Nigeria.  She has fans drooling over her,  especially on Instagram,  with her endless hypnotic pictures of her sexy figure and her thick - outstanding thighs.  Just the kind of spice nollywood needs. 😊.

Lol! Woman Caught After She Went To Bury Charm In Another Person's Compound In Anambra

According to Uju Patricia who shared the story on Facebook, this took place in a community some where in Anambra state.

See what she wrote below:

"She went to bury charm behind one ofieli family just behind her house and she was caught live and dey went to her house and found a goat that was shedding tears like a human being, according to her many charm was found in her house and a two month old pregnant goat that the chest was open were she also prepare her charms".

Halima Abubakar appears Bra-less As She Flaunts Her Massive Curves In Tight Pink Dress

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar, released dis new pictures of herself in this tight pink gown which reveals her bare chest and her nipples clearly popping out... Anything for the attention ryte? Lol

Nigerian self-proclaimed pornstar, "Afrocandy" Strips Completely Unclad In New pictures posted on IG

Someone should remind this woman that she is getting too old for this..πŸ˜•
However she seem not to care about what anyone thinks of her,  as she breaks th

Wtf!? Man injects oil into his body to increase his muscles.

48yrs old Valdir Segato from Sao Paulo in Brazil!  injected oil into his muscles in a bid to make them look bigger,  he said he is obsessed with body builder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger

He said: "This is a dream come true that I searched for and conquered. You look at your body and see that it's growing and you're going to want more.
I've doubled my biceps to 60cm but I still want to be bigger
They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like that. I've doubled my biceps to 60cm but I still want to be bigger."

He added: "There was a time in my life that I got involved with wrong things. I got involved with drugs and I started losing weight because you don't eat, you lead a wrong life.

I started to look skinny and people started giving me nicknames like 'Skinny Dog', and 'Little Skull', and so I decided to change my life."

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...