Thursday, October 13, 2016

Meet sexy and Muscular 32 years old & still a virgin (photos)

Some of you won't believe this but we are out there and many, 

If you thought it was only women that abstained from sex in an effort to wait for their Mr Right, then you're in for a surprise!

Meet 32 year old JimDre Westbrook, aka"Worth The Wait Guy." Jim made international headlines for being a virgin last year. Surprisingly, 2016 came and Jim is still a virgin.

At the age of 14, JimDre made a vow that he would honor his body until marriage, and attributes his personal and professional success to having Jesus on the mainline.

CHANGE!! See Epic Throwback Pic Of Juliet Ibrahim Vs Now

Hmm How did she get here?  Lol Lord Knows

Chnage is constant

This is a Very Heartless Tweet 😢😢

Why are peopleike this?

Losing your hand or any part of your body is enough to put you in depression for the rest of your life,  the person that tweeted that joke wasn't listening,  there is God o

WHAT!! Man grows hair for 50 years, haven't washed it for over 11 years (Photos)

People are really doing amazing and weird things in this planet.

This man named Tran Van Hay from Vietnam has been growing his hair for 50 years and hasn't washed it for more than 11 years.

When he was 25 Tran Van Hay got very sick after going to the barbershop. So he developed a serious fear of getting his hair cut. The hair kept growing and the man decided to get it dreaded.

His heavy hair even forced him to give up his profession as a farmer. The weight of the hair limited his daily activities and even caused balancing problems.

NEW MUSIC : Davido ~ How Long Ft. Tinashe || @iam_davido @Tinashe

The most anticipated collaboration of the month is finally here and our own Davido features pop star Tinashe on this one which he titled '' How Long ''

Popular Nigerian Gay '' Bisi Alimi's alter ego '' Ms Posh Pvssy '' shares no makeup photos

Hehehe na so craze dey Start, 
Bisi Alimi shared this photo and captioned it:

So I try to go @aliciakeys...: no make up. What do you guys think?
See 'her' with makeup after the cut.

See 5 Words Used In Nigeria Daily That Does not Exist

While non-Nigerians may doubt my assertion, till they manage to invent a popular version of English like we did (Pidgin English), they can keep on doubting.

Although there are many awesome things Nigerians do, we do have some face palm moments. Don't laugh too hard at the five words Nigerians use that doesn't exist in the English dictionary:

1. Installmentally

This doesn't exist anywhere else except only in Nigeria. If you doubt this, just search"Installmentally" on google and watch only Nigerian sites pop up.

2. Night-Vigil

This is another one I don't understand. Does anyone ever hold a vigil during the day?

3. Disvirgin

How hard is it to say deflowered? It must be extremely difficult because even health professionals and newsmen use this absurd word that doesn't exist.

4. Wake Keeping (Wake keep)

Nigerians have not only made the old European custom of watching over a corpse till it's buried
(called a wake) theirs, they have actually renamed it. Please, there is no such phrase as "wake keep" or even "wake keeping".

5. Cunny

This is not meant as a euphemism for the female body part. When Nigerians say this word, they mean "cunning". How is that for a giant leap forward?

Tough Luck! See Ordered Cake Vs What Was Delivered 😂

Some caterers though,  this is funny I must say

What Is Wrong With This Photo Of Instagram Model?

People have been nailing her for it,  please can you see anything wrong?  Lol

Uniqueness Pays!! Bobrisky lands his first TV appearance on EbonyLife TV (Photos)

You see,  if a something comes up and we start to admire it,  it is gonna spread.

Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky has made it to international TV. He was on EbonyLife TV channel last night.

Viral Photos Of Lord Chosen Church Members Performing Stunts During Road Publicity

It is no more news about the way some members of the Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries carry out their publicity.

Aside the stunts and acrobatics -pulled by the over enthusiastic brethren, some have taken delight in soiling themselves in dirt in order to "please God".

According to reports making the rounds online, these are photos of some members doing their thing AGAIN in the eastern part of the country.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...