Sunday, January 1, 2017

BE INSPIRED! CEO of @HouseofKosaGH Shares Her Worse Moment Of 2016 And How God's Grace Saw Her Through

Felt like my whole world came crashing,, infact it did,,it was a year of torment & torture, my hard earned money, sweat, time crumbled in my face,, i became homeless,everyday was pain, lose of property & inspiration all gone,, 

my health was deteriorating,, everyday food poisoning because am nt used to eating out,, 4months of pain,, some customers began to think i was mad coz i will only meet them on the road or even forget things & this was @the peak of growing HouseofKosagh & trust me this pic is just one of the mighty challenges that came my way wanting me to give up on my dreams,but YOU LORD GOD OF OLUWATOMISIN didnt forsake me,,

he was always feeding me,clothing me, he sent help & still gave me more inspiration,,i will be eternally grateful. I cant begin to describe the pain,,my properties became scatterd all over lagos, but today I AM STANDING. Thank you @mojidelano for coming all the way to take pics wanting to blog the Landlords wickedness & expose the arrogant idiot who collected millions & putting me thru pain @ms_dee_thompson For housing me for months @aneamoore for the words of encouragement & plenty support & laughter  @mosunogunnusi my friend encouraging me & @mimzysignature this one i cant thank enough because the support is immeasurable. @tnamo & @kemmy8701 My mains,they  stood by me,,helping me in diff ways,still buying the brand & other pple i cant name on here. @layoleoyatogun Godbless you @charmingproverb👏😘. 

Aunty Mo always making me laugh & warning me to rest,, advising on the legal issues amongst other kindness. Most of all my mothers prayer. I enter 2017 with boldness as that of JOB in the bible & i recover all that the devil has stolen from me in MILLION  FOLDS.  - #Enekemdotcom ##enekemso 

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