Thursday, January 19, 2017


This is not getting funny anymore, let us be realistic,  the only way this Mmm system can sustain is if guiders I heard they have 6000 of them can PH Atleast 200k, no ordinary participant is willing to pay money to anyone,  most of the people with small money that were matched didn't receive payment,  there is much panic and it is only guiders that should sustain it
cause they made most of the money while the system was running, some guiders will PH just 20k and make 5m for that  month,Some Were Receiving Up To 2m Naira Weekly Doing Nothing,  One Of The Biggest Naija Wedding of 2016 Was organized by a MMM guider with rumors that he has up to 1m people under him. 
All these was going on while people putting in money are making just 30pcent off their input ,  with the kind of panic that is out now no one is ready to pay anyone, so Guiders should please save the community or all MMM participants should kiss their  money Goodbye.

The logic is simple Most MMM Guiders have made millions off Mmm and we have up to 6000 Guiders, if each of them can PH 200k that's 1.2Billion this will balance the system and ordinary will be confident to PH which will keep the system running, But if they don't want to adhere to this,  Game Over People. 

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