Thursday, January 12, 2017

[AUDIO\VIDEO] : Brite Benson – Ose Mama (Thank You Mother) | @vomoz

Oluwafemi Giwa known professionally as "Brite Benson" is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, performer and actor. A talented artiste whose versatility has branded him as an innovator and prospect in the entertainment industry. His sense of style is unique and rare.

The fast rising Nigerian-born, Afrobeat hip-hop artiste releases the official and highly anticipated music video to his new single "OSE
MAMA" –  an emotional song that honors, appreciates and acknowledges the hard work of mothers around the world.
OSE MAMA is not just saying thank you to mothers, it's a song emphasizing that the position of a mother is second to none.

The video was produced by Vomoz Media; a global multimedia and entertainment company that focuses on providing high-quality / high-definition contents such as audio, videos, images,
animations and interactive products using cutting edge and enhanced technologies that help an individual or a business to gain competitive advantages in marketing and promotions"

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Fetty Wap And Ex-Gf Alexis Skyy S*xTape Hits The Internet (see)

Things just got a Lil bit ugly between two ex lovers and their entourage as a sextape featuring the two hits the fans

A video clip showing Fetty Wap and his ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy having S3x has hit the Internet — and Fetty's team is denying he had anything to do with the leak.

via TMZ:

We're told Fetty's lawyers have drafted cease and desist letters to websites posting the clip — and also to Alexis. The letter doesn't accuse her of leaking the video, but we're told it does warn her a lawsuit could be coming her way if they find out she did. As for whether it's definitely him on the tape — Fetty's camp won't confirm.

We're told Fetty believes he and Alexis are the only people in possession of the video. As we've told you over the years of covering celeb S3x tapes — both parties have to sign off on any distribution deal.

For her part, Alexis' attorney, Eric Croone, tells us … the video was leaked without her permission, and she's considering legal action too.

Sounds like there's no chance the rest of this video sees the light of day. Not at this point, anyway.

We're not posting the tape here, but if you keep an eye out on social media we're sure you'll come across it before the day is over.

WICKEDNESS!! Fast Rising Singer '' Catty Mandy'' Injured and Robbed By Armed Policemen

My name is bamisaye olasunkanmi Michael a.k.a Catty Mandy a Nigerian citizen and this was my encounter with the Nigerian Police.

After my regular day job, I went to the airport to receive my package which was sent to me by my brother from South Africa.
I successfully received my package and headed home.

It was late by the time I was going home,11:30pm precisely and I was waiting for a bus at the popular Naco bus-stop.

The Naco bus-stop is along the international airport road,not too far from the airport itself.
There were people at the bus-stop waiting for a bus as well.

Just then 3 policemen arrived on a bike.
This was not suprising because there is a  police station at Naco bus-stop.
On their way into their station they cited everyone waiting at the bus-stop for a bus. They questioned everyone what we were doing there and we responded that we were waiting for a bus.   

They cited my package and this prompted questions immediately. 

They asked what was in the package, I responded by telling them it was my personal belongings which was sent to me by my brother from the South Africa and I just received it from the airport that night.
Immediately they shouted "it's a lie,it's money that is there".

They scared everyone around away and started assaulting me with questions.
I told them it wasn't money that I should open it for them to see but they wouldn't listen,one officer ALI MAKINTA  was one of the 3policemen that lead the assault. 
They hit me very hard with the back of their gun, I started bleeding and I fainted.
They took my package and my phone. 
They left me lying on the floor bleeding to death.

Few minutes later a Nigerian Army came to my rescue. 
Captain Akinleye helped me to recover my phone,took me to the nearest hospital for attention where my wounds were stitched, took me home and gave me his number to call when I felt better. Thank God for him that night.

I am not writing this because I want to tell a story.
I am writing this because I want youths to voice out to our nation,Nigeria.
We are not safe anymore,our security is on the line.

Our policemen now steal from us under the umbrella that they are protecting Nigeria from fraudsters(Yahoo guys),and beacuse of this every guy is a fraud.

If you have a laptop they'll take it from you or ask for bribe.
If you own an iPhone they'll take it and it become theirs automatically.
If you own a car they'll take you to their station for statement.
And now I'm seen with a package containing my personal belongings they beat me close to death and take it away from me.

I am voicing out to the government and the citizens of Nigeria,the police is not our friend.
We need true policemen not the ones who are wolves in sheep clothing. 
We need to flush out this criminals who hide under the law that they manipulate to their convenience and endanger us to destroy us because of their greed.

I say NO to fake Nigerian Police. 
I say NOOOO!

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...