Saturday, April 15, 2017



You all gotta cop this jam, 

Cylop Entertainment finest Klinz Montana
releases a
brand new single titled 'YOGA'. After an
impressive run with his award winning song
'IBINABO' which featured top 'A -list' artist
TIMAYA, this emmersed massive airplay both on
radio and Television nationwide. Yoga (Your Own
Godgiven Asset) is a club banger tipped as a
potential song for d year. YOGA was produced by
Cylop Entertainment In-house producer Dr.Kris,
mixed and mastered by award wining INDOMIX.

First ever single
released by Klinz Montana was "Rock The
Microphone" co-produced by Dtunes in 2015.


RELATIONSHIP TIP!! 6 Ways To Spot A Horny Woman Even From Far

"How do you spot a horny woman? Most men will tell you, "when she is wet" but you really can't go around feeling up random strangers to find out which of them is horny".

Fret not though, if you can be very observant and shrewd you will notice some simple signs when a woman is horny even when you are in the public.

Her body language: One sign you should look out for is the way she interacts with people, especially the guys, does she flirts with every guy she sees? Or maybe she just smiles at them just to be nice? observe how she is and if you see her getting friendly with almost every guy who notices her, that is key".

Cannot keep her hands off her hair: "After you must have spotted a woman who is thought to be horny, you should verify your opinion by watching out for this important sign. If she cannot get her hands off her hair while focusing on the guy, then something is going on in her mind".

She gets touchy: "Another way to tell if a woman is horny is the way she does while with a man, if she keeps touching the man while having a civil conversation with him, it could be an invitation to do something else, if you do not want a man to caress you as a woman, it is important for you to keep to your lane and respect yourself".

Her gaze: A horny woman would always have this "sticky" lingering gaze, it may even look like she's undressing you with her eyes, or be imagining just how well you'd look naked on her bed, if a woman ever gives you this kind of wet look, she is telling you something with her eyes and she is probably horny and wants you to pick up the clue".

Her words: There's nothing as small talk with a horny woman, everything you say to her, as casual as it may be would be met with a lot of personal and even revealing or s3xual information. A horny woman may talk suggestively to you, she might delve into her past s3xual encounters, her bedroom talent, s3x-infused jokes and much more.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...