Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Not All Men Like Blowjobs: 5 Sexual myths you should stop believing

Many feel because they are able to sexually manipulate any man they have their sights on, they know all there is to a man's body. Yes, men are less complicated than women when it comes to sexual responsiveness but nope, women don't always get it right about them.


Below are five sexual myths about men women should stop believing.

An erect penis is not always attached to an aroused man:

Given, 9 out of ten times, a penis which is erect is ready for sex. However, many women do not know that the mind plays a small yet significant role in the arousal of a man. Truth is, many men might say yes to sex with a woman because of their innate desire to conquer but in some cases, they are not really aroused and only leverage on the hard penis to explore the women. And yes, sensitivity in the penis when it is erect but the man is not aroused, is largely reduced. Something which causes this is when a man has had a lot of sex. He may get erect later on but not necessarily aroused as his penis needs a time out.

Not all men like blowjobs: Unlike what many Entertainment blogs, books, and News platforms say, many men are not fans of getting blowjobs. There is no decisive explanation for this but in the same way, tastes vary, so does desire for getting a blow job. There are men who no matter how well you suck them will never ejaculate from a blow job. Just shove it in and in two minutes they are done.


Big feet means big penis:

 Sorry if this decided your choice of a sexual partner but there is no correlation between a man's penis size and his shoe size.  Doesn't follow. Research has shown this.

Slim guys always have bigger penises:

 This is perhaps one of the biggest lies about men that women should stop believing. Perhaps this was created because the normal size of a chubby man's penis is compared with his body size and this usually doesn't add up.  

Also, slim guys seem to have bigger penises because of their overall frame in relation to their generally average penis sizes.

Orgasms always translate to ejaculation:

By mastering the art of flexing their pubococcygeal (PC) muscle during sex, but before ejaculatory-inevitability (the point of no return), many men have been known to have multiple orgasms and zero ejaculation. This is mastered by stopping urination midstream, which can the ability over time. Yes, most times in men, ejaculation, and orgasms happen the same time but that does not mean they cannot be exclusive.

Courtesy: Bounce News

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